SONY Playstation Games Starting with Hi to Lo



SONY Playstation Hi-Octane

This is a futuristic Sony PlayStation racing game with hover cars following in the same line as Wipeout with a modified version of the Magic Carpet 2 engine.Your hover car is well equipped with a minigun, missiles or the charge booster. Replenish your fuel, armour and missiles through marked areas.There are six hover cars to choose from: 1) The fast Flexiwing 2) The fast Outrider3) The balanced KD-1 Speeder4) Vampyr5) The slow but armed to the teeth Berserker 6) The slow but armed to the teet

Hydro Thunder

SONY Playstation Hydro Thunder

Port of Midway’s arcade boat-racer. The premise is non-existent, you simple rev up the engines and go on 13 water courses set in Antarctica, the far east, the Greek isles, etc. on different types of futuristic boats. Races use the usual arcade checkpoint system and scattered across the courses you’ll find an assortment of power-ups and upgrades like nitro boosters.Graphics are entirely 3d with reflective water effects and realistic bouncing and bucking in the boats.

Hyper 3-D Pinball

SONY Playstation Hyper 3-D Pinball

This pinball game includes the following themes:1) Science Fiction (Star Quest)2) Horror (Monster)3) Racing (Road King)4) Underworld (Gangster)5) Fantasy (Myst & Majik) 6) Fair (Funfair)

IHRA Motorsports Drag Racing

SONY Playstation IHRA Motorsports Drag Racing

Enjoy the power of Top Fuel, Pro Mod, Pro Stock, or Funny Car in this Sony PlayStation drag racing game. Race on multiple tracks against some of the best drivers and cars of the IHRA. Start easy with a quick race, or modify any of the 70 different parts for optimum performance. Race on ten different tracks in different weather conditions.

In Cold Blood

SONY Playstation In Cold Blood

The Cold War has ignited between US and People’s Republic of China. The CIA requested assistance of British MI6 to send an agent into Volgia.

Independance Day

SONY Playstation Independance Day

The Sony PlayStation game is based on the 1996 movie of the same name with cut scenes lifted from the film, however, all cut scenes are from the movie with no scenes created specifically for the game.You pilot a jet through various missions in order to take down the gargantuan, city-destroying spaceships that entails flying around the 3D level and taking out targets such as: 1) Communication uplinks2) Shield generators3) The occasional alien fighter craft

International Karate +

SONY Playstation International Karate +

International Karate +is a simple side-on beat ’em up. The Sony PlayStation game offers many moves. Each move scores a different number of points. Earn the most points to continue, earn the least and you are eliminated.There are some sub-games involving your karate-master holding a shield and defending himself against bouncing balls from both directions and kicking bombs off the screen before they explode.So why go through all of this? Is it to rescue someone, win a tournament?

International Superstar Soccer ’98

SONY Playstation International Superstar Soccer '98

New scenarios and updated player rosters are included along with new stadiums from around the world. The game supportscreate-a-player options, multiple gaming strategies and weather conditions. Commentary is provided by Tony Gubba.

James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod

SONY Playstation James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod

Retrieve the toys stolen by Dr Maybe. You are armed with an Inspector Gadget-style stretch device, which you can use to view higher areas or claw onto ceilings so as to slide across them.On each level, collect two penguins and reach the exit. After completing each pair of two worlds, a boss must be faced.

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000

SONY Playstation Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000

This edition of Jeremy McGrath Supercross has the following features:1) 16 Tracks with eight indoors and eight outdoors. Choose to do a single race on an individual track, or a championship series on the indoor tracks, the outdoor tracks or both.2) At least eight real riders3) Two classes of motorcycle: 125cc and 250cc4) A Time Trial mode where you try to get the best time on a track

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

SONY Playstation Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

Being the third in the Paroidus series, game play along with the zaniness has not changed. Game play itself is a parody of Konami’s famous Gradius series in that you manoeuvre around the screen destroying waves of enemies and avoiding obstacles. Survival throughout the level earns you a boss fight that frequently includes a bizarre character.The game offers many more power-ups:1) Red, used to upgrade weapons 2) The shield power-up (blue)

Jonah Lomu Rugby

SONY Playstation Jonah Lomu Rugby

This game os based on the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa. The game plays as more of an arcade style of game play rather than a strict sports simulation. Play in a full World Cup, a round-robin league or a knock-out cup.There are 32 teams from the All Blacks of New Zealand and Springboks of South Africa to minnows such as Namibia and Hong Kong.

Knockout Kings 2000

SONY Playstation Knockout Kings 2000

Play many boxing greats from history through a full career or create your own boxer and fight your way to the heavyweight championship.Famous names include: 1) Muhammad Ali 2) “Sugar” Ray Leonard 3) Lennox Lewis 4) Oscar De La Hoya 5) Evander Holyfield


SONY Playstation Koudelka

The year is 1898 and there is a young gypsy woman named Koudelka who possesses unique spiritual abilities.She sets off to investigate the mystery of the Nameton monastery that was bought by a mysterious man whose death circumstances are yet unclear. Rumours say that supernatural powers have appeared in the monastery since then that event.Your mission is to explore the monastery, gather clues and solve puzzles. During battles, you can position and move your party members freel

Krazy Ivan

SONY Playstation Krazy Ivan

Earth is under attack by aliens and they have erected energey generators in five areas of the planet, creating a field that slowly encompasses the entire planet surface. Your mission is to stop the aliens and rescue the hundreds of humans prisoner. You play Russian Commander Ivan Popovich. To help you complete you mission, pick up the various power-ups.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

SONY Playstation Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

This version does away with the beautiful landscapes and proud people. Replaced is a corrupt empire of Kain.You are one of Kain’s lieutenants who have been cast into the abyss. Your mission is to survive while you seek a means for revenge on your former master.

LEGO Racers

SONY Playstation LEGO Racers

Build your favourite Lego carts using all of the blocks that are available in real life and then race your beast against other lego built characters in 12 special themed tracks.

Lemmings 3D

SONY Playstation Lemmings 3D

You are responsible for helping hoards of lemmings through hazardous environments. This game features 80 new levels in 3D.


SONY Playstation Loaded

Loaded is a violent game where you play one of six characters who are all strange and deformed.Loaded is a mission based game where you have to complete various objectives, and in order to make this difficult, there are many many enemies in your way.


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