ZX Spectrum Games Starting with Bc to Cy

BC’s Quest for Tires

ZX Spectrum BC's Quest for Tires

Cute Chick is held captive by the dinosaur and it is up to Thor to ride his trusty wheel to the rescue. Watch out for the many obstacles in the way that Thor will need to jump and duck including rocks, trees, rivers, lava pits, cliffs and of course Fat Broad.

Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back

ZX Spectrum Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back

The Dictator from the first Beach Head game is back. World War 2 is over, but the dictator is out to seek revenge against the victorious allied forces. To aid in his cause, he kidnaps hostages and brings them to his island fortress.


ZX Spectrum Beamrider

Beamrider is a unique space shooter game. The game’s maps are drawn using 3-d and objects get bigger the closer to them you move — just like real life.Pilot your star-ship to defeat evil aliens which have encased the Earth in a strange field of glowing beams.Battle through 99 treacherous sectors. The number of enemies and dangerous objects you must avoid increasing as you progress through the levels. Use your blaster to destroy most enemies, and torpedoes to destroy anything.

Bionic Commando

ZX Spectrum Bionic Commando

You have a bionic arm that extends and contracts allowing you to grab on to fixed objects to swing around and climb up levels.Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy fortress and find Super Joe and then take out the evil leader Generalissimo Kilt.

Black Lamp

ZX Spectrum Black Lamp

Your goal is to find and collect several coloured lamps and bring them back one at a time to a case located in the first room. Collect several bonuses along the way while fighting off many creatures along the way. The ultimate goal is to bring all the colored lamps back to the case, including the elusive Black Lamp.

BMX Simulator

ZX Spectrum BMX Simulator

In this racing game, there are seven courses incorporating ramps and bumps that significantly affect the bike’s handling. Complete each course before your time is up or it’s game over.

Bomb Jack

ZX Spectrum Bomb Jack

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is based on the 1992 film of the same name. Gameplay varies greatly from platform to platform, but they all retain the same plot based on the movie: You control a young lawyer named Jonathan Harker. And as Harker, you must free yourself from Dracula’s capture, then follow him to London and end his reign of terror.

Bonanza Bros.

ZX Spectrum Bonanza Bros.

Your job is to collect items that have been placed inside various buildings in order to test the security force. If you return the items successfully, you will be rewarded. You only have three minutes to complete your tasks, which is made more difficult because the building is packed with security guards.Use your guns to knock the guards unconscious . You must collect all the treasures before leaving the ten buildings and shoot any security guards that get in your way.

Boulder Dash

ZX Spectrum Boulder Dash

You’re Rockford and have to dig through monster infested caves in search of diamonds. Once you have collected the right amount of diamonds, you progress to the next stage.Squash your enemies with falling boulders that are released when the ground below them is removed or they are pushed onto empty ground. Be careful because these can also squash you.

Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes

ZX Spectrum Brian Clough's Football Fortunes

Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes is a football management computer board game suitable for two to five players. You play the role of a club manager and must manage your team through the season using skill to make your team stronger and win games.

Bruce Lee

ZX Spectrum Bruce Lee

Your mission is to reach the wizard in an underground lair. Along the way, you must kick and punch out various bad dudes mostly consisting of Ninjas and Green Yamos.Collect the many strategically-placed lanterns before exiting through the passageway revealed after successfully winning the round.

Bubble Bobble

ZX Spectrum Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble is the story of Bub and Bob after wandering into the mysterious cave of monsters and magically turn into dinosaurs. You can transform back, but must leave the end of the cave for this to happen.Bubble Bobble is a multi-platform game, with each level having a single screen. The real power Bub and Bob is the ability to blow bubbles. Use these bubbles to leap on or to trap enemies.

Buck Rogers – Planet of Zoom

ZX Spectrum Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom

Buck Rogers began as a comic strip and later in the 1980s adapted as a TV show. It became an arcade game before being ported to various game consoles and home computers. This Fast and furious racing game taking place on a futuristic racetrack. Guide your spaceship between the pylons and shoot down other enemy racers.

California Games

ZX Spectrum California Games

California Games follows the same format as the summer and winter games. Events included are skateboarding, footbag, surfing, roller skating, flying disc and BMX. California games supports multiplayer and single player modes. Though the game is best enjoyed with friends.Like previous Epyx games, Summer Games is just as addictive.

Chase H.Q.

ZX Spectrum Chase H.Q.

Your mission is to patrol the streets as an undercover agent and track down five criminals. Pay attention to the mission briefing before starting off. Your briefings will give you valuable information such as what car the suspects drive. Avoid crashing in to other cars while you search for the suspect. Once you catch up to the other cars, bump into them until your car is no longer functional.

Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation

ZX Spectrum Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation

Three girls have been reported missing. Among the missing girls is the Mayor’s daughter. Once again, you must track down five vehicles, which are covered in the mission briefings. Using a Dual overhead cam V63000CC Twin Turbo Engine, five sets of nitro-fuel boosts and a gun attached to the steering wheel, patrol the streets and find these vehicles.The game-play is similar to Chase H.Q. with a few differences.


ZX Spectrum Commando

Another popular game from the 1980s.Fight through several levels in this arcade conversion. Armed with only a standard rifle and a few grenades, take on the hordes of Nazis. Some are wandering around in the open while others have picked out hiding places, which you must approach from certain angles. Use the trees, rivers and bridges when developing your combat tactics. Be sure to collect grenades and always have a few ready as they will become life savers at critical moments.


ZX Spectrum Contra

A small meteorite hit the Galuga archipelago, some 20km northeast of New Zealand. Two years later, a terrorist group seized the island in preparation for an alien invasion. The earth’s marines sent two members of their elite Contra unit, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, to neutralize the terrorists. Your mission is to take out all enemy forces on the island. Upgrading your weapons is key to your success.

Crack Down

ZX Spectrum Crack Down

Crack Down is a time-limited action game. You play Ben and Andy. You must get through the levels quickly by placing bombs scattered around the level. However, the levels are heavily defended. You have an array of weaponry including a cannon, machine gun and superbombs to protect yourself.


ZX Spectrum Cyberball

After American Football players started cheating by using bionic parts, the game change its rules. By 2022, the game was played not by humans, but two teams of seven robots. Now here is the interesting part: the regular football was replaced with a 350 pound bomb.Game play is quite a bit different from most other football games. After this it will explode and possession will be swapped. This is prevented when you cross the 50-yard line, lose possession or score a touchdown. F

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