Retro Home Computers – ZX Spectrum 2+

ZX Spectrum 2+,
1987 – 1992

ZX Spectrum +2 Retail Box

Above: ZX Spectrum +2 Retail Box

New Hardware

The Zx Spectrum +2 was the first ZX Spectrum released by Amstrad. Amstrad purchased the rights to ZX SPectrum from Sinclair Research in 1987 for 5 million. The Spectrum +2 offer several welcomes upgrades to the original hardware design and gone was the nasty looking heat sink brought out in the ZX Spectrum 128.

ZX Spectrum +2 Retro Computer

Above: ZX Spectrum +2

The case kept the professional style keyboard and added a cassette played and recorder on the right hand side of the unit. It also came with dual joystick ports and a spring loaded keyboard.

Lower price

ZX Spectrum +2 James Bond Action Pack

Above: ZX Spectrum +2 James Bond Action Pack

With all these new features, the ZX Spectrum actually cost less than the ZX Spectrum 128. The ZX Spectrum retailed for £139 to £149 depending on the location it was selling. As the hardware had not changed significantly over the past 6 years, it was easy to benefit from lower cost items especially as 3.5 floppies and 16 bit processors were now on the seen.

Eight-bit technology was now vert cheap. So, a lower price and the same 128K memory. It is not hard to see how this computer became popular in the low cost computer market.

Quality Control

Quality control issues that plagued the ZX Spectrum under Sinclair Research were largely nonexistant.

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