Sega Game 1000

Sega SG 1000


The Sega Game -1000 (SG-1000) is a second generation cartridge-based video game console. This was Sega’s first entry into the video game hardware business for which they stayed in for many years. However, the SG-1000 was not nearly as popular as successor game consoles like the Sega Master System of the Sega Saturn.


Sega SG-1000 Game Console

Above: Sega SG 1000 Game Console


The Sega SG 1000 was released on July 15, 1983 in Japan. It was later released to New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and South Africa. However, it was never released in the United States or Canada.


Sega SG-1000 Games

Above: Sega SG-1000 games


In July 1984, Sega released an updated version called the SG-1000 II. It had a re-styled shell and the connector for the optional plug-in SK-1100 keyboard has been moved from the rear to the front. It was initially priced at ¥15,000.

Sega later released a computer version of the console with a built-in keyboard called the SC-3000. The SG-1000 runs all SC-3000 games and applications with the exception of Music and Basic Cartridges.

Sega SG-3000 Computer

Above: Sega SG-3000 Computer




The Sega SG 1000 game console was powered by the Zilog Z80 running at 3.5MHz. Memory was divided into two parts. Video memory was 16KB and main memory was 2KB. It was able to get a resolution of 256 x 192 with 32 sprites and 16 colours. It featured a four channel mono sound and had three sound generators.


Sega SG-3000 Computer

Above: Sega SG-3000 Computer


The Sega SG-1000 offered several ports: 1 cartridge port, video/audio port, 2 joystick ports, cassette and a printer port.


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