Retro Game Consoles – Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS
2004 – current

The Nintendo DS was released in time for the 2004 Christmas season. The Nintendo DS was designed to replace the Game Boy Advance and has done quite well at doing so with over 140 million unites sold across all versions even with new competition from the Apple iOS products.

Only one other game device has sold more than the Nintendo DS was the Playstation 2.

Nintendo DS original

Above: Nintendo DS original

Nintendo has had a good decade with gaming. Their Game Boy did really well through the nineties and in to 2000 and the Nintendo Wii has done exceptionally well.

The Nintendo DS was designed to replace the Game Boy and development began in early 2000 with plans for a 2004 release, which almost did not happen until 2005 for the North American market.

Unlike the Game Boy, Nintendo released the Nintendo DS in the same year and month as it did in the Japanese market.

N-Gage Classic

The classic N-Gage game device was not the easiest game device to hold despite being a hand held.

Technical Specifications

The Nintendo DS screens have a resolution of 256 x 192 with 262,144 colours. It features two ARM processors: a ARM946E-S running at 67 MHz and the ARM7TDMI running at 3 MHz.It has 4 MB of memory with 256 KB of flash and has a wireless adapter.

Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite is designed for portability. It is slimmer, brighter and more lightweight than the original Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS was announced in

Nintendo DS lite

Above: Nintendo DS lite

January, 2006 for a release ofMarch, 2006 in Japan. TO date, all sales of the DS lite have exceeded 90 million units worldwide.

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi was released in Japan in 2008 and North America by 2009. The DSi is considered to be a seventh generation device. The Nintendo DSi features two 0.3 megapixel digital inner and outer cameras, and support for internal and external content storage, and connects to an online store called the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Nintendo DS original

Above: Nintendo DS original

This new functionality was intended to facilitate personalization, so as to encourage each member of a household to purchase an individual DSi.

Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL features larger screens and is larger than the original Nintendo DS. The DSi XL was released in 2009 and designed to be used in the living room. Odd as most gamers use consoles in the living room.

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