Sega Genesis Games Starting with Pa to Re

Paperboy 2

Sega Genesis Paperboy 2

As with the first game, you are still a paper boy tasked to deliver papers to the right homes. Use your bike to deliver papers while avoiding such obstacles as dogs, cars, etc….

PGA European Tour

Sega Genesis PGA European Tour

European Tour features five courses from across Europe and 60 European pros rather than the US-leaned lineup of the original. The graphics have been refined with more detailed and more colorful.As well as the Stroke Play games of the original, two additional modes have been added: Match Play and Skins.

PGA Tour Golf

Sega Genesis PGA Tour Golf

Electronic Arts’ first golf simulation introduced many of the conventions commonly seen in the genre ever since. The three-click control method to first to start the swing, the second setting power and over-swingadn the third setting draw or fade. While providing for a multitude of different shots, it also allowed for an increased level of difficulty.The game includes four courses with with bunkers, water hazards and trees.

Phantasy Star IV

Sega Genesis Phantasy Star  IV

Many thousands of years ago, the Algo Star System was a peaceful system. Three planets surrounded the peaceful Algo star were in perfect harmony:1) Palma was a lush green planet where its citizens devoted their lives to arts and the sciences. 2) Motavia was a desert planet inhabited by humans and native Motavians 3) Dezolis was a harsh ice planet where the citizens were just as unknown as the planet itself.One-thousand years had passed.

Phantom 2040

Sega Genesis Phantom 2040

It is the aforementioned year 2040 and the city of Metropia is in total chaos from rising crime, smuggling and terrorism. The company Maximum Inc. has invented biotechnology that is threatening to mess about with nature and is causing animal extinction..You are Kit Walker and your mission is to fight your way to get things right or end trying.


Sega Genesis Pinocchio

As Pinocchio, run, jump and twist-kick through all the familiar places including the inside of a whale and do good deeds enough to become the real human boy he’s always wanted to be.

Pirates! Gold

Sega Genesis Pirates! Gold

As with the original, this is a blend of strategy, action and adventure. You play the role of a beginning buccaneer in the 17th century Spanish Main in search of fame and fortune. Acquire stature by living through honest trade and the search for hidden treasure or attack and plunder ships.


Sega Genesis Pit-Fighter

Pit-Fighter is a 3rd-person fighting game featuring digitised graphics of real fighters.Players select one of three fighters: Buzz, Ty or Kato. At the conclusion of a match, players are individually awarded a Knockout Bonus, Brutality Bonus, and a Fight Purse. The third match in the series tests your skill against that of your opponents. The last man standing is the winner. Fight your way to the final elimination round with the chance to dethrone the Masked Warrior.

Pitfall II: The Mayan Adventure

Sega Genesis Pitfall II: The Mayan Adventure

Once again, you play adventurer Pitfall Harry Jr in your search for his father Pitfall Harry. Battle your way through the Mayan jungles, waterfalls and deserted mines in this fast paced game.


Sega Genesis Populous

You play a god, gaming against other gods in a celestial game of conquest. Help your chosen people take over the world and wipe out the vermin who worship that other gods. This game is very similar in concept to games like civilisation and rise of nations.The game starts with a single human dumped into the middle of the wilderness. To get win, change the landscape to allow your followers to build on. The more followers you have you have, the more powerful you will be.

Power Drive

Sega Genesis Power Drive

In this arcade style rally driving game, use your hand-brake to make turns and lurid power slides.There are 3 types of stages including individual time-trials, head-to-head races against the computer and some skill tests. The game includes eight rounds of game play set across countries ranging from Sweden to Kenya. Prize money is awarded for winning races and you can use the money to repair damage.


Sega Genesis Powermonger

Powermonger is largely based on Populous. Your role is that of a warlord plundering your way through 195 territories on the way to world conquest. However, you are not alone in your goal. Trade, diplomacy, inventions and scorched earth invasions all play a key role in how you progressed through the game.

Primal Rage

Sega Genesis Primal Rage

A meteor struck the Earth and caused great chaos and significant damage across the planet. The event caused the awakening of seven ancient gods. Seeing the chaos, they begin to take back control of the post-apocalyptic world.Primal Rage is a one-on-one fighting game featuring dinosaurs and giant apes as the fighters. The graphics are done with digitized stop-motion animation.

Prince of Persia

Sega Genesis Prince of Persia

The Grand Vizier Jaffar has thrown you into a dark dungeon and plans to marry the girl of your dreams in an hour. You’re not going to let that happen are you? Try to escape from the dungeon, take out Jaffar’s guards, find your way through the sultan’s palace and defeat Jaffar himself. Now go, you’ve got 60 minutes!Prince of Persia is a 2D action-adventure / platformer with run & jump gameplay. Avoid deadly traps, solve some puzzles and engage in sword fights.

Psycho Pinball

Sega Genesis Psycho Pinball

Psycho Pinball follow the style of the trend setting Pinball Dreams and later popularized in Pinball Fantasies. Standard features of these types of pinball simulations include an animated backglass display, multiple bonuses including a multi-ball, extra ball and background music that changes based on active specials.

Puyo Puyo 2

Sega Genesis Puyo Puyo 2

A falling block game in where the goal is the combine four or more blocks of the same color. Do this and the blocks disappear. The remaining blocks will fall down and can produce combos which can cause special blocks to appear at the enemies field.

Race Drivin’

Sega Genesis Race Drivin'

Race Drivin’ is a sequel to Hard Drivin’. Game play is similar to the first game. Complete laps around the race track before a timer expires, but be sure to pass several checkpoints to increase your time to complete the race.


Sega Genesis Rampart

Rampart occurs when one takes an equal part of tetris and adds an equal part of shoot-em-up play.Build your castle from Tetris-style pieces and place cannons in key places and then bombard the enemy while repairing your castle after attacks.

Revolution X

Sega Genesis Revolution X

There is an evil nation putting the youth down and banning rock music. With the help of Aerosmith shoot your way through enemy infested levels using guns blazing all the while collecting power-ups and releasing hostages.The game features digitised graphics of Aerosmith themselves and several fmv videos.

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