SONY Playstation 3

SONY Playstation 3
2006 – current


Playstation 3 game console

Above: Sony Playstation 3 game console


Sony started hyping the SONY Playstation 3 in 2004, a full two years before it introduced the Playstation 3. Sony’s strategy was to introduce the Playstation 3 as a Trojan horse whereby consumers will purchase the console for its Bluray capabilities. This was intended as a format war as well as a game console war.

Essentially, the Playstation was viewed by the company as the home theatre of tomorrow. Everything served up from a single device.

However, as SONY won the fight for Bluray, it did not foresee Bluray becoming irrelevant in the light of HD streaming from sources like Netflix, iTunes and others. And, only those with 50 inch screens could really take advantage of the high def screen.

The Playstation 3 comes with composite cables standard but that limits it to 480i. For 720p or better, component cables or HDMI cable are required.

However, this can be fixed by getting some cables whereas Microsoft fans would have to wait a few years before HDMI became a standard port. Another plus for the Playstation three is that it is quiet. The Xbox 360 in contrast is very loud.




Playstation 3 store

Above: Playstation 3 store


Better Graphics

SONY offers a store to purchase content, though the input was not refined enough, being designed more for a computer. What is frustrating about the purchase of items, one cannot buy media directly. One must buy points first, then the media with points.

Many confirm that the SONY Playstation 3 has better/faster cores than the Microsoft 360. However, many developers also claim that the Playstation requires a lot more effort to get that extra effort and performance out of the Playstation 3.


Playstation 3 - Gran Tourismo 5

Above: Playstation 3 – Gran Tourismo 5


As the years passed, many companies released and developed games for the Xbox 360 first and then ported them over to the Playstation. However, with these ports, the Playstation was choppy with more action. Developers had failed to optimize the ports for the Playstation 3’s architecture.


Its about the Games Stupid

The seventh generation is less about the technology and more about the user experience and the games. If one wants Halo3 or Gear of War, one will purchase an Xbox 360 regardless how inferior the console may be. And, should someone love Gran Toruismo, one will get a Playstation 3.


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