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News – November 30, 2011: iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet uses the iPadas the brains. It works on bluetooth so all you need to get going is a binch of coins. To bring the iCADE to life, ThinkGeek has partnered with ION. Atari.

News – December 3, 2011: World of Commodore, Toronto, Canada.

News – November 28, 2011: Learn how to duplicate your Amiga 1000 Kickstart disk.

News – August 23, 2011: Atari Sends Cease And Desist To Hobbyist Site For Using Company Name. Read more here.

News – June 22, 2011: The Amiga X1000 was spotted in Bletchley Park, England. It was running Amiga OS/4 with a Power PC processor.

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