SONY Playstation Games Starting with Th to Vi

The King of Fighters ’99

SONY Playstation The King of Fighters '99

It’s time once again for the famous King of Fighters Tournament. New faces and old alike join together to participate in the latest KOF tournament.

The Legend of Dragoon

SONY Playstation The Legend of Dragoon

Dart has sworn to avenge the death of his parents by destroying the mysterious black monster. For unknown reasons the Sandora Empire burns down his village and imprisons his childhood friend, Shana. As Dart, your mission is to set out on a journey to rescue her.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

SONY Playstation The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The dinosaurs are back. You mission is simple, Make you way to a radiophone and call a helicopter to take you to safety.Play as characters from the movie and use weapons such as the tranquilizer, rocket launcher and the shotgun. The game also features music from the actual movie adding to a sense of urgency.

The Neverhood

SONY Playstation The Neverhood

You travel around the world of clay and solve some of the greatest mysteries in the clay world in this adventure game. It is rumoured that the entire game took over 3.5 tons of clay to make, so sit back and appreciate the world that you are looking at.

The New Tetris

SONY Playstation The New Tetris

In this version Tetris you can play with up to four player games and dump your cleared lines to another player using garbage.

The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction

SONY Playstation The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction

The Powerpuff Girls mission is to battle various enemies in a variety of settings in order to reclaim Chemical X and track down Mojo Jojo.Pick up objects and throw them at an enemy. You can also use superpowered attacks by collecting vials of Chemical X. Defeat the enemy in two out of three rounds to move to the next enemy location.

Theme Park

SONY Playstation Theme Park

Dominating the exciting world of Theme Park ownership is your goal in this strategy game from Bullfrog. Your first task is to set up your rides within the available land. You must construct convenient paths and queues, leaving space for bigger rides once they become available while including some lakes and trees to increase the park’s allure and shade for people waiting in long lines.

Thunder Force V: Perfect System

SONY Playstation Thunder Force V: Perfect System

As a pilot for the Thunder Force group, your mission is to destroy an evil alien race bent on destroying the Earth. Game play remains fast and furious with more powerful weapons and all weapons now have an extra powerful blast mode.Thunder Force V aims to please fans of old-schoolers by not abandoning concepts and details introduced in earlier games in the series.

Thunderstrike 2

SONY Playstation Thunderstrike 2

Like the previous game, this is a helicopter simulator featuring realistic features like multiple weapons selection, full freedom of movement and a mission-based structure. Like many mission based games,it starts out relatively simple but get quite tough as you move on with both air and ground elements after you.All graphics are rendered in 3D including the helicopter’s cockpit. As you track an enemy, the view changes so that the enemy is always in view.

Tigger’s Honey Hunt

SONY Playstation Tigger's Honey Hunt

Winnie the Pooh is planning a party but there isn’t enough pots of honey. Tigger promises to search high and low for as much honey as possible.Guide Tigger through nine levels collecting items and hunting down the pots of honey hidden to bring back to Winnie.

Time Commando

SONY Playstation Time Commando

A computer infected by virus generates a time hole and the whole world is in danger.You mission is to save the Earth as you voyage through all kinds of different ages like roman empire, wild west, our time and the future.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

SONY Playstation Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

You were recruited by John Clark to be a member of the most elite counter-terror team in the world. It’s members include highly skilled people from all over the world. Start out rescuing hostages from the terrorists before you realise that greater missions need your attention. Use existing intelligence like floor plan layouts to plan your assault. Rushing in to combat situation without understanding your mission can lead you to an early death.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

SONY Playstation Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a skateboarding simulation where you play a famous skate that loves to perform tricks on a plethora of objects like ramps, rails and half-pipes. Each trick earns you points for your score: the harder the trick, the more points.The game is divided into two types of levels. 1) Skate around locations like a mall, a city street or a warehouse where you must complete five goals.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

SONY Playstation Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

This is the sequel to the award winning PSX and N64 title.Tony Hawk 2 provide many more tricks while keeping all of the tricks from the original. There is also a complete roster of all the greatest skaters worldwide. Many great skate parks are include, but you can also create your own and share them with your friends. Customisation also includes the ability to create your own skater and dress him up with official clothing and skateboards. Graphics are also improved.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

SONY Playstation Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Tony Hawk returns with new skaters, new line-up of parks to crash through and a whole new level of graphics. Even the levels offer more interactivity with more cars and people blocking your paths. You can even personalise your characters by adding tatoes and glasses.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

SONY Playstation Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

The main feature of this game is the redesigned career mode. When beginning a level, you have all the time in the world to skate around, perform tricks and get a feel for the level without the hassel of any goals or time limits. When you are ready to attempt a goal, find a pro skater who will provide you with an objective.Goals are similar to the previous games and include: 1) Collecting the letter to form SKATE 2) Get a certain amount of points.

Triple Play 2000

SONY Playstation Triple Play 2000

This iteration has real players and teams with up to date team and players. Play single matches, a full season, the playoffs or an all-out action Home Run Derby. Jim Hughson and Buck Martinez provide the commentary.

Tunnel B1

SONY Playstation Tunnel B1

You are on a mission to destroy your enemy’s ultimate weapon. Travel through a set of precarious tunnels in your high-tech hover-craft while fighting off the enemy vehicles, choppers and sentry guns. Many sections require have a time limit so be sure to watch out for powerups.

Vigilante 8

SONY Playstation Vigilante 8

This game takes place in the western United States during the oil shortage in 1976. The Oil Monopoly Alliance Regime was making money off the shortage. OMAR hires the best terrorist money could buy with a mission to destroy all gas refineries in the southwest U.S.Choose from eight characters. Your cars range from classic 70’s muscle cars to a school bus with each stacked high with all sorts of weapons.

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