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Omega Soundrive

Company: Omega Hackers Group, UK
Date: 1996
ZX SPectrum: all
Interface: na
Price: 10.00

Easy to use 4 channels of 8-bit sound board.
The device was released as circuit diagram (Soundrive Info).
Flash Inc developed the further versions: 1.02, 1.05, 1.51.
Version 1.02 has 9 chips and in the Russian circumstances contained quite expensive and hard to obtain elements.
Version 1.05 is made from cheaper and more widespread parts and can be made Covox compatible by a switch. The number of chips was reduced to 5.
Version 1.51 automatically selects Covox mode if the program does not support Soundrive. Its schematics were published in Flash Times diskzine in 1997.
The Soundrive family has some different models, like “Soundrive”, “Soundrive Baby” and “Soundrive Monster”.


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