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Burnout 3

Microsoft Xbox Burnout 3

Is Burnout 3: Takedown the best racing game of all time? Depends who you talk to. It’s not a sim, so the likes of Forza remain in a different category, but there’s little doubt in our minds that if it’s high-speed balls-to-the-wall action you’re after, then Burnout 3 has it all and more. Burnout is simply fun and lots of it.

Crimson Skies

Microsoft Xbox Crimson Skies

This was one of the first truly realized titles for Xbox Live. A ton of options, six match types, and a good interface all made Microsoft’s burgeoning online service look like gold. Maybe Crimson Skies was just a little ahead of its time. If you’re one of the shameful masses of Xbox owners who don’t own it yet, quit being stingy and drop a 20-spot on the Platinum Hits version. After all, we need some fresh meat for the Xbox Live grinder.


Microsoft Xbox Fable

What really brought Fable together is a nice elegant system of combat and missions. The fighting felt good, and the magic system allowed you to create some pretty vicious combos. You could run around like the Emperor from Star Wars electrocuting all in your path, or you could be a heavy with huge armor and a massive sword, or you could do both at once.


Microsoft Xbox Forza

The game is the paragon of realism in every way, with perfect physics, audio, and visual representations of vehicles. It even adds a satisfying “damage model” — heretofore a taboo term in the racing sim genre. The list of cars and tracks may not be as large as Gran Turismo, but there are more than enough vehicles for any car enthusiasts of any taste to get their fill. And, of course, you’re free to get a little dirty tooling around under the hood.


Microsoft Xbox Halo

Not only was it ready to go to stores alongside the Xbox, it basically blew away everyone who played it. Featuring some truly gorgeous graphics and the best enemy A.I. seen on a console, the game immediately became the “must-have” title for the new system.

Halo 2

Microsoft Xbox Halo 2

Master Chief finds himself on a space station in orbit above Earth. Not surprisingly, all hell breaks loose when the Covenant stages a daring assault, and the Spartan must take matters (and an obscene number of weapons) into his own hands if humanity is to survive. From there, the game takes the player all over the universe and introduces several new types of environments.

Ninja Garden

Microsoft Xbox Ninja Garden

When games became big business, most designs were suddenly intended to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Ninja Gaiden bucks that trend in the best possible way. The difference between it and most action games is like the difference between playing poker with some friends and sitting down at a no-limit 5K/10K table with pros.

NBA Live 2002

Microsoft Xbox NBA Live 2002

The NBA Live 2002 brings about the following change: 1) Jordan is back with his new team, the Washington Wizards 2) Cut scenes evolve the focus on player vs player interaction during stops in play and arguments between player and referee 3) An improved interface allowing you to get into the games quicker and an improved control system for better defensive and offensive moves. 4) New player moves, plays and celebration animations

NBA Street Volume 2

Microsoft Xbox NBA Street Volume 2

The game presents itself with an ultra-hip urban flair and sees the great basketball legends of our time go three-on-three in an arcade hoops session that rivals near perfection. The ballers are able to perform crazy moves, tricks, dunks, and fakes; all of which exude a level of coolness captured by few other games.

Project Gotham Racing 2

Microsoft Xbox Project Gotham Racing 2

As racing games go, the gameplay was outstanding: it was the Xbox’s first real competitor to the strength of the Gran Turismo series. The physics of the different cars were spot-on. Front-wheel-drive vehicles handled appreciably different from rear-wheel drive machines, and various cars with assorted engines and different power-to-weight ratios all behaved in their own unique way.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Microsoft Xbox Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Rather than simply creating a carbon copy of the Metal Gear games, the developers at Ubisoft Montreal used the superior power of the Xbox (and the Unreal engine) to build a game that was different in almost every way. Gone were the fixed camera positions, replaced by one that gave the player complete control over his view.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Microsoft Xbox Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars fans have to view most Star Wars video games the way parents view their children at Little League games. They may not be perfect, but we try to be supportive and look on the bright side. After all, we’ve been thrown so many mediocre to abysmal games emblazoned with the Star Wars logo, it’s all we can do to keep from crying.


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