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SONY Playstation NASCAR 99

NASCAR 99 provides an arcade-style racing game. This version features 37 officially licensed cars and 17 tracks. Commentary voices come from Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons.

NBA in the Zone 2000

SONY Playstation NBA in the Zone 2000

This is the third in the Zone titles featuring all the usual options of an NBA simulation title. NBA in the Zone includes the following game types:1) Season2) Exhibition3) Playoff4) All-Star5) Slam Dunk6) Three point shoot-out contestsThe game contains the latest players, stats and teams from the NBA 99/2000 season. Commentary again features the voice of Ray Clay.

NBA Jam Extreme

SONY Playstation NBA Jam Extreme

NBA Jam now sports a new 3D engine with lifelike player movement. All the real basketball action is bundled with extreme moves and as such, NBA Jam is not about creating a realistic sports simulation, rather it creates an fun arcade feel.Game play features two players on each team with a huge number of special dunks and moves.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

SONY Playstation NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Play two on two arcade basketball with players from all the NBA teams. Game play is fast and full of action with special moves including SuperJam power-ups, wild celebrations and deliberately unrealistic jamming. Players are rated out of ten on eight ability categories, from steals and blocks to dunks and 3-pointers.The game supports four human players, each always controlling a single player for their team with the AI controlling the other players.

NBA Live 2000

SONY Playstation NBA Live 2000

NBA Live 2000 features improved graphics and good game physics. All the players from the 1999 – 2000 NBA season are included including rookies. There are also All-Stars teams from past and present.

NBA Live 2002

SONY Playstation NBA Live 2002

The NBA Live 2002 brings about the following change:1) Jordan is back with his new team, the Washington Wizards2) Cut scenes evolve the focus on player vs player interaction during stops in play and arguments between player and referee 3) An improved interface allowing you to get into the games quicker and an improved control system for better defensive and offensive moves. 4) New player moves, plays and celebration animations

NBA Live 98

SONY Playstation NBA Live 98

More than 350 NBA players faces got scanned in order to improve realism. New moves like crossover or fade-aways have also been added. Like the previous game, you can play whole seasons or the playoffs.

NBA Live 99

SONY Playstation NBA Live 99

Play through the 98/99 NBA season or create multiple seasons where you can build up your team over time. You can also jump straight to the playoffs. If you like management, try trading, releasing or picking up free agents to add to your team.

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC

SONY Playstation NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC

NBA on NBC is a descendant of the original NBA Jam.The game follows the game play of NFL Blitz featuring the option to save personal records as well as a cheat code system operated by pressing a sequence of buttons. A nice touch with this game is the functionality of Create-a-Player mode that permits custom players to have tweaked abilities.

Need for Speed II

SONY Playstation Need for Speed II

Much like the first in the series, Need For Speed 2 has plenty of high performance cars including the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F50. There are no cops in this game ad the tracks are more like those European country roads. The tracks available are highly detailed with eery changing weather conditions.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

SONY Playstation Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

Watch out for traffic cops as you speed down the highway. And if you get tired of getting chased, you can take on the role of the cops.There are two new modes:1) The pursuit mode is back where you must out run the cops through fast open area tracks while staying ahead of the other cars.2) Another new mode is knockout where you race through all the tracks with the game knocking out the person in last after each lap.

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

SONY Playstation Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Need for Speed is back with over 80 different Porsches from the first 356 Ferdinand to the 2000 911 Turbo. Two completely different single-player modes: 1) As you complete different challenges, you will make your way up to Ace Test Driver. 2) There is also a career mode where you start off with enough money to buy one 356 and begin racing. As you win races, time will pass and new cars become available.

NFL Blitz 2000

SONY Playstation NFL Blitz 2000

New edition of Midway’s NFL Jam focuses on bone-crushing action rather than the reality of a sports simulation.This version adds a season mode as well as a simpler passing system based that dos away with the aiming process in the previous game. Audible calls and voice-overs have also been added along with smoother animations and new stadiums.

NFL Blitz 2001

SONY Playstation NFL Blitz 2001

There are no refs, no rules. Late hits, pass interferences and other penalties are encouraged rather than punished.There are now cheerleaders, which do nothing for game play and there are enough stats to make the mathematically inclined happy. The team set up is not based on real life team structures or players. If you are a big NFL fan, Madden is your game. However, if the XFL ever appealed to you, well, this is your game.

NHL 97

SONY Playstation NHL 97

1997 edition of Electronic Arts’ NHL improvements come largely in the graphical arena with a refined version of the virtual stadium system that adds new camera angles and polygonal players instead of the bitmap-based ones with motion-captured animations.And as would be expected, the players and teams have been updated.

NHL 99

SONY Playstation NHL 99

The graphics are more detailed with more rink side features, ice reflections, player faces were improved more seamlessly into the model. The game action is smoother and they capture results in better animated hits, shots and saves and a higher polygon count.Game play improvements include a smarter AI, slap shots are easier to pull, players no longer skate in circles to do some backhand shots and must be facing the goal to shoot.

Nightmare Creatures

SONY Playstation Nightmare Creatures

Your mission is to destroy bloodthirsty creatures that wander across the streets of London in 1834.You control the monk Ignatius and Nadia to dismember legions of diabolical demons using your weapons, deadly moves and special powers.


SONY Playstation Novastorm

Blast enemies against a cinematic backdrop. Your mission is to kill the computer-controlled fighters before they take over the world.

Nuclear Strike

SONY Playstation Nuclear Strike

You have fought in the Middle East, South America, United States of America, and the former U.S.S.R. Yur mission this time around is to find Colonel LeMonde, who has been terrorising South East Asia. He must be stopped as he is armed with a small nuke. Start your hunt in Indocine before moving on to the South China Sea, then to North Korea where uncovering you uncover Kym-Zung Lee’s nuclear plans before reaching Siberia for a final battle.

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