Super NES Games Starting with In to La

Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures

Super NES Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures

This edition of the popular series consists of platform levels from all three Indy films: 1) Raiders of the Lost Ark2) Temple of Doom3) Last Crusade. The game also features special levels:1) Running from the giant boulder (Raiders)2) The Mine Cart chase (Temple of Doom) 3) Flying a biplane (Last Crusade) 4) Fighting a Nazi commander on a tank heading off a cliff (Last Crusade)

International Sensible Soccer

Super NES International Sensible Soccer

International Sensible Soccer was released alongside the 1994 World Cup. This was the first version of Sensible Soccer to feature teams from outside Europe. The World Cup tournament is featured in full and you can adjust the 24 teams. For the first time in the series, an on-screen referee is featured. Club data is updated to take into account transfers and kit changes since the previous version.

International Superstar Soccer

Super NES International Superstar Soccer

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Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart’s Super Off Road

A game with a simple concept, but provides for hours of enjoyment. Race your off-road vehicle with three others. Your goal is to win fame, glory and points that can be used to soup up their machine. Bikini clad women await your victories. If you lose, well, does it really matter? Off-road driving requires a different skill set to pavement driving. The ability to brake you back end is a skill you will want to master. Play alone or with up to 3 other players.

James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod

Super NES James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod

Retrieve the toys stolen by Dr Maybe. You are armed with an Inspector Gadget-style stretch device, which you can use to view higher areas or claw onto ceilings so as to slide across them.On each level, collect two penguins and reach the exit. After completing each pair of two worlds, a boss must be faced.


Super NES Jammit

This is strictly a basketball game. It has a black-basketball theme and has a myriad of game options. It also has a betting option, but other than its a simple basketball game.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

Super NES Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

Being the third in the Paroidus series, game play along with the zaniness has not changed. Game play itself is a parody of Konami’s famous Gradius series in that you manoeuvre around the screen destroying waves of enemies and avoiding obstacles. Survival throughout the level earns you a boss fight that frequently includes a bizarre character.The game offers many more power-ups: 1) Red, used to upgrade weapons 2) The shield power-up (blue) 3) Green Bells.

Jim Power in “Mutant Planet”

Jim Power discovered a dimensional rift into a strange new world one day while going for a stroll. And, as it would happen, Jim happened to be strolling along heavily armed.All the games graphic are also compatible with the paper 3-D glasses. Jim Power can upgrade his guns. Fight enemies, bosses and obtain various keys to progress through the levels. Use your Smart Bomb to clear the screen of enemies.

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

Super NES Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

You have to love this game. You play Joe and Mac, the cavemen ninjas, bent on clubbing and jumping your enemies in this multi-platform game.

John Madden Football ’93

Super NES John Madden Football '93

New to Madden 93 are some graphics and animations including an animated coin toss and some player moves. There are now 28 teams from the ’92-’93 season, two All Madden teams and eight of the Greatest Ever teams.Game modes include:1) Pre-season2) Regular season3) Sudden death 4) Playoffs5) Special playoff mode for the 8 greatest teams

Judge Dredd

Super NES Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is based on the British comic book character of the same name. The initial levels follow the plot of the movie with futuristic lawman Judge Dredd framed and sent to the Aspen penal colony where he must escape and prove his innocence. The game continues where the movie left off with levels and characters inspired by the comic book culminating with a battle against the Dark Judges on Deadworld.

Jurassic Park

Super NES Jurassic Park

Sega’s Jurassic Park is a side-scrolling action game where you jump from platform to platform. As you jump, pick up weapons and health items. Your enemies are viscous and quick so stay sharp.However, the above description differs a bit depending on which character you choose to be. If you decide to be a Velociraptor, game play will be different.

Jurassic Park II: The Chaos Continues

Super NES Jurassic Park II: The Chaos Continues

A team of heavy armed experts are sent to the park to clean up the mess left behind one year after the events of the first movie. However, Biosyn Corp is back to take control of the park for themselves. You play as Alan Grant where you try to get the park back online while fighting back dinosaurs and company personal.

Justice League Task Force

Super NES Justice League Task Force

The Justice League consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and the Green Arrow. Together, you must defeat the evil Darkseid and his henchmen, Despero and Cheetah. Before they can reach Darkseid, and in an odd twist in video game land, the members of the Justice League must battle each other. Follow Story Mode or just hold exhibition fights in Battle Mode.

Kick Off

Super NES Kick Off

Kick Off was the first football game of its kind with a top down view. Playing Kick Off requires skills in boll control. Be sure to practice corner kicks, passing, sliding tackles and dribbling before playing a real match to prevent undue frustration.

Killer Instinct

Super NES Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a 2D fighting game that features 3D rendered players. You have ten players choose from: 1) Orchid2) Cinder3) Jago4) Glacius5) Fulgore6) Riptor7) Sabrewulf8) Spinal9) T.J. Combo10) Thunder

King of the Monsters

Super NES King of the Monsters

King of the Monsters is a two player fighting game that takes place in cities aroudn the world. The characters are very large as one would expect dinosaurs to be large.The city gradually gets destroyed as the two creatures fight it out. The players can also interact with the scenery by picking up boats and such, to use as weapons against the other player.

Kirby’s Avalanche

Super NES Kirby's Avalanche

Avalanche is similar to Puyo Puyo: stack colored blobs in much the same way as in Tetris. An explosion occurs when a certain amount of one colour is stacked. When you have cleared the screen, you advance to the next round until you eventually reach the final boss.

Krusty’s Fun House

Super NES Krusty's Fun House

Sadly, Krusty the Clown’s Fun House has been overrun by rats. Herd the rats into trap machines and then clear them out. In order to do so, you must manipulate your environment to set up pathways so that the rats are headed in the right direction. The trap machines are operated by Bart, Homer, Sideshow Mel and Corporal Punishment.

Last Action Hero

Super NES Last Action Hero

You play Jack Slater, an action movie hero, who takes on the ax maniac ?The Ripper?, who is holding a school under siege. Benedict is the villain who wants to use Danny?s ticket to bring terror to the real world.The game is based on the movie by the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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