Sega Genesis Games From Toejam to Virtual Fighter 2


Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

Sega Genesis Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

The sequel to ToeJam & Earl starts off where the first game ends. They gathered enough parts to rebuild their ship, however, some earthlings manage to cling on to their spaceship and come along to Funkotron with them.The earthlings come in all sorts of surprising forms, kids running around, construction workers, tourists and the regular wierdos. Your mission is simple, suck up all the earthlings and take them back to Earth.

Top Gear 2

Sega Genesis Top Gear 2

This third-person racing game resembles Gremlin’s earlier Lotus series in its general look and feel.Your task is to race through 16 countries with many real-world circuits recreated such as Monza layout in Ayers Rock and the old Hockenheim in Vancouver.Race in four-race blocks and finish in the top 10 to continue. Money is earned by those placing in the top six positions with the most money going to those in the top positions.

Troy Aikman NFL Football

Sega Genesis Troy Aikman NFL Football

Play any NFL team in this realistic rendition of the NFL. Choose to play alone against the system, or play against each other.Pick from three play modes: 1) Pre-season2) Season3) Custom GeneratedThere are also three skill levels: 1) Rookie2) Pro3) VeteranDesign your own plays, customise your team and save your team’s stats for your future reference. The game also offers True-to-life playing surfaces and simulates grass, mud, dirt, snow, rain and turf.

True Lies

Sega Genesis True Lies

The story line is taken right from the movie of the same name. Here, Arnie takes on terrorists using a variety of weapons. The game is mission based where you have to complete one in order to move to the next.

Turbo Outrun

Sega Genesis Turbo Outrun

The sequel to OutRun features similar basic game-play to the original. Avoid contact with other cars and obstacles as it will cause your car to spin, slow down or even flip: in each case you will lose time.There are 16 stages set across the US, gradually moving from east to west. After every four levels, you go into a shop screen with a choice of upgrades. As the title implies, you now have a turbo booster installed that speeds up the car.


Sega Genesis Turrican

Three-headed demon Morgul has been influencing people’s dreams to create nightmares. However, these nightmares have started to come true. Your mission is to just jump, shoot and explore in an attempt to defeat Morgul.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Sega Genesis Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 combines all previous version into a single game. There are 23 playable characters immediately available such as Reptile, Cyrax, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Jax, Katana and Sonya. There are a variety of new interactive levels. Characters can uppercut someone causing them to hit the ground hard and crash through to the bottom floor or they can knock someone off a bridge, landing in a pit of spikes.

Ultimate Soccer

Sega Genesis Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer is a European football game with 64 international teams. Each team has its own game physics. The game supports five game modes:1) Friendly2) Penalty shootout3) Tournament4) Playoff 5) League. However, this is really not very useful as your results don’t get saved, which means everything gets reset when the unit is turned off.Many of the game’s setting can be tweaked through the game’s physics engine.

Uncharted Waters

Sega Genesis Uncharted Waters

The Franco family used to be one of the influential houses of Portugal until the head of the family sailed out of a disastrous voyage to find the kingdom of Prester John. The disarray that followed brought about an end to the nobility of the Franco name. One-hundred years have passed and Portugal has prospered through it’s sailing and trading empires. Your mission is to restore your family’s good name and make a name for yourself as a sailor.

Uncharted Waters 2

Sega Genesis Uncharted Waters 2

It is now the early 16th century and sea trade and exploration has blossomed. Choose any one of six adventurers and you’ll be set on a quest of sailing, seamanship and exploration. Keeping the crew fed and financed while bringing back exotic silk and spices to sell for even greater profit. This trading simulation goes to recreate the feel and the peril of the sailing era.

Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons

Sega Genesis Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons

The first game was set in the 15th century and the New World was discovered. It’s the early 16th century and sea trade and exploration has blossomed. Choose any one of six adventurers. Keeping the crew fed and financed while bringing back exotic silk and spices to sell for even greater profit. This trading simulation goes to recreate the feel and the peril of the sailing era.Six characters have their own distinctive plot and story line.F

Universal Soldier

Sega Genesis Universal Soldier

Control Van Damme’s character as he turns against his platoon. Your sole mission is to bring down the corrupt government organization that created you.

Unnecessary Roughness

Sega Genesis Unnecessary Roughness

UR95 is football game featuring single plays and full-fledged seasons including playoffs and Super Bowls.This game’s big plus is its feature that allows you to create everything form your own team to your playbook and tournaments including the ability to create your own team’s logo and import/export your creations to trade with your friends. This is a feature that even Madden NFL does not offer.

Urban Strike

Sega Genesis Urban Strike

Urban Strike is the third in EA’s long running series of helicopter action games. H. R. Malone started a cult and managed to gather millions of followers and he is using his influence and wealth to build a super weapon with which he will overthrow the government. Your mission is simple, suit up and take control of various types of helicopters in order to stop Malone’s evil scheme.


Sega Genesis Valis

Yuko Ahso used to be an ordinary high school girl. However, one day, her friend Reiko went out on a date with a Dark King named Rogles. Well, after that, she was never to be seen.Your mission is to defended search for her while watching out for nasty monsters. Defeat Rogles, or the human world and the dream world would both be plunged into chaos.

Valis III

Sega Genesis Valis III

A black-hearted man named Glames threatens the Human World, the Dream World and the Dark World with complete and utter destruction. Cham escapes the Dark World and seeks help to destroy him.Your mission is to take up her cause to defeat Glames before the three worlds are torn apart irrevocably.


Sega Genesis Vectorman

Maintenance drones accidentally replace the orbot leader’s head with a salvaged atomic bomb. All the orbots on Earth are immediately ordered via television receivers to stop cleaning up the planet and to start manufacturing weapons for an impending ambush of the returning humans. Only one orbot is unaffected by the evil take-over. As the pilot, your mission is to destroy the villainous WarHead and prevent the Earth from being destroyed.

Virtua Fighter 2

Sega Genesis Virtua Fighter 2

Akira, Wolf, Pai, Jeffry, Kage, Jacky, Sarah are invited to the World Fighting Tournament.The fighters and arenas are rendered in flat-shaded polygons and unlike many fighting games, Virtua Fighter focuses on deep game play based on actual fighting styles instead of crazy special moves.The game uses the Saturn High-Resolution mode and flowing 60-fps to bring the arcade experience home.

Virtual Fighter 2

Sega Genesis Virtual Fighter 2

One year after after the first tournament Akira, Wolf, Pai, Jeffry, Kage, Jacky, Sarah and defending champion Lau are invited to the World Fighting Tournament and are joined by the master of drunken Kung-Fu Shun-di. He wants to prove he’s more than an old geezer. Each fighter has a unique style from the lightning fast attacks of Pai to the powerful slams of Jeffry.The game takes off after the arcade game by the same name, but the graphical quality such as the texture details.


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