Amiga Storage Peripherals


> Company: X-Pert Computer Services / Viona Development, Germany
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID2117 / 1,2

Inmos IMS G300C (85, 110 Or 135 MHz) Programmable RAMDAC And Sync Generator
No Blitter, Line Drawing Engine, Or Other General Purpose Graphics Processing Capability
Visiona Paint: 2 MB 20 Ns VRAM In 16 ZIP Sockets
Visiona Paint+: 4 MB 20 Ns VRAM In 32 ZIP Sockets
Maximum Resolution Is Only Limited By The Amount Of VRAM Installed
24/32 Bit: Up To 1024×1024
8 Bit: Up To 2048×2048
2 Bit: Up To 4096×4096
1 Bit: Up To 8192×4096
The Resolutions Above Need 4 MB VRAM – With 2 MB VRAM, The Maximum Resolution Is Limited
Maximum Horizontal Frequency: 80 KHz
Resolutions Above 1600×1280 Flicker Badly
Visiona Paint Can Be Converted To A Visiona Paint+ By Adding 16 RAM Chips And A New Control PAL
The VRAM Uses 2 Resp. 4 MB In The Zorro II Address Space:
Limits Zorro II RAM Expansions To 6 Resp. 4 MB
The VRAM Can Be Used By The Amiga As Memory Expansion Using Addmem Program (Visiona Library Must Not Be Activated)
Content Of The Video RAM Can Be Changed By The CPU And The Video Controller (Which Accesses The Video RAM With A DMA Controller)
Two Separate Oscillators For PAL And NTSC Signals – Two Additional Sockets For Eg. SECAM
15 Pin VGA Connector
Five HF-PCB Connectors
Supports Several Sync Options:
Output: Separate H-Sync/V-Sync, Composite Sync On H-Sync, Sync-On-Green
Input: External Synchronization (On H-Sync) With A TBC Possible (Needs Small Hardware Expansion)
EGS Driver
The Visiona, The GVP EGS-110/24 And EGS-28/24 Spectrum Were All Designed By Hendrik Horak


Amiga Visiona

Front: Visiona front view

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