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SONY Playstation



SONY Playstation retail box

Above: SONY Playstation retail box


In 1994, and after much fan fare and marketing hype, SONY released the SONY Playstation game console. The device was an immediate success in every major market it entered and very quickly became the number one selling game console. It was also the first game console to reach $100 million in sales, which is an impressive figure for any game company let alone one that had not released a game console before.


SONY Playstation game console

Above: SONY Playstation game console


The Playstation had an advanced graphics processing unit along with several engines responsible for creating fast and dynamic games and very quickly developed a huge library of video games including some huge hits like Gran Tourismo, which was often reason alone to buy the console.

However, not all of the credit comes in the form of the architecture. As can be seen by many other devices, having superior graphics is not enough to garner success in the video game market. SONY was aware of the video game market and had spent much time researching in to what worked and what had failed. They had also looking into a joint venture with Nintendo, which eventually fell apart. However, this information proved enough to get SONY on the right track.

Even with the replacement of the Playstation with the Playstation 2, the original console continued to maintain strong sales SONY also release PS One, which was a more compact version of the Playstation 1.


PS One game console

Above: PS One game console


Only time will tell if SONY can continue to replicate its success formula with each successive game generation. As we will talk about in the Playstation 3 page, SONY, while still producing good sales numbers, has fallen from top position.


Gran Turismo SONY playstation

Above: Gran Turismo SONY playstation



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