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Space Invaders

SONY Playstation Space Invaders

In this classic 1980s arcade game, Earth is under attack from several rows of bomb dropping aliens. Defending the planet with your laser cannon and have three shields for defence. The shields don’t last forever, so be quick and kill off the aliens.The aliens march back and forth. Each time the end of the screen is reached they will drop one row closer to the bottom. As you shoot them, they speed up making the last ones the hardest to kill.


SONY Playstation Spider-Man

Spider-Man is loosely based on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Spider-Man Unlimited. Some versions of the game feature some of the voice cast from each and similar character designs.Peter Parker is attending a demonstration of the reformed Dr. Otto Octavius’s new invention when an imposter Spider-Man steals the device. Your goal is to clear your name and uncover the sinister motives behind the device’s theft.

Spot Goes to Hollywood

SONY Playstation Spot Goes to Hollywood

You play spot, the little red guy from the 7-Up TV commercials and you are trapped in a movie projector. As you jump from film to film, you encounter many classic film genres that make up all the different levels of the game. The main levels are a pirate movie, an adventure movie and a horror movie with many other bonus films to unlock.Collect five Hollywood stars per level to unlock hidden areas and ultimately complete the game.

Street Fighter 2 Collection

SONY Playstation Street Fighter 2 Collection

The second in the Collection goes back to the classic days of Street Fighter.The following games are included:1) Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, and the two improved editions, Champion Edition and SF2 Turbo.2) World Warrior includes all the original action characters and moves. Choose your warrior, defeat all the other fighters and then beat the boss guys that await you at the end.

Street Fighter Alpha

SONY Playstation Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter has some new moves, characters and combo systems. The game has matured and is a little more polished.Each fighter now comes with new very powerful moves called Super moves. A bar at the bottom of the screen represents the power that you have to use for the moves. With each attack, power is added to this bar so when you reach level 3, you can unleash the special attacks.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

SONY Playstation Street Fighter Alpha 2

This Street Fighter sequel adds even more to the classic fighting series.There are many new characters: 1) Gen a wise kung-fu master 2) Rolento who comes from Final Fight 3) Sakura, a young school girl who follows her hero Ryu so close, she has the same type of movesThere are no longer chain-combos as they have been replaced by custom combo system.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

SONY Playstation Street Fighter Alpha 3

The third in the Alpha series includes 31 fighters. New characters include old favorites E. Honda, Blanka, Vega, Cammy, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Juni and Juli. Some of the newest fighters on the block include a former Final Fight character (Cody, who has been in jail since the last Final Fight game, or so his clothing suggests), Karin Kanzuki and Rainbow Mika.New to this version are several new modes:1) World Tour.

Street Fighter: The Movie

SONY Playstation Street Fighter: The Movie

Street Fighter: The Movie is standard fighting beat ’em up game based on the movie of the same name, which is actually based on the game. Using digitised animation of the actors and the many locations featured in the film, game play is much the sae as that found in Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II TurboSelect from a range of fighters including Ryu, Ken, Guile, M. Bison and Chun Li, each with their own set of special moves.

Striker ’96

SONY Playstation Striker '96

The game includes multiple camera angles as well as different weather conditions and also sports the ability to modify any team’s roster, select basic formations, time limits, difficulty, etc.There are 41 international teams with several modes: friendly games, league or cup tournaments. The game includes commentary by Scottish commentator Andy Gray.


SONY Playstation Suikoden

Loosely based on the classic medieval Chinese novel “Water Margins” (Shuihuzhuan) by Shi Nai’an, this is a fantasy RPG set in an imaginary universe, its main theme being political struggle. The hero of the game is the young son of Theo McDohl, a general who serves the Scarlet Moon Empire, presently controlling the land of Toran. Through a series of events the hero becomes involved in a rebellion against the Empire, led by an organization known as the Liberation Army.

Tactics Ogre

SONY Playstation Tactics Ogre

You start out with a band of troops, build a small army and fight many battles. Tactics Orge features a non-linear story line with eight possible endings.You have the option to recruit characters, control individual equipment of each character with over six male character classes, six female character classes and three demi-human classes.

Ten Pin Alley

SONY Playstation Ten Pin Alley

In this bowling “simulation”, you must choose from one of eight very different characters. Choose power and accuracy from a meter that is very similar to the Links golf games, let go and watch the action.

The City of Lost Children

SONY Playstation The City of Lost Children

You play Miette, a character from the movie of the same name. You job is to travel through the streets at the whim of Pieuvre whom you perform robberies for. However, mysterious men called Cyclopses are kidnapping children to steal their dreams. You mission now becomes one of adventure where you must determine what is truly happening.

The Fifth Element

SONY Playstation The Fifth Element

You get to replay replay the story as presented in the film by the same name.You’re running and jumping Tomb-Raider-style through a 3D environment fighting hordes of enemies that block your way. Use the weapons you find along the way to improve you chances of completing the game. An added feature are the short cut scenes at the end of each level.

The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga

SONY Playstation The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga

The Hulk returns to the PC, Playstation and Saturn systems to battle tons of enemies and the occasional monstrous super-villain, or boss.When the lawful Pantheon society of super heroes kidnaps the green giant, he joins forces with his abductors and smashes through.The Hulk relies on no other weapons than his massive muscles to punch, kick and crush his enemies and when he has accumulated enough gamma energy, he can perform special moves.

The King of Fighters ’95

SONY Playstation The King of Fighters '95

Once again, fighters assemble from all over the world. This game introduced for the first time Kyo’s rival Iori Yagami, and placed Kyo as the main character for the rest of the series.

The King of Fighters ’96

SONY Playstation The King of Fighters '96

SNK’s flagship title returns for another year with better graphics, sounds and completely new character designs. The gameplay has become even more fast and furious with the addition of Rush combos and new moves for practically every old character.The game now boasts 27 characters plus two bosses.

The King of Fighters ’97

SONY Playstation The King of Fighters '97

Another year, another King Of Fighters. Additions this year come in the form of slightly improved graphics and sounds as well as new moves and new game modes. You can play in either Extra or Advanced modes where your power gauge fills up as you perform moves and attacks. New characters include the New Face Team, a new Fatal Fury Team, and Kyo’s pupil Shingo YabukiThere are now a total of 29 characters.

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