Sega Master System Games Starting with Gi to Im


Sega Master System Gauntlet

This game has nothing to do with the Atari arcade game or any of the home-ported versions.You are the great explorer, Sir Robert Wittenbottom. You have discovered an ancient civilization deep within the forest of a mysterious island. Since you’re a likable old fellow, they have decided to induct you into their council of warriors. But first you must prove your worthiness by running the gauntlet.You are given three glasses of water.


Sega Master System Geraldinho

While playing a videogame, your friend is dragged inside the TV screen. Your missions is clear, rescue him from the TV.Defeat enemies using your ray gun and pick up the little balls they turn into after they are shot. Be aware of the platforms in this game as they will disintegrate if you stand for too long.

Ghost Busters

Sega Master System Ghost Busters

Based on the movie, Ghostbusters. The player must monitor the map of New York City for ghost alarms and casual spirits, and plot a route to the alarmed area. You get to control the Ghostbuster vehicle as it drives through traffic and capture casual ghosts on the way. Once at the location take position and activate your proton beams and toss a trap to the ground. Manoeuvre the ghosts over the placed trap and activate the trap.

Ghost House

Sega Master System Ghost House

You’re about to inherit the family jewels, but you must be able to survive the night.Hidden inside the haunted mansion, with draculas, bats, fire blowers and mummies, are your family jewels. Ward off or destroy everything that gets in your way as you look for the secret key. Use the key to open one of the five coffins, defeat Dracula, capture the jewels he drops, and make your way out of the mansion.

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Sega Master System Ghouls 'N Ghosts

In the sequel to Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins, Arthur saved Princess PrinPrin from the Dark Prince, Lucifer and drove his evil forces back into the Underworld. Monsters have returned to attacking the kingdom and the luckless Princess has been kidnapped.Save his beloved Princess and destroy the root of all evil. There are many great monsters to deal with in this epic game. The journey includes ledges, ladders, lava pits and slippery slopes.

Global Defence

Sega Master System Global Defence

You pilot a satellite in outer space and your job is to destroy alien attackers who are waging a nuclear war against planets in the solar system.What’s unique about this title, is the satellite and your primary weapon move independently of each other. If the planet takes too much damage, you lose. There are both offensive and defensive battle modes.

Global Gladiators

Sega Master System Global Gladiators

Another company sponsored game.Through the game’s 12 levels you’ll a mirage of McDonalds logos and various products. Your mission is to clean up the Monsters of Slime World.

Golden Axe

Sega Master System Golden Axe

In Golden Axe you play the role of three heroes. Each has his own reason for overthrowing the evil rule of Death-Adder who has kidnapped and imprisoned the King and his daughter and stole the legendary Golden Axe.

Golden Axe Warrior

Sega Master System Golden Axe Warrior

Gameplay in Golden Axe Warrior is very similar to The Legend Of Zelda. Most of your time is spent exploring the large overworld fighting against enemies. Your quest has you looking for crystals located in the dungeons in which the crystals are hidden. In order to survive against the large number of enemies, you will be able to find many different weapons and three different spells.

Golvellius: Valley of Doom

Sega Master System Golvellius: Valley of Doom

You play Kelesis, a warrior whose mission is to seek out Golvellius and rescue the beautiful Princess Rena. Defeat demons that were sent to stop you. The demons are found in caves throughout the valley floor. In order to see the caves in the game, you must perform some task first like killing beasts.This game also features a save function.

Great Baseball

Sega Master System Great Baseball

This game supports standard baseball rules along with stealing bases. The game also supports all the includes all the baseball teams.

Great Basketball

Sega Master System Great Basketball

Great Basketball is a simulation of international basketball competition. You get to choose from one of eight countries: USA, Canada, USSR, Japan, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Hungary. Great basketball supports 5-on-5 play, defensive and offensive fouls, free throws and three-point shots.

Great Golf

Sega Master System Great Golf

Great golf has 18 holes of roughs, bunkers and water hazards will put your nerves to a real test.

Great Volleyball

Sega Master System Great Volleyball

Assemble a six man volleyball team. You get to choose among eight countries including USA, U.S.S.R., Cuba and Brazil and play against the rest in goodwill matches or on a worldwide tournament.Great Volleyball features simple play and a practice mode where you can practice your moves with a couch judging your skills providing feedback.

Hang On & Safari Hunt: The Combo Cartridge

Sega Master System Hang On & Safari Hunt: The Combo Cartridge

Hang-on an 80s racing game that was originally bundled with the Master System and very similar to pole position, but using bikes instead of cars.Race against the clock, battling an unlimited amount of opponents on a highway. Manoeuvre past your opponents while steering past obstacles. Beating the clock extends your time and draws a new backdrop for you to race.Safari Hunt Use your Sega Light Phaser to shoot as many wildlife as you can until you run out of ammunition.


Sega Master System Hang-On

Hang-on an 80s racing game that was originally bundled with the Master System and very similar to pole position, but using bikes instead of cars.Race against the clock, battling an unlimited amount of opponents on a highway. Manoeuvre past your opponents while steering past obstacles. Beating the clock extends your time and draws a new backdrop for you to race.

Heroes of the Lance

Sega Master System Heroes of the Lance

This game is Based on the Dragon Lance book Dragons of Autumn Twilight. This game focuses on the sections where the heroes descending into a ruined city in search of the disks of Mishakal.The party consists of the eight Heroes of the Lance with each one in game play at the same time. Use you switch between them one at a time. Each character has a different attack profile and spells that make each one more adept at fighting a particular enemy.

Hokuto no Ken

Sega Master System Hokuto no Ken

This is the first in a long list of games based on Bronson’s and Tetsuya Hara’s long running Hokuto no Ken series.As Kenshiro, you must travel across the barren wastelands that the Earth has become after a nuclear war, and rescues Julia. Julia was kidnapped by Kenshiro’s enemy, Shin. To rescue her, you must destroy an army of mutant punks.

Hoshi o sagashite…

Sega Master System Hoshi o sagashite...

It’s vacation time. You decide to visit your sweetheart Laila again. Before going to her house, you decide to buy a present for her. You visit a shady shop and buy an egg that he promises will hatch a cute pet. When Laila sees the egg, she recognises it as a Mio egg, Mios being a rare animal that is thought to be extinct. Find out what it takes to look after a MioSince you gave her the egg while not telling anyone about what you have.

Impossible Mission

Sega Master System Impossible Mission

As a secret agent, you must stop the evil Professor Elvin Atombender who is tampering with national security computers. Penetrate Atombender’s stronghold and avoid his deadly robot creations. Don’t forget to acquire various pieces of a password to use in the main control room.The robots, rooms, and puzzle pieces will be switched around when starting over which provides replay value.

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