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Nintendo Wii
2006 – current


Nintendo Wii game console

Above: Nintendo Wii game console


Nintendo needed a successful launch and some impressive sales numbers in order to wipe away the bad taste from the last two consoles, which did not sell very well at all. The Nintendo 64 was not a bad console, it just had too many limitations to allow it to be successful.


Wii driving wheel controller

Above: Wii driving wheel controller


Enter the Nintendo Wii. The Wii did not use the latest technology. In fact, the Nintendo Wii delivers a graphics experience similar to that of a sixth generation.


Wii fishing controller

Above: Wii fishing controller


However, what the Nintendo Wii does very well is provide a great user experience, games that deliver family friendly games and attracts demographics that have never been interested in gaming.

With a low entry price os US$249.99. This was in stark contrast to the starting price of the Xbox and Playstation 3 consoles.


Wii shotgun/rifle blaster controller

Above: Wii shotgun/rifle blaster controller


However, each game required special controllers in order to take full advantage of the game. After five games, one could easily spend as much or even more on a Nintendo Wii system than an Xbox system. But as marketing has shown, it is easier to sell a low payment today and several smaller ones later. This approach helped propel the Nintendo Wii to sales of 80 million by 2011 and in first place some 30 million more sales than second place Xbox 360.

The only downside was the life of batteries. But Nintendo can hardly be blamed for this. Consumers want wireless, not wired and wireless requires batteries and batteries wear with use.


Wii shotgun/Wii sports controllers

Above: Wii sports controllers


The lack of advanced HD graphics and surround sound has been brought up as another downside of the console. However, we disagree as technology was never what the console was about. The Nintendo Wii set out to provide a positive user experience to all members of the family and provide family friendly games all at an affordable price. In this regard they won.

The technology world, and game console world is littered with failed console that were technology leaders, but failed to connect with developers and users.

Another plus of the system: it gets kids to become active without them even realizing it.


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