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Steve Jobs

February 4, 1955 – 2011

Steve jobs is a name known around the world as the leader of Apple. He is also known as a highly creative and daring visionary and is a global icon. While Steve Jobs set out to place a computer in every home, when the company was set up in the late 70s, Steve Jobs transformed Apple from a computer company into a digital media company.


Steve Jobs Resigns Apple

Above: Steve Jobs (2011)


Steve has been called many things from an incredible talented person that is able to get people to get excited about Apple’s products. He has been called a visionary and also a bully. His expectation for breakthrough technology has seen many people leave the company due to the stress. Jobs is also credited with the greatest corporate turnaround in corporate america.

While Steve was adopted, his mother wanted his adopted parents to promise that he would go to college. His biological parents and sister were creative and intellectual people, which has clearly passed on to Steve.

However, getting to know Steve Jobs has been very difficult. Steve does not give interviews and rarely appears for questions. For a public person, he is very private. And for a billionaire, he almost became bankrupt when he left Apple and bought Pixar and started Next.


Steve Jobs Resigns Apple

Above: Young Steve Jobs (1985)


Steve Jobs became rich at the young age of 23, was born in 1955 and was a product of the 1950s and 60s counter culture. At the age of 19, steve was working on the Apple computer with Steve Wozniak and had hair down to his waste. Steve would soon change his appearance to fit into corporate culture, but he would never change his ideals: don’t let the noise of others opinion drown you out and stay hungry and stay foolish.

This passion was evident on the Macintosh product. Steve Jobs saw the Xerox Parc and realized that this was the future of computing while Xerox leadership laughed at the idea of a mouse. Steve devoted the next two years to the creation of the Macintosh and the computer was viewed as a hugh leap forward by many of the Apple consumers when it was released in 1984. However, most critics panned the computer and a year later were calling for Apple’s departure from the market.

Steve Jobs Power Struggle with Apple

For jobs, it became a time when he would learn how to sell and market products. He perfected is presentation style and learned a lot about business. Prior to Toy Story becoming a hit, Steve Jobs was almost bankrupt.


Steve Jobs Resigns Apple

Above: Apple CEO John Sculley


However, after a power struggle with the Apple Computer Board in 1985, Steve Jobs was fired and left the company with five engineers. This became a downward spiral for Apple as it lost its vision.

Steve Jobs Interim CEO

With Toy Story now a huge success, Pixar was made public, making Steve Jobs a billionaire. Shortly after the success of launching Pixar public, Steve sells Next to apple for $429 million in 1996. In doing so, Apple had secured itself an operating system that would take its computers into the future. As part of the deal, Steve Jobs would be brought back as interim CEO for a salary of $1 a year.

Even John Scully admitted that letting Steve Jobs go from the company was a mistake and that Apple should have worked with him to keep him at the company. While john Scully has had many positive things to say about Apple over the years, Steve has spoken but a few times and views the ouster as a bitter experience.

However, the Steve Jobs that returned to Apple was different and more mature. He had no misconception that Apple was in trouble and set about making changes immediately.

In several events leading up to his death in 2011, Steve Jobs looked thinner and thinner fearing that he might not eb able to escape his battle this time. His passed on his responsibilities to Tim Cook in late August and on October 4, his seat was empty at the iPhone event. Then the following day when I went to check out the new iPods, there was the annoucement that Steve Jobs had died. It had been a long time since a figure had so well embodied a company. He will be missed by so many.

Greatest Corporate Turnaround

Steve got rid of staff that did not fit into the Apple culture. He spoke of the current product line as, These products suck.” OS licensing was terminated and the product line was simplified.


First iMac color

Above: First iMac (1988)


In 1988, Apple released the colourful and transparent Macintosh. It was an immediate success and went on to sell over 6 million units. This was the turning point as the iMac would generate revenue to allow Steve Jobs to focus on other products and Apple would never again have any financial concerns under Steve Jobs reign.

Apple iPod

Steve Jobs next big product was the iPod, which began apples penetration into the media business. While the iPod would go on to sell billions of units, it was the release of iTunes on the Mac and Windows that would propel sales of the device in to the stratosphere. iTunes became Apple’s delivery device for music, movies and rentals.

Apple iPhone

In 2007, Apple enter another market, which it felt had poor devices that offered little to the consumer. In early 2007, jobs presented the iPhone to a developers conference and promised the device would be ready for sale in June.

For the competition, very few believe apple’s claims on its performance, feature set and function. Others did not think the device would h=amount to any sales. The result is that phone makers were caught off guard when the iPhone came on the market and sold millions. Many top phone makers in 2007 have either been bought out, are facing bankruptcy or have seen their sales tumble. By 2011, Apple became the top smartphone maker and had the largest marketshare for any manufacture.

Apple iPad

However, Steve was no finished with identifying markets that failed to appeal to consumers desires. The tablet market was ten years old, but had very few sales with little attention from consumers. When Steve announced the iPad at the developers conference in winter 2010 with a starting price of US$499, the media was caught off guard. Many expected the device would retail for about $1000. Despite being panned by many media outlets, the device went on to sell 14 million unites within 9 months.


Apple ipad Magical device

Above: Apple iPad (2010)


Many companies had announced their own tablets and some started coming to market in early 2011 . However, these tablet aimed to compete with the iPad on specs, offering little interns of software. When Apple released the iPad 2 in March, the technical superiority of the iPad was no longer in question. By late 2011, no tablet has yet to achieve their sales goals with many high profile tablets leaving the market. HP killed their tablet after only 49 days on the market and billions invested. RIM’s playbook saw poor sales and is expected to be the net to exit the parker.

Steve Jobs’ Health

While Steve jobs is very successful with his career, he has had some health problems i recent years ranging from cancer to a liver transplant. He has had three medical leaves form apple in the last 8 years, though he still managed key products and attended product launches. However, in August 2011, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, staying on in the capacity as Chairman.


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