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Sony Playstation 2
2000 – 2011

A Proud Company’s Story; The History of the Sony Playstation 2

SONY was formed after the second world war as a radio repair shop in 1945 in Tokyo, Japan. With in a few short years, the company began creating their own devices such as releasing the country’s first tape recorder, the Type-G.

In the 1950s, SONY saw the transistor as a great invention with many opportunities. The company began researching possibilities in the miniaturisation of communications devices. In fact, the company was the first to market with a commercially successful product.

Their pocket radios were successful in Europe, the Americas and at home. SONY had established itself as a pioneering home entertainment/electronics company. The company’s success came in part from a shift in popular culture that saw the music as a major element.

SONY’s early reputation for a pioneering electronics leader in the home entertainment industry. The company has a strong history of spending on research and development and has been a pioneer in every major home electronics push.


A Technology Pioneer

SONY is responsible for pioneering several technology wins including:


SONY Walkman

Above: SONY Walkman


Trinitron CRT format

Compaq Disk format

3.5 inch floppy disk format


Digital Audio Tape


Penetrating the Video Game Industry

SONY saw the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and entered a deal with Nintendo to develop a CD-based game console. Nintendo decided to cancel the contract, but SONY continued their efforts. While the joint Super Disk project died, SONY continued work and focused on building their own game/multimedia entertainment system: the SONY Playstation.


Playstation 1 game console

Above: Playstation 1 game console


However, while SONY engineers were working on the next generation in game hardware, the marketing division began work on drumming up software development support for the console. After all, SONY had never developed a game console

When the Playstation was released in 1994, it enjoyed great success. While the device was well engineered, significant backing by SONY with it’s immense financial backing helped solidify the brand and make way for several more generations, paving the way to the Playstation 2.


Playstation 2


Playstation 2 game console

Above: Playstation 2 game console


The Sony Playstation 2 was released in 2000 and immediately sold well, welling over 150 million units and still on the market today. A big part in the successful adoption of the Playstation 2 was the compatibility with Playstation 1 games. The Playstation also was able to play CDs and DVDs making the unit a home entertainment system rather than just a gaming console.

SONY has been around for along time and has always poured lots of money in to research and development, however, in recent years, SONY has had trouble financially and with technology innovation. The Playstation 3 was off to poor sales and was caught installing malware on peoples computers. The company was also the victim of successive attacks by hackers in 2011.


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