Sega Saturn Games Starting with Ra to St

Rampage World Tour

Sega Saturn Rampage World Tour

Rampage is another top arcade hit that was ported to many game consoles and home computers during the late 1980s.The original story is that George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary people, until an experiment went terribly, terribly wrong. The end result is that they turned into a Gorilla, a Lizard and a Werewolf respectively. Upset about the whole issue, they decide to go round destroying buildings.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

Sega Saturn Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

The sixth edition of the series include 20 characters:Terry BogardAndy BogardJoe HigashiMai ShiranuiTung Fu RueCheng ChinzanLaurence BloodWolfgang KrauserDuck KingKim KaphwanBlue MaryHon-FuBob WilsonMochizuki SokakuFranco BashRyuji YamazakiJin ChonshuJin ChonreiBilly KaneGeese HowardAll characters have been remodelled.

Resurrection: Rise 2

Sega Saturn Resurrection: Rise 2

New troubles in ElectroCorp appear. While the corporation makes highly safe robots for civilian jobs, one supervisor decides to make robot-killers. And as human brains were implanted in some of them the robots start killing each other when a virus is released by a hacker.The bad news? You are one of the robots.

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Sega Saturn Riven: The Sequel to Myst

You had your adventures on the secret Myst island and now you get to face those adventures all over again in this sequel.After short introduction, you’re given a book with lots of pages that you can read and are then transported to the Riven island. Riven adds more characters and is just as captivating as the first game.

Roberta Williams’ Phantasmagoria

Sega Saturn Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria

This adventure game is seven CDs long where you play the role of Adrienne who has just moved into an old mansion with her photographer husband Donald. After moving in, Adrienne begins to experience horrifying nightmares and various encounters with her husband having the same effect. Your mission is to discover its secret before the house kills Adrienne.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire

Sega Saturn Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire

The game is set in the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history in this strategic war game. Select one of 38 leaders and guide your people to power by military or diplomatic means. Use various military tactics to win the game with weaponry such catapults and automatic-firing crossbows at your command.


Sega Saturn Sagaia

Long time ago, the planet of Darius went into ruin. A new planet was born and named Orga. After many hundreds of years, Proco Jr. and Tiat Young receive a strange radio broadcast. The radio broadcast is a mayday signal from another descendent of Darius. Board the Silverhawk, and defeat the evil force.

Saturn Bomberman

Sega Saturn Saturn Bomberman

You play the little blue bomber along with up to 10 other bomber pals planting bombs to trap enemy characters.Saturn Bomberman can also connect to the Sega Saturn NetLink internet system that allows two people from opposite ends of the earth to battle it out.


Sega Saturn Scorcher

Your mission is to race against several opponents in a spherical racer. Power-ups are provided via special triangles.

Sega Rally Championship

Sega Saturn Sega Rally Championship

Sega Rally was a popular arcade rally-style racing game offering four tracks with sharp bends and jumps with your choose of three cars. The game offers two modes: the main championship and a time-trial mode featuring a ghost car. The cars The handling of the cars is unrealistic but this is an arcade game and not a true simulation.

Shining Force III

Sega Saturn Shining Force III

Shining Force III takes place in a fantasy world and places you as a young general tasked to fight in order to preserve the peace in your world. The Emperor was abducted from within the city of Saraband. Your job is to go on the run with your king who is suspected of being the mastermind behind the abduction.

Shining the Holy Ark

Sega Saturn Shining the Holy Ark

Shining the Holy Ark is a pure console-style role playing game.You play the role of a young swordsman Arthur who decided to work as a mercenary for various people needing his services. On you first mission, your boss sends you to a mine to find and punish a renegade ninja who has escaped. Your real mission is to defeat the true evil at all costs.

Shining Wisdom

Sega Saturn Shining Wisdom

This is the fourth game in the Shining series and it is completely different from the others games. It is not a dungeon crawl like Shining in the Darkness, or a tactical battle role playing game but plays very much like Zelda.You job is to collect items found in dungeons. Combine these items with magical orbs to create different spell effects to tackle your enemies and solve various riddles.

Skeleton Warriors

Sega Saturn Skeleton Warriors

You’re Prince Lightstar and your quest is to conquer and slay Baron Dark as he holds half of a mighty crystal called the Lightstar Crystal. The crystal allows him to control anyone with an evil heart.Complete 21 levels filled with demonic evil creatures before you can fight the Baron Dark himself.

Solar Eclipse

Sega Saturn Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse takes place around the orbit of Saturn on its many moons. You are a hot-shot pilot with a troubled past and you have been reassigned to a new squadron aboard a Tomlinson-class carrier. There is trouble on a mining colony on Janus and your squadron is sent in to investigate and uncover a lot more than they went looking for. What really helps make this game addictive is the full-motion clips that tell the story line.

Sonic R

Sega Saturn Sonic R

While on vacation, Tails and Sonic come across an ad for the World Grand Prix. Sonic becomes interested when he sees that Dr. Robotnik has entered. Robotnik is only interested in the race with no other agenda as he’s learned the location of the Chaos Emeralds and now he’ll get a chance to beat Sonic while he gets them. There are three modes to this game.

Soviet Strike

Sega Saturn Soviet Strike

In 1991, the U.S.S.R boasted the largest military force in history and then suddenly collapsed. Since that time the fallen empire has done little more than participate in a few minor peace keeping events.A sinister ex-KGB general, code named Shadowman, directs a flock of vultures to swoop in from all parts of Eastern Europe and claim Russia’s nuclear warheads.

Spot Goes to Hollywood

Sega Saturn Spot Goes to Hollywood

You play spot, the little red guy from the 7-Up TV commercials and you are trapped in a movie projector. As you jump from film to film, you encounter many classic film genres that make up all the different levels of the game. The main levels are a pirate movie, an adventure movie and a horror movie with many other bonus films to unlock.Collect five Hollywood stars per level to unlock hidden areas and ultimately complete the game.

Steep Slope Sliders

Sega Saturn Steep Slope Sliders

This is a snowboarding game with a wild selection of boarders where you will take to the slopes in an attempt to get the best times on each slope. With a range of tricks and courses from Canada to Japan, as well as the option to play on a half-pipe purely for points, this game offers a fast-paced snowboarding experience.

Street Fighter 2 Collection

Sega Saturn Street Fighter 2 Collection

The second in the Collection goes back to the classic days of Street Fighter.The following games are included:1) Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, and the two improved editions, Champion Edition and SF2 Turbo. 2) World Warrior includes all the original action characters and moves. Choose your warrior, defeat all the other fighters and then beat the boss guys that await you at the end. 3) Champion Edition didn’t really add much but it did add three boss characters.

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