Sega Genesis Games Starting with Aa to Ba

688 Attack Sub

Sega Genesis 688 Attack Sub

You command American and Soviet attack submarines. Numerous stations are at your disposal including sonar, weapons, navigation, helm, radio and periscope. Graphics were impressive for the day featuring with digitized images of surface ships and crew.

Abrams Battle Tank

Sega Genesis Abrams Battle Tank

In this tank game, you get to participate in eight difficult missions against the Warsaw Pact forces. The four tank stations and the other aspects of the tank simulated well and include different types of cannon rounds and coax machine guns.

Aero the Acro-Bat

Sega Genesis Aero the Acro-Bat

You play the bat Aero. Your mission is the mad scientist Edgar Ektor. He is attempting to rid the world of amusement and fun. Not such a big deal you may think, but a super villain must start somewhere.Jump through the circus-style levels, using different kinds of machines such as catapults, cannons, bubble machines and platforms. Collecting various power-ups such as cheese, soda, keys, clocks while avoiding lethal obstacles.

Aero the Acrobat 2

Sega Genesis Aero the Acrobat 2

Your mission in this sequel is to defeat the evil scientist Edgar Ektor. before he goes off destroying bad amusement parks, find and destroy him. As before, you have to jump, escape lethal obstacles and progress in time.


Sega Genesis Aerobiz

You are the CEO of an airline company. Your mission is to become the most successful airline in the world by connecting 22 cities with air routes. You must maintain a profit and meet the required quota of passengers. The airline industry is very compititive. Airlines operate on razor thin margins and if fail to generate a profit for a year, you lose the game. Moreover, if you fail to meet regulatory guidelines in 32 years you lose the game again.

After Burner II

Sega Genesis After Burner II

Get on the F-14 Tomcat and fly mission after mission of shooting planes out of the sky. At your disposal is a vulcan fire and a limited number of missiles.Faithful arcade to genesis conversion.

Alien Storm

Sega Genesis Alien Storm

Aliens are invading Earth. It is up to you and the Alien Busters to wipe them out and destroy their creator. The Busters consist of Karla, Gordon, and Scooter. Each one of them have their own weapons and special attacks.When you start the game, select one of these characters. There are six missions to complete with several stages and each mission has you blasting aliens all the way to the end. Each mission has an objective such as rescuing people destroying an UFO.

Altered Beast

Sega Genesis Altered Beast

You have been raised from the dead by the god Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena. You have to fight hordes of demons, with a boss at the end of each level until you meet the god Neff who holds the girl captive.Use your shapeshifting abilities to defeat your foes. In order to shapshift, collect spirit balls by defeating two-headed wolves, allowing you to mutate into different beasts such as a werewolf, a dragon, a tiger, a bear and others depending on the version.

Andre Agassi Tennis

Sega Genesis Andre Agassi Tennis

Gameplay features all the usual moves: smashes, passing shots, volleys and all kinds of backhand and forehand plays. However, unlike other tennis games, precise positioning and timing are crucial to avoid hitting the ball outside the court.Three courts are available: 1) Grass 2) Clay 3) Indoor 4) Sega versions add a fourth, Hard.


Sega Genesis Animaniacs

Animaniacs is a side-scrolling game based on the animated TV series of the same name. The Warner kids, Yakko, Wakko and Dot have escaped the water tower again and are on a quest to retrieve movie memorabilia from the Warner Bros. studio lot.The game includes four stage and in each stage the Warners must work together to get past obstacles and enemies.

Art of Fighting

Sega Genesis Art of Fighting

Yuri Sakazaki was kidnapped. Your mission is to rescus him with the help of Robert Garcia, your best friend. Search the streets of South Town. As you go deeper and deeper you will find clues to who ordered the kidnapping, the Sakazaki family’s relation to the mob and a person from their past.The gameplay differs from most fighting games. The Spirit meter will decrease as you perform special moves. Once the meter runs out, no more special moves can be performed.

Asterix and the Great Rescue

Sega Genesis Asterix and the Great Rescue

Asterix is a famous French comics series Asterix set in the outer fringes of the Roman Empire in the year 50 B.C. Gaul has been conquered by the roman empire with the exception of one city. Your goal is to liberate the village Orvio and rescue their friend Dogmatix. You get to play the characters Asterix or Obelix fighting enemies by punching them.

Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II

Sega Genesis Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II

Ayrton Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix six times and the Formula One world championships three times.There are three game modes:1 ) Senna GP: This circuit features three non-championship tracks.2) World Championship: This circuit offers 16 different races that must be completed to earn the championship. Each race has three laps. In Master things get a twist. There are five groups of cars, and the player starts on the lowly competitive SERGA team.

Back to the Future Part III

Sega Genesis Back to the Future Part III

Back to the Future III is a collection of four arcade games.Marty McFly and Doc Brown have traveled back through time to the year 1885 – and they’re soon deep in trouble when they face “Mad Dog” Tannen’s gang and have to find a way to return to the present. This game takes four scenes from the Hollywood movie Back to the Future III and turns them into arcade sequences.

Barkley: Shut Up and Jam!

Sega Genesis Barkley: Shut Up and Jam!

You play street basketball two-on-two with your friends on with the computer. There are no referees, no fouls and there is no shot clock. All teams have the name of cities such as Phoenix or Chicago.


Sega Genesis Batman

The game is based on the batman movie with the Joker. In one of the stages, Batman shoots missiles aboard the Batwing, which is really cool. Scenes range from Axis chemical factory, to the Flugelheim Museumto the Cathedral.

Batman Forever

Sega Genesis Batman Forever

Batman Forever is based on the 1995 movie involving the Riddler and Two-Face.This game is an usual hybrid of side-scrolling platformer and one-on-one fighter. Make your way through levels that include some platform jumping elements. You arsenal includes a lot of nifty bat-gadgets and a collection of fighting moves that require tap dancing the controller buttons.

Batman Returns

Sega Genesis Batman Returns

Gotham City is rampant with crime. Oswald Cobblepot, known as The Penguin, is planning more mayhem and has a plan to take over the city. His loyal army of missle-packing Penguin Commandos and the bizarre Red Triangle Circus Gang trained and ready to carry out his plans.Your job is to prevent his plans from coming true. After beating your enemies, conduct interrogations to learn more about the Penguins plans.

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