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Spy vs Spy

Sega Master System Spy vs Spy

The original idea cam from mad magazine. The black crow and the white crow are out to beat each other before the time bell rings. Each spy is equally matched and always trying to beat out each other. Find the needed objects by digging through drawers, closets and furniture in the house. Foil your opponent by setting creative booby traps in the various rooms.As with any good action game, there are fights. Find hidden weapons in the rooms to help with those fights.

Street Fighter II:Special Champion Edition

Sega Master System Street Fighter II:Special Champion Edition

Basically you get a bunch of fighters together and get them to punch, kick, bite and thump the living daylights out of each other.This version of Street Fighter respects to the original Street Fighter II except that all 12 characters are selectable from the get-go and the game engine has been revamped.

Streets of Rage

Sega Master System Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage follows the story of three young police officers in a city controlled by a criminal syndicate led by a Mr. X where crime is rampant. This leads you and Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding, to make a pact to leave the force and topple the syndicate by themselves.Moves range from back attacks, two grapple moves, a flying attack and if playing with another player two additional tag attacks are available.

Streets of Rage 2

Sega Master System Streets of Rage 2

After Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding and Adam Hunter destroyed Mr. X and his cronies, the city became a peaceful place to live. As a result, each member went his own way.One year later, after their reunion, Adam went missing and Mr. X is responsible. Now, Axel, Blaze, Sammy, and Axel’s good friend Max head out to stop Mr X.Streets of Rage 2 features much better graphics with more detailed characters as well as more animation frames.


Sega Master System Strider

In Russia, the evil Grand Master Meio has set out to take over the universe. As Hiryu, your mission is simple, you must defeat the Grand Master and put an end to his plotting once and for all.Strider lets you run, jump, perform acrobatics, climb walls and overhangs. Use your plasma sword to fight robots and guards along with the bosses.

Strider 2

Sega Master System Strider 2

Once again, Strider has been called into action to save the the people of Magenta. Armed with a Gyro laser and matter converter, fight your way through a forest, a ruined city, underground colonies, a roof-top battle and finally a prison ship in which the Megantan leader is held.Game play is much the same as the first game. Tokens can be collected, which will turn you into a robot to face the end-of-level enemies if enough are collected.

Summer Games

Sega Master System Summer Games

The popular Summer Games was ported to many game consoles and home computers. The game-play is similar to the other entries in Epyx games series. Choose your country and then take turns competing for the gold medal! The game allows eight players to compete in all of the events or any number of events. There are also practice sessions.

Super Kick Off

Sega Master System Super Kick Off

Super Kick Off features 40 teams with 16 national and 24 club. The game also sports the ability to edit club team names, shirts and player names. Game modes include:1) Friendlies2) Domestic League and Cup (composed by eight English teams)3) European League (16 European teams) 4) International cup (eight team tournament). Training is good for training free kicks, penalties or to pass and shoot and dribble without opposition.

Super Monaco GP

Sega Master System Super Monaco GP

Super Monaco GP is a port of a popular arcade game. The game includes several world class race courses in the GP circuit. Pass qualification in order to race.The Genesis version of Super Monaco includes career mode. Your goal is to win a season of races.Unfortunately, you start with a relatively slow car. Win races and earn yourself a better car.

T2: The Arcade Game

Sega Master System T2: The Arcade Game

T2 is a port of the popular arcade game. Play as one or two shooting the Terminators and various other bad guys culminating in the virtually indestructible T-2000 himself.

Taito’s Super Space Invaders

Sega Master System Taito's Super Space Invaders

Space invaders is back and it has become harder. Granted, the classic version was not cake walk.This game takes it to the next level with bosses, power ups and a variety of scenery. Invaders come in several configurations for you to try to blast, and power-ups help you with more weapons to choose from.

Taz in Escape from Mars

Sega Master System Taz in Escape from Mars

Taz is back along with Marvin the Martian. Marvin has captured Taz and brought him to his intergalactic Zoo. As Taz, you must engineer an escape from the Zoo-prison and also find a way back home to Earth. To make the escape a little easier, there are key items placed randomly such as cakes which make regain your health and gas tanks that you can eat and then breath fire.To make life difficult, the game features lots of hostile enemies and bosses.


Sega Master System Taz-mania

Taz is back and this time he is fascinated by a tall tale his father tells him of a huge seabird, so huge that one of it’s eggs could feed a family for a year. Well, without considering the threat such a large bird could make, Taz takes off in search of one of those eggs before his Dad has even finished the story…Jump, perform a Spinning Jump and a Spin Attack your way to this massive egg.

Teddy Boy

Sega Master System Teddy Boy

As Teddy Boy, use your gun to shoot at enemies. You have limited time to clear out the level from all enemies.When you shoot enemies, collect the little balls that come from them. Fail to collect these balls and they will turn into little creatures that eat away time. After destroying your enemies comes the next level. Oh, if you stand in one place too long, the floor will disintegrate.

Tennis Ace

Sega Master System Tennis Ace

Tennis Ace lets you play single or double games against the computer or other players. By working your way to one of the six grand slam finals, you gain experience, which improves your playing style.All the basic strokes are available: 1) serves (either flat or a lob – fast-low, slow-high and curved)2) smashes, 3) drop shots4) lobs5) flat forehands6) backhands.

The Amazing Spider-Man vs Kingpin

Sega Master System The Amazing Spider-Man vs Kingpin

A bomb has been planted in New York City by Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin and it is set to go off in 24 hours. Your missions is to disarm that bomb. However, this is made more difficult as the blame for the bomb has been placed on Spiderman.So your mission also includes clearing your name so take plenty of pictures Along the way, you are likely to encounter Dr. Octopus, Electro, Mysterio, and ultimately Kingpin himself!

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

Sega Master System The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

The evil wizard Zaks cast a spell on the peaceful Yolkfolk. Many fell under his spell. You are one of the few that was not effected, as a result, you must restore the Yolkfolk to normal and rescue Daisy from the top of the Cloud Castle’s tower.Game-play involves walking through the levels, picking up objects and using them to solve simple puzzles while avoiding many hazards. You have a limited number of lives.

The Incredible Crash Dummies

Sega Master System The Incredible Crash Dummies

Well, you play the role of a crash test dummy. To level-up, successfully navigate around hazards such as cars and fireballs. All this must be done within a time limit of course.Should you get hit with a car or fireball, you lose a limb, Lose all limbs and you die. The good news is that you can use a screw driver to restore a limb.

The Lion King

Sega Master System The Lion King

You are Simba, a lion cub whose main weapons are sharp claws and a mighty roar.Your father is killed and you are banished from the lands of his birthright and has to grow up fast, honing his skills, for the day of his return.

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