Sega Genesis Games Starting with Ri to Sh

Rise of the Robots

Sega Genesis Rise of the Robots

You are a cyborg handyman in the far away future sent to a huge megacorporation where an evil artificial intelligence has taken control of the companies robots. Defeat these robots on your way to deactivating the core.

Risky Woods

Sega Genesis Risky Woods

This was a platform-shooter game with little or no adventuring or strategy elements. The game has sections where precision jumps are required either to clear rivers or collect bonuses. You carry a dagger to deal with the enemies and must avoid contact with them. When killed, they leave coins to be collected, which can be spent in the shop sections. However, don’t die as you will lose most of your coins.

Road Rash

Sega Genesis Road Rash

As a biker, you enjoy participating in street racing across the US.Annoyingly, you always start at the back of the pack and must make your way to first place. While you can play fair, this game is far more fun playing it dirty by knocking your opponents of their bikes using clubs, crowbars or your bare hands. By the way, keep an eye out for regular traffic and bikes don’t far well when hit by cars, trucks and rigs.Win races, earn cash and buy better bikes.

Road Rash II

Sega Genesis Road Rash II

A motorcycle racing game with an attitude. Race in varying environments for ever increasing sums of money where you can use the money to buy faster and better bikes. Watch out for other cars, rocks and signs. Hitting any one of these and you’ll go flying, losing valuable time in the process.If you crash too often your bike can get wrecked. If you cannot win on talent alone, try attacking other racers.

Robocop 3

Sega Genesis Robocop 3

Your mission is to rescue your colleagues who are being kept hostages. In order to free them, you have to deal with levels heavily populated by enemies trying to kill you. The game offers repair kits to heal your health at the end of each level. What stands out more in this game is that the bad dudes are much more tougher than previous games in the series.

Robocop Versus the Terminator

Sega Genesis Robocop Versus the Terminator

In the future, John Conner’s resistance force is losing the war against Skynet and it’s robot forces. Discovering that one of the foundation technologies for Skynet is the cybernetics technology used in the creation of Robocop. You are sent back in time before the Rise of the Machines to destroy Robocop and stop Skynet from being built. The resistance sends Fo back in time to stop robocop but the machines learn of your plan and send a Terminator back to stop Fo.

Rocket Knight Adventures

Sega Genesis Rocket Knight Adventures

Rocket Knight lives in the kingdom of Zebulos and is the bravest of all the Rocket Knights. When an army of pigs comes down to invade the kingdom and capture the princess, Sparkster must set things right.Using Sparkster’s rocket pack and sword, fight off the many bosses.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms III

Sega Genesis Romance of the Three Kingdoms III

Romance of the Three Kingdoms III is another strategy game. Your mission is simple, you must conquer all lands.The game setting is that of ancient China. The country is under the control of one Emperor but all of the faction leaders want to be the emperor themselves. Begin with one territory and conquer the rest.

Rugby World Cup 95

Sega Genesis Rugby World Cup 95

This game features 20 international teams that took part in the World Cup including the All Blacks of New Zealand and the Springboks of South Africa, Also included are EA All Stars team and a few other minor rugby nationsThe menus are structured in the same way as FIFA with options including arcade and simulation modes. Oh, the game also includes different weather conditions.


Sega Genesis Runark

You must choose to be either Gen, Burn, Khan or Jack. Each one has given his life to the service of animals of all sizes. Your mission is to poachers from harassing animals.


Sega Genesis Sagaia

Long time ago, the planet of Darius went into ruin. A new planet was born and named Orga. After many hundreds of years, Proco Jr. and Tiat Young receive a strange radio broadcast. The radio broadcast is a mayday signal from another descendent of Darius. Board the Silverhawk, and defeat the evil force.

Samurai Shodown

Sega Genesis Samurai Shodown

In early Japan, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa preaches a heretic religion. Amakusa is merely a servant of the evil Ambrosia. This is bad because Ambrosia wishes to shroud the world in darkness. So, your mission is simple, you must destroy Amakusa.

Seaquest DSV

Sega Genesis Seaquest DSV

Your mission is to navigate SeaQuest around the underwater map to mission where you will be called upon to use the on board vehicles to accomplish some task. Typical missions include:1) salvage operations2) rescue operations3) disarmament of underwater explosives4) termination of enemies and exploration. This is not a blast-em up game. You must concern your self with a budget as well as the cost of supplies and damage.

Sensible Soccer: European Champions: 92/93 Edition

Sega Genesis Sensible Soccer: European Champions: 92/93 Edition

Teams have been updated in this sequel to Sensible Soccer. Players names have been updated to the 92-93 European tournaments games.The most significant change is the addition of red and yellow cards for discipline and the goalkeepers perform much better. Another added bonus is the addition of the 1994 World Cup Qualifying tournament.

Shadow of the Beast

Sega Genesis Shadow of the Beast

Aarbron was kidnapped and enslaved by the Priests of the Beast Lord. He grew up on drugs made to destroy his own will and turn him into the Beast Messenger. One day, he noticed a man about to be sacrificed in a ritual. Looking upon his face, it triggered a memory. You realise that this is your father. As his father dies in the altar, you sware an oath to avenge your fathers death. Shadow of the Beast is one of the most popular titles for the 16-bit gaming area.

Shadow of the Beast II

Sega Genesis Shadow of the Beast II

The game’s story leaves off from the first game. Game play is just as hard and rewarding as the first game.The introduction, now an Amiga classic, shows the Beast-mage stealing your infant sister and the purpose of the game is to rescue her back. On the way a variety of puzzles, sub-quests and really nasty monsters dog your every step.


Sega Genesis Shadownrun

Your mission is to discover who murdered your brother. Based on the fights you get into, there is little doubt he was partly responsible. There are many street brawls, deadly gunfights that you must survive.

Shanghai II

Sega Genesis Shanghai II

In this sequel, there are more tile patterns. Match Mah Jong tiles in pairs from a set pattern. Shanghai II has 8 different tile sets with 12 patterns based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The game also provides for a layout editor for creating patterns.

Shining Force

Sega Genesis Shining Force

A strange and terrible series of events took place where the powers of darkness, led by Dark Dragon, fought for control of the world of Rune. Legendary warriors of light fought them with the ancient and modern weapons of the time and drove Dark Dragon into another dimension. Dark Dragon vowed he would be able to break through the inter-dimensional barrier and return back to his world with vengeance.

Shining Force II

Sega Genesis Shining Force II

The game is comprised of two modes:1) Exploration in which the hero and his companions engage in the role-playing game standard of talking to townspeople, exploring new lands and furthering the plot.2) Battle mode in which the combat is resolved from a tactical point of view with individual combats being resolved from a close-up view with animated characters.The story consists of several quests.

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