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Sensible Soccer: European Champions: 92/93 Edition

Sega Master System Sensible Soccer: European Champions: 92/93 Edition

Teams have been updated in this sequel to Sensible Soccer. Players names have been updated to the 92-93 European tournaments games.The most significant change is the addition of red and yellow cards for discipline and the goalkeepers perform much better. Another added bonus is the addition of the 1994 World Cup Qualifying tournament.

Shadow Dancer

Sega Master System Shadow Dancer

With the help of your dog, kill your enemies while you venture through locations such as airports, railroads, waterfalls and sewers. Your quest is more than a mindless killing spree, find and disarm several bombs along the way. You have magic abilities that include tornadoes and fireballs that can be used against your enemies.The game has five missions: 1) obstructing the enemies deadly mission 2) disrupting the enemy’s supply route 3) raiding the enemy’s industrial units.

Shadow of the Beast

Sega Master System Shadow of the Beast

Aarbron was kidnapped and enslaved by the Priests of the Beast Lord. He grew up on drugs made to destroy his own will and turn him into the Beast Messenger. One day, he noticed a man about to be sacrificed in a ritual. Looking upon his face, it triggered a memory. You realise that this is your father. As his father dies in the altar, you sware an oath to avenge your fathers death.Shadow of the Beast is one of the most popular titles for the 16-bit gaming area.


Sega Master System Shanghai

Shanghai is a tile-based game based on the ancient Chinese game of Mah-Jong.There are 144 tiles with each depicting different images. The only way to remove the pairs is by finding its matching pairs. There are many different designs, all of which are challenging.


Sega Master System Shinobi

As a ninja, battle your way through each level in search of hostages which must be rescued. You have shurikens, kicks and punches to defend yourself. This may not be alone so feel free to use your magic when times call for it. Ninja magic can clear the screen of enemies in one go.Each level is broken down into smaller scenes and hostages are guarded by big blokes who throw swords. Watch out for gun-toting enemy henchmen and ninjas.At the end of each level is a boss.

Shooting Gallery

Sega Master System Shooting Gallery

Using your Sega Light Phaser, shoot as many targets as you can before the music fades out. Targets include birds, balloons, blimps, balls and spaceships. The same sort of targets one sees on tv shows featuring carnivals with shooting galleries.As you progress through the rounds, strangely, the game gets difficult. The game ends when you don’t shoot enough targets.

Smash T.V.

Sega Master System Smash T.V.

The world’s most popular television show is Smash T.V. is an ultra-violent contest between two armed-to-the-teeth combatants. The contestants are set loose in a series of deadly arenas that are filled to bursting with hordes of mindless beasts and killer robots. The aim of the game is to blast everything in sight while grabbing more cash and prizes than the other guy. Smash T.V. is a crazy shoot-em-up from the creator of Robotron: 2084.

Solomon’s Key

Sega Master System Solomon's Key

On each level, find a key needed to unlock the exit and propel you to the next level. Use your magic wand to create and destroy blocks. In order to reach the key, arrange the blocks on the screen so you can jump your way around safely. Do not get caught or you lose a life by the countless enemies wandering around the level.Some treasures give you bonus points, others can form magic spells to help deal with the enemies. Oh yeah, the game uses a time limit.

Sonic Blast

Sega Master System Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast was released for Game Gear in conjunction with Sonic 3D Blast for Genesis/MD and Saturn. The game sports detailed character sprites and colourful backgrounds and was an attempt to boost a poor selection of game gear titles.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega Master System Sonic the Hedgehog

This is the first of many games starring Sega’s popular and premier rodent, Sonic. Sonic rushes through levels with incredible speed, allowing him to traverse loops and jumps with ease. Many of your friends have been captured and your mission is to rescue them all by destroying the robots with his spin attack. Sonic the Hedgehog gave Sega its first mascot and popular series.

Space Gun

Sega Master System Space Gun

You begin deep space exploration in search of new life forms and usable fuel sources.Explorations in the past have been very successful attributing to the dramatic growth of your space industry. However, you managed to find a new species, one that enjoy the taste of humans. You are part of a rescue team that must deal with the alien menace. Gun down the intruders and pick up the human survivors. Keep your ammon stores full and fight the alien menace.

Space Harrier

Sega Master System Space Harrier

You are flying with the air in our jet pack dodging obstacles and shooting everything that comes your way. Armed with a really big gun, you have to defend yourself against the alien hordes using your wits to navigate around the screen. Each level is challenging, but the bosses are a real piece of work and take some effort to take down.

Space Harrier 3-D

Sega Master System Space Harrier 3-D

You are flying with the air in our jet pack dodging obstacles and shooting everything that comes your way. Armed with a really big gun, you have to defend yourself against the alien hordes using your wits to navigate around the screen. Each level is challenging, but the bosses are a real piece of work and take some effort to take down.


Sega Master System Speedball

Speedball is a novel concept. It plays like a soccer slash football game inside a metal lined squash court. Throw the ball into the goal at your opponent’s end. Physical contact is a must. Your goal is simple, score on your opponent’s net in any means possible: there are no rules.Before each match you can bribe the referee into awarding you a head-start or strengthening the abilities of your players.

Speedball 2

Sega Master System Speedball 2

Brutal Deluxe is the worst Speedball team ever and as their manager, it is your job to transform the team into a winning team. As well as the league system, there are also two cup tournaments.Each game consists of two 90-second periods. Win often pick up coins to earn points and then use your points to bribe officials as well as improve your teams skill.


Sega Master System SpellCaster

SpellCaster is an action/adventure game where you play the role of Kane, who has been summoned by Daikak, the great leader of the Summit Temple, where he trained in the ancient art of battle, to check on a group of warriors that were sent by him to guard a temple, but as he left, he felt grim certainty that the coming events would not be pleasant. Whatever the future held would forge him as certain as fire forges a strong sword.The game takes place in two adventure formats.

Spider Man: Return of the Sinister Six

Sega Master System Spider Man: Return of the Sinister Six

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six places you in the role of Spiderman throughout six levels. You must face off against Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Vulture, Hobgoblin and Doctor Octopus respectively. To beat some levels, you must find things like a key or other puzzle solving activities. You can duck jump, climb walls, punch, shoot webs to swing and perform a jump kick. Although hard to die you only have one life and you only have one continue.

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