Sony Playstation Games from Dark Seed to Disney’s A Bug’s Life


Dark Seed

SONY Playstation Dark Seed

Darkseed capitalizes on the drawings of famous horror designer H.R. Giger as a source of background artwork and inspiration.You play Mike Dawson, an ad company manager, who is in pursuit of his goal to become a writer and to start off you purchase a solitary mansion in a small town called Woodland Hills. The house looks great and has a great price. However, trouble is about to begin. Upon reaching the house, you suddenly feel tired.

Dark Seed II

SONY Playstation Dark Seed II

Dark Seed II continues the nightmare of Mike Dawson.Back in his hometown, Mike’s high school sweetheart Rita is found murdered after the high school reunion. While you cannot remember much about that night, you are now the prime suspect and prove your innocence.The game has about 40 characters you can interact with and overthrow the Behemoth of the Dark World and cut through the corruption of the Normal World.

Darklight Conflict

SONY Playstation Darklight Conflict

A space combat game like Wing Commander where you control a space ship are are the lone man trying to save humanity from not one but two alien races.

Darkstalkers 3

SONY Playstation Darkstalkers 3

Jedah, the Lord of Vampire, has summoned all of the Night Warriors to his realm to be assimilated into his being. So, as you can imagine, this is not a good thing and he must be stopped and we now have a good reason to have a series of fights.The characters this time include: 1) Jedah, B.B. Hood (a human who resembles Little Red Riding Hood!) 2) Q-Bee (a bee-woman) 3) Morrigan (the buxom succubus) 4) Lilith (Morrigan’s little sister, and a succubus as well) 5) Anakaris the mummy6)

Darkstalkers:The Night Warriors

SONY Playstation Darkstalkers:The Night Warriors

Select one of many fighters with each based on a classic monster including: vampire, werewolf, golem, zombie, succubus, mummy, catwoman, oni, merman, sasquatch, robot, alien.This is a standard fighting game with special kicks and punches.


SONY Playstation Darkstone

Darkstone is a Diablo clone. The main difference is that this version is in full 3D.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

SONY Playstation Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Tony Hawk proved the skating games can work. Now Dave Mirra is out to prove that there is a market for BMX stye video games.Choose from all of the current crop of BMX champs, including 10 times world champion Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Joey Garcia and Shaun Butler in 12 highly detailed environments with vert ramps, huge jumps and track racing.

Dead or Alive

SONY Playstation Dead or Alive

This is the first of a very popular series of fighting games. Combat includes both normal fighting moves as well as many special moves. A hallmark of the series has been the good character design and scantily clad women whose breasts bounce a lot.Each character has a unique way of fighting, abilities and even their own hobbies and likes.


SONY Playstation Descent

Find and destroy all the reactors in the enemy-controlled mine. Watch out for waves of enemies and look out for many hazards that will hinder your journey.

Descent II

SONY Playstation Descent II

The second Descent game features new levels, new weapons and new robot enemies as well as helpful ideas like the Guide-bot, the ability to fly with afterburner or energy-to-shield converter that many times they become a must.

Destruction Derby

SONY Playstation Destruction Derby

In this car game, you get points for wrecking your enemies and the amount of points depends on how you hit them. You get more points for getting them do a 360 other than driving into theirs sides at high speed.

Destruction Derby 2

SONY Playstation Destruction Derby 2

This is the sequel to the original Destruction Derby. This version provides more of the same action and mayhem while providing new tracks and a lot of technical improvements and features.Gameplay is identical to its prequel: your goal consists in gaining points by winning races or creatively crashing your opponents and climbing to the top of the rankings.


SONY Playstation Diablo

Choose your character, warrior, sorcerer or rogue. Each of these characters can use different weapons, spells and equipment. The game starts in a town where you can buy new stuff for your hero. Continue your way down to one of the 16 randomly created dungeon levels where there are loads of monsters to kill. Upgrade your skills by earning experience points. Use money to buy new weapons or scrolls or even books.

Dino Crisis

SONY Playstation Dino Crisis

Edward Carnaby, private eye of the paranormal, is back. Game play has a very dark feel to it in much the same way as a classic horror movie.Carnaby’s best friend, Charles Fiske is found dead near Shadow Island. Your mission is to take up the investigation and find out the secrets of Shadow Island. The game takes place in the surrounding grounds of a gloomy mansion. Be wary of the many things lurking waiting to a chance to pounce on you.


SONY Playstation Discworld

You play Rincewind, a wizard whose sole purpose in life is to stay alive. Game play exists in a fantasy world.

Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!

SONY Playstation Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!

Once again, you play Rincewind, a wizard whose sole purpose in life is to stay alive. Death is normally responsible for ushering the Discworld inhabitants into the afterlife. However, he appears to be on an extended vacation. You mission is to bring him back or suffer the fate of immortality.In order to move ahead in this game, pay attention to those around you and engage them in conversation. Fail to do this and you will only get frustrated.

Disney’s 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

SONY Playstation Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

You are a courageous Dalmatian puppy who must rescue your family and friends from the clutches of Cruella De Vil.

Disney’s Tarzan

SONY Playstation Disney's Tarzan

This arcade game puts you in a role of Tarzan who is soon to be the king of the jungle.You face many quests where you can collect coins, map pieces, TARZAN letters and other stuff as well as call you monkey friend.

Disney/Pixar A Bug’s Life

SONY Playstation Disney/Pixar A Bug's Life

Based on the Disney/Pixar 3D animated film, you must guide Flik as he sets out to find a group of warrior insects to help his colony of ants to fight off the hungry grasshoppers.Use many elements of nature to fight the enemy, to get to the end of each stage and in turn saving fellow ants and knocking the grasshoppers quest for ant domination dead.


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