Nintendo Game Cube

Nintendo Game Cube


Nnintendo Game Cube game console

Above: Nintendo Game Cube game console


In 1996, Nintendo released their Nintendo 64, which did well, but only managed to sell 30 million units. So, when Nintendo released the Nintendo GameCube in 2001 the company had much bigger expectations. However, the company only managed to sell 22 million units. The Nintendo Game Cube was a failure. Many believe that this would be the company’s last game console especially with the huge costs required to go into development. However, as history played out, Nintendo would fair much better with their seventh generation console.


Nnintendo Game Cube retail box

Above: Nnintendo Game Cube retail box




The Nintendo Game Cube was the first console to employ optical disk technology, otherwise known as compact disk byt this term is in accurate.


Nnintendo Game Cube processor

Above: Nnintendo Game Cube processor



There are several reasons for the failure of the Nintendo Game Cube. For one, it failed to differentiate itself from the Nintendo 64 and did not have nearly as many games. When stacked against the superior technology and games as the Playstation 2, many chose the Playstation 2 and others chose the Microsoft Xbox.

Many, including Nintendo, dismissed the Xbox and figured it would go the way of the Jaguar or 3DO. However, Microsoft was able to deliver a series of hot games like Halo, Forza Motorsport and so on. Where was Nintendo’s software and third party software? Nintendo did not even make a serious attempt to with it’s Mario franchise.


Forza Motorsport video game

Above: Forza Motorsport video game


The design was also very boxy and not sleek, though hardly a major issue. In fact it was a series of key misses by Nintendo that tried to fix with marketing gimmicks and add ons. A good gam library is the most important even more so than having the best hardware. The next step is heavily marketing these award winning games and making the interface easy to use and friendly. Furthermore, without having a solid strategy, it is impossible to take even the best technology and make it happen. History is filled with examples of where the better mousetrap failed. Look to the Commodore Amiga as one example.

This was not the end for Nintendo, but they could not afford another failure.


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