SONY Playstation Games Starting with Fi to He

Final Fantasy II

SONY Playstation Final Fantasy II

The Paramekian Empire took over the world. Its soldiers and Dark Knights persecute innocent people, burn whole villages and hunt down brave warriors. The dark forces do not offer mercy and act on pure evil.Phin, the homeland of the four heroes, is destroyed by the evil empire leaving only four young warriors able to escape. This second instalment of the series features round-based combat where you input menu commands for the whole party, and then you watch the combat unfold.

Final Fantasy III

SONY Playstation Final Fantasy III

In a remote village of Ur, four orphan boys were raised by the priest Topapa. Once, the Crystal of Wind, guarded by the people of Ur, sank deep into the earth. The four boys set out to retrieve it by going down in to an underground cave. However, their mission changed to a more important one upon hearing the words of the crystal.

Final Fantasy IX

SONY Playstation Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX tells the story of Zidane, the member of a team of theatre actors that also happen to be a gang of thieves.Zidane’s first plan is to kidnap Garnet from her mother’s palace. Shortly after the kidnapping, they realise the queen of Alexandria is up to something evil. Your journey becomes one where you decide to join forces and to find out what can possibly drive the queen to commit her cruel deeds.

Final Fantasy Tactics

SONY Playstation Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy tactics combines the spells, combat and characters into a turn based strategy system. Your mission is to build up your team by recruiting from the many available characters you meet during your travels. Stock up on items as you will need these to stay alive and beat your enemies.

Final Fantasy VII

SONY Playstation Final Fantasy VII

The story focuses on Shinra Inc., an evil mega-corporation responsible for all the world’s high technology. Shinra supports this technology with Mako energy, Shinra’s patented source of power. However, the energy is the life force of the planet. Using it as a power source is altering the balance of nature. Your mission is to work against the corporation.

Final Fantasy VIII

SONY Playstation Final Fantasy VIII

The story focuses on Shinra Inc., an evil mega-corporation responsible for all the world’s high technology. Shinra supports this technology with Mako energy, Shinra’s patented source of power. However, the energy is the life force of the planet. Using it as a power source is altering the balance of nature. Your mission is to work against the corporation.


SONY Playstation Forsaken

Earth is largely uninhabitable by an explosion caused by a bungled experiment. You are one of those, taking your hover-bike into disintegrating caverns for a few hours of dangerous work which, successful or not, will be your last.Forsaken is a first-person shoot ’em up where you accelerate, swerve and strafe your craft. Each level has a defined exit, but you must get there within your time limit.

Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge

SONY Playstation Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge

The sequel to the Original classic (and the so-so 1997 release) changes the way you look at frogs! The stage is set for a totally new adventure where Frogger and his female friend Lillie Frog will need to leap over, dive under, hop through and climb above endless new obstacles and challenges to save the Frog Babies from Frogger’s new arch enemy, the dastardly Swampy the Crocodile.

Gauntlet Legends

SONY Playstation Gauntlet Legends

This version of the game adds four new characters in addition to the four in the arcade version. Each character has a unique special attacks.Enemies, bosses, power-ups, music and sound effects all getting radical makeovers. Atari remapped everything with new puzzels and hiding places. Graphical updates include real-time lighting that is nowhere to be found in the arcade version.

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

SONY Playstation Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

Gex must rescue Agent Xtra from the grips of Rez. As Gex, go undercover through many levels to find Agent Xtra. Each of the levels parody a certain aspect of television culture and provides for much entertainment.Be sure to collect remote controls to advance to the next level.

Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko

SONY Playstation Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko

Gex 3D is a 3D platform game where you control a gecko who has to navigate several levels. Each level is a parody of well known North American TV shows and movies.


SONY Playstation Glover

A wizard is mixing up a batch of magic potions when an explosion sends the gloves off his hands flying into the air. One glove lands safely outside the castle but the other lands in an evil potion mixture. In one of the strangest plots, this evil glove decides to take over the castle. Thankfully, the good Glove changes the is there to save the day.So, you are glover and you play the good glove in your mission to find the 7 crystals and then place them back in the castle.

Grand Theft Auto

SONY Playstation Grand Theft Auto

You are a gangster in GTA. You start in one of the three US cities in the game. You get different jobs to do like stealing cars, helping out at a bank job or killing someone. You can go everywhere in the city and steal almost every car or tank. Watch out for the crates scattered all over the city as it contains weapons and other useful items.

Grand Theft Auto 2

SONY Playstation Grand Theft Auto 2

Lie, cheat, and steal your way through three cities in the follow-up to Grand Theft Auto. Earn the respect of seven different gangs as you demolish the town in your attempt to make lots of cash.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

SONY Playstation Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

The setting for the game has moved across the pond to London with new cars, some new graphics and new missions.


SONY Playstation Grandia

Grandia is a Japanese-style console RPG, with big-eyed anime style characters.The game centres around the story of a young hero named Justin who possesses a mysterious artefact known as a Spirit Sone where Justin and friends cross several worlds over many hours of game play.The characters are represented by 2D sprites that are moved around over hand drawn backgrounds. Game combat occurs a regular placed intervals and not through random placements.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

SONY Playstation Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

A dark plot against his Mudblood classmates has Harry befuddled. The student body slowly becomes petrified and it is up to Harry to learn new spells to cast.Conversations with the various characters and keen observation are crucial to solving the game. Interact with the students and other characters in order to save the day..

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

SONY Playstation Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

In Harvest Moon 64, your objective is to manage a run-down farm that you’ve inherited. The villagers are willing to help you out. Attend festivals, race in horse races, farm, tend to your livestock, add to your house, get married or maybe even have a child. The game is essentially a life simulator based on a farming premise.

Heart of Darkness

SONY Playstation Heart of Darkness

Your best company is your little dog who loves to wear your baseball cap. But on a hot sunny day, the moon covered the sun and your dog disappears. You run to your treehouse and power up your secret flying machine. Suddenly you strike some black creature and crash to the ground.You get off your spaceship and begin your quest, which takes in eight worlds and 176 screens of ladders, ledges and platforms across locations such as mountains and caves.

Herc’s Adventures

SONY Playstation Herc's Adventures

Greece is a fertile land full of wine, women and some of the best gyros you’ll ever taste. Thanks to the goddess of spring and fertility, Greece is a wonderful paradise with but one problem: the lord of the Underworld has gone and kidnapped the goddess as as a result, the land is slowly withering away.As Zeus, you must save her using the three of the greatest warriors in the land. Choose from the big and buff Herc, the super swift Atlanta or the young and street-smart Jason.

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