Sega Saturn Games Starting with Aa to Ca

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean

Sega Saturn Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean

You play as Pike who was raised by harpies. When your harpy family is turned to stone. Your mission is to take your father’s sword and leave the village for the first time to find a cure.

Alien Trilogy

Sega Saturn Alien Trilogy

Alien Trilogy is a first-person shooter based on the first three Alien movies. You play Lt. Ripley in three sections: 1) The colony complex on LV426 Aliens2) The prison planet from Alien 33) The derelict spaceship from Alien. Each section contains 10 missions that has a specific goal that must be achieved in order to move to the next mission. The enemies are your standard Alien fair including facehuggers, chestbursters, warrior aliens, dog aliens and Alien queens.

Alone in the Dark 2

Sega Saturn Alone in the Dark 2

In this sequel, you take the role of Edward Carnby, one of the two main characters in the original Alone in the Dark. After your overnight ordeal in the haunted mansion of Derceto and your defeat of the undead Cthulian sorceror Pregzt, you have gained something of a reputation as a supernatural detective.Your next mission is to investigate a bootlegger named One Eyed Jack after an old detective, named Stryker, attributes Jack to the kidnapping of young Grace Saunders.


Sega Saturn Amok

Amok is set in a future where giant corporations have been at war for 50 years. An unsteady peace is formed that is destroyed by a mercenary company aided by a capable pilot in a battle walker. As the peace-wrecker, your mission is to blow up things like military bases and power generators. Use your power-ups to increase your survival rate and your longevtivity.

Andretti Racing

Sega Saturn Andretti Racing

Take control of either NASCAR or Indy cars as you cruise around 16 detailed tracks. There are three views available to drive as well as individual races or play a full career where pit-crew mistakes and mechanical failures will harm your chances of winning. Derek Daly and Bob Jenkins provide the racing commentary.

Area 51

Sega Saturn Area 51

Use you light gun to blast your way through the secret base that has fallen into the hands of mutant aliens.Each level in the game brings more difficult aliens for you to kill. Keep an eye out for power-ups as these will help offset the harder aliens.This is one of those games where players are awarded for shooting pretty much anything like destroying windows, light fixtures, computers, explosive barrels and even fire extinguishers.


Sega Saturn Astal

Antowas created a land of striking beauty and magic where Astal and his beloved Leda among its happy inhabitants. However, Jerado is out to destroy the land and has started by capturing Leda knowing that Astal to set off to save her. Your mission then is to save her with the help of the birds.

Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Sega Saturn Atlantis: The Lost Tales

The advanced city design of Atlantis shows that a fully-fledged society must’ve functioned there. Queen Rhea is the leader who is under threat and as young Seth, you must save the day. The game consists of five different continents to explore with each having its own cultures in this 3D game. Explore some 50 characters while you solve puzzles using an inventory system.

Baku Baku Animal

Sega Saturn Baku Baku Animal

Sega’s Baku Baku Animal is a Tetris like game. The objective is to pair animal heads with their respective food. If a rabbit head comes falling, you must make it fall on a pile of carrot tiles, dog heads with bones, and so on.


Sega Saturn Baroque

A huge Heat Wave has destroyed all plant life and left most animals dead. Humans have mutated into strange creatures who worship strange gods trying to exterminate each other in bloody wars. The surface is populated by Ikei demons. Nerve Tower stands in the middle of all this and it is the symbol of evil or the final hope for salvation. No one knows its true meaning as no one has dared enter the building.

Batman Forever

Sega Saturn Batman Forever

Batman Forever is based on the 1995 movie involving the Riddler and Two-Face.This game is an usual hybrid of side-scrolling platformer and one-on-one fighter. Make your way through levels that include some platform jumping elements. You arsenal includes a lot of nifty bat-gadgets and a collection of fighting moves that require tap dancing the controller buttons.

Black Dawn

Sega Saturn Black Dawn

Black Dawn puts you in control of a military helicopter where your mission is to restore stability and peace throughout the lands fighting against terrorists. Yes, a single helicopter can do all this.Assigned to a variety of campaigns, fly your AH-69 Mohawk as you battle through enemy territory across different global locales.

Braindead 13

Sega Saturn Braindead 13

In Braindead 13, you play a young computer expert that was called to fix a computer at some scary castle and in no time flat, he finds himself in trouble.Your objective is to use your complex moves in order to escape from the castle.

Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands

Sega Saturn Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands

One or two players attempt to save their friends in this re-release of the 1987 classic puzzle/action game. As before, you blow bubbles to trap enemies. When the bubbles are popped, fruit comes out and the players compete for the points. Fail to pop the bubbles in time and the enemies escape and become faster.


Sega Saturn Bug!

Bug’s creepy-crawly insect friends need rescuing from the evil widow Queen Cadavra. Fight your way through six worlds with your sole mission to rescue your insect friends and defeat the spider queen. Bug’s key attack is his bug bounce but he can also somersault, spit and zap when powered up.

Burning Rangers

Sega Saturn Burning Rangers

Your job is to put out fires and rescue those trapped in the heat of the blaze.Your quad leader tells you the critical areas inside certain buildings that people are trapped or where the fire is worst so follow his advice.You performance appraisal is based on how well you complete your objectives.

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Sega Saturn Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Bub and Bob are back with some bubble-bursting puzzle action in this reverse Tetris game. Shoot your bubbles at an array of different-colored bubbles stuck in an ever descending ceiling.

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