Sega Master System Games Starting with Ra to Se

R.C. Grand Prix

Sega Master System R.C. Grand Prix

R.C. Grand Prix is a racing game with customisable options. The great aspect of this game is not the racing itself, but the ability to customise the car through by by adding higher capacity batteries and gear ratios in addition to the usual racer elements such as better suspension, tires and motors.

R.C. Pro-AM

Sega Master System R.C. Pro-AM

Your mission, guide your radio controlled car to victory. Have have been matched up against three opponents. Race them over 32 tracks while avoiding oil puddles and collecting bonus like engines and tires. You can also collect a variety of weapons to blast your opponents out of the way.

Rainbow Islands

Sega Master System Rainbow Islands

This is the sequel to Bubble Bobble. However, Bub and Bob now take on their human form.As the boys, you must clear each screen of the bad guys before proceeding to the next level. Game play is pretty much the same as the previous version with a bunch of new power-ups added.Oh yeah, you are now armed with, get this… umbrellas.

Rambo III

Sega Master System Rambo III

As Rambo, battle your way through Afghanistan in a solo rescue mission. The CIA doesn’t want to stir up a war so this is a completely covert mission. Rescue Colonel Trautman from the Soviets. The Colonel was taken in as prisoner while delivering weapons to the Mujahedin. Use your AK-47 and grenades to fight the enemies on your way to the next level.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Sega Master System Rambo: First Blood Part II

You are Rambo and are charged with blasting their way through various levels to rescue the hostages. To get in your way are soldiers, tanks and other enemies that will not stop until you are dead. On the annoying scale, a single shot kills you.


Sega Master System Rampage

Rampage is another top arcade hit that was ported to many game consoles and home computers during the late 1980s.The story is that George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary people, until an experiment went terribly, terribly wrong. The end result is that they turned into a Gorilla, a Lizard and a Werewolf respectively. Upset about the whole issue, they decide to go round destroying buildings.


Sega Master System Rampart

Rampart occurs when one takes an equal part of tetris and adds an equal part of shoot-em-up play.Build your castle from Tetris-style pieces and place cannons in key places and then bombard the enemy while repairing your castle after attacks.


Sega Master System Rastan

In Rastan, fight your way through your enemies hacking and slashing as you go with your end goal to save the land of Lograth from almost certain doom. Your enemies include flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas and skeleton. Your weapons are relatively normal for a game of this genre with axes, maces and fire swords. Pick up amour, shields, cloaks and armour to reduce injury from enemy attacks.


Sega Master System Renegade

The game is set on the streets of Brooklyn. Rescue your girlfriend from her kidnappers. The five levels take you through the subway, the docks and various streets. Much of the game’s violence is depicted in a fairly tongue-in-cheek style action including head butts. The game also makes an attempt at humour along the way.

Rescuse Mission

Sega Master System Rescuse Mission

This game is set on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Venture through the mean streets to meet your girlfriend and then rescue her from her kidnappers. Please write a review of this game.

Road Rash

Sega Master System Road Rash

As a biker, you enjoy participating in street racing across the US.Annoyingly, you always start at the back of the pack and must make your way to first place. While you can play fair, this game is far more fun playing it dirty by knocking your opponents of their bikes using clubs, crowbars or your bare hands. By the way, keep an eye out for regular traffic and bikes don’t far well when hit by cars, trucks and rigs.

Robocop 3

Sega Master System Robocop 3

Your mission is to rescue your colleagues who are being kept hostages. In order to free them, you have to deal with levels heavily populated by enemies trying to kill you. The game offers repair kits to heal your health at the end of each level. What stands out more in this game is that the bad dudes are much more tougher than previous games in the series.

Robocop Versus the Terminator

Sega Master System Robocop Versus the Terminator

In the future, John Conner’s resistance force is losing the war against Skynet and it’s robot forces. Discovering that one of the foundation technologies for Skynet is the cybernetics technology used in the creation of Robocop. You are sent back in time before the Rise of the Machines to destroy Robocop and stop Skynet from being built. The resistance sends Fo back in time to stop robocop but the machines learn of your plan and send a Terminator back to stop Fo.


Sega Master System Rocky

You are Rocky Balboa following the same story line as laid out in the movie. You start off battling Apollo moving you way to Lang and then to Drago the Soviet boxer who trains constantly. Before each fight, you must train. Practice your timing and punching strength with Apollo. Warm up punching a punching ball to become more faster and smarter to get ready for Lang. For Drago, use punching mitts. Pass the qualifying times in order to fight your opponent.


Sega Master System Rygar

Your purpose is to defeat the forces of evil in the land of ArgoolThe game is a side-scrolling action game providing an overhead view that can also lead to combat situations.

Safari Hunt

Sega Master System Safari Hunt

As a hunter, your job is to shoot in three woodland areas as you can until you are out of ammo. The game features pumas, spiders, rabbits, armadillo, bats, bears and monkeys. There is a catch, you must get over the qualifying score in order to go to the next round, or the game ends. The qualifying score gets higher for each round you complete. There are 69 rounds to complete.


Sega Master System Sagaia

Long time ago, the planet of Darius went into ruin. A new planet was born and named Orga. After many hundreds of years, Proco Jr. and Tiat Young receive a strange radio broadcast. The radio broadcast is a mayday signal from another descendent of Darius. Board the Silverhawk, and defeat the evil force.

Scramble Spirits

Sega Master System Scramble Spirits

A futuristic version of Sega’s 1943. Your fighter plane is aged and under-powered, yet you must face down large planes, tanks and ground targets to achieve victory. Each level ends with a close-viewed section of particular intensity before finally facing a boss. Smart bombs are occasionally found lying around, and can destroy everything on the screen, although you can’t use them on the bosses. An added bonus is that the game supports a cooperative mode.

SDI: Strategic Defence Initiaitive

Sega Master System SDI: Strategic Defence Initiaitive

You control satellites and must use them to protect the US from attack. This is essentially a clone of Missile Command with much improved graphics, and of course, a twist. Defensive levels have you defending the US from missile attacks. Offensive mode is a free-flying shoot ’em up sections among a network of destructible platforms.

Secret Commando

Sega Master System Secret Commando

Your main objectives are to free prisoners of war whilst fighting of enemy soldiers. You have two weapons at your disposal: a machine gun that has unlimited ammunition and a bow that fires explosive warheads. Enemies respawn so the battle never ends. Freeing prisoners involves you blowing up the huts they are in with your bow and you are awarded with more arrows for doing this.

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