Nintendo 64 Games Starting with To to Wc

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Nintendo 64 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

You were recruited by John Clark to be a member of the most elite counter-terror team in the world. It’s members include highly skilled people from all over the world. Start out rescuing hostages from the terrorists before you realise that greater missions need your attention. Use existing intelligence like floor plan layouts to plan your assault. Rushing in to combat situation without understanding your mission can lead you to an early death.Weapons available include pistols

Tonic Trouble

Nintendo 64 Tonic Trouble

Ed is a friendly alien space janitor that accidentally dropped a can of tonic on Earth and in the aftermath, he created a great ecological disaster where everything started mutating.As Ed, your mission is to clean up the area and retrieve the tonic. However, you someone got to the tonic first and he declared himself Master of Earth.Fight off the many obstacles and enemies such as killer vegetables on your mission to save the Earth.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Nintendo 64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a skateboarding simulation where you play a famous skate that loves to perform tricks on a plethora of objects like ramps, rails and half-pipes. Each trick earns you points for your score: the harder the trick, the more points.The game is divided into two types of levels. 1) Skate around locations like a mall, a city street or a warehouse where you must complete five goals.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Nintendo 64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

This is the sequel to the award winning PSX and N64 title.Tony Hawk 2 provide many more tricks while keeping all of the tricks from the original. There is also a complete roster of all the greatest skaters worldwide. Many great skate parks are include, but you can also create your own and share them with your friends. Customisation also includes the ability to create your own skater and dress him up with official clothing and skateboards. Graphics are also improved.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

Nintendo 64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Tony Hawk returns with new skaters, new line-up of parks to crash through and a whole new level of graphics. Even the levels offer more interactivity with more cars and people blocking your paths. You can even personalise your characters by adding tatoes and glasses.

Top Gear Hyperbike

Nintendo 64 Top Gear Hyperbike

Race along both street and dirt circuits with a collection various dirt-bikes and street bikes. Dirt-bike racing allows for more tricks during racing to increase the amount of turbo boost available. Compete for points to improve your bikes overall performance or purchase a better overall motorbike.Trick attack mode is all about performing tricks. The game also allows you to create your own special track with jumps and sharp turns.

Top Gear Overdrive

Nintendo 64 Top Gear Overdrive

Race across six open tracks with many modern day high speed race cars. The better you perform, the more money you have to spend to buy the faster cars and to improve the car you have. Improve you time with shortcuts and nitro boosts help.Game play supports up to four players.

Top Gear Rally

Nintendo 64 Top Gear Rally

In Top Gear Rally, race around a collection of high speed tracks with varying weather conditions and shortcuts.Each car varies from the others in speed, braking, acceleration and top speed. When you win in Championship mode, the better cars that are unlocked.

Top Gear Rally 2

Nintendo 64 Top Gear Rally 2

Improve your car by coming in top place. Wrong turns and damage will cost you time and money and as damage hinders performance, you will wan tot repair you car quickly.Much like the real rally championship, your goal is to race against the clock, not the other cars. Whoever clocks the best time for each stage wins with the next stage offering bigger challenges and a higher pot.

Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals

Nintendo 64 Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals

Transformers battle for supremacy and peace in the universe. Megatron and Optimus Primal leade their teams of elite robots against each other. It is up to you to decide who is the winner. Choose from eight characters and battle against the computer AI or a friend in one-on-one battles.

Triple Play 2000

Nintendo 64 Triple Play 2000

This iteration has real players and teams with up to date team and players. Play single matches, a full season, the playoffs or an all-out action Home Run Derby. Jim Hughson and Buck Martinez provide the commentary.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Nintendo 64 Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Having defeated the Chronoceptor, Turok throws the leftovers into a waiting volcano only to awaken an even deadlier force.The Primagen has been lay in wait for his freedom from a wrecked space craft. Turok must once again restore peace to the land and stop the Primagen from merging Earth with the nether world in a mess of his own creation.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

Nintendo 64 Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

When Primagen’s Lightship was destroyed in the previous game, the explosion created a shockwave through out the universe and nearly ended the life of Oblivion, which drifts through space, consuming anything that ends up in its way in much the same way that a black hole does. Another outcome of the explosion was the creation of a new world. This world contains the Turok family tree. Oblivion is on a path to destroy this world in order to destroy the Turok line.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Nintendo 64 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

You play Turok with a mission to collect pieces of the Chronoscepter in order to destroy the Campaigner and to stop him from using the power of the weapon to destory the Lost Land.The game includes 14 high tech weapons including the Quad Rocket Launcher and the Atomic Fusion Cannon.

Turok: Rage Wars

Nintendo 64 Turok: Rage Wars

You play Turok as he sets out to solve various missions such as getting the most frags in a time limit, finding an item or lasting the distance. While these are pretty simple tasks, they will take a lot of effort. Choose your weapons carefully.You will also earn more weapons as you complete your objectives.

Twisted Edge: Extreme Snowboarding

Nintendo 64 Twisted Edge: Extreme Snowboarding

Not to be confused with Twisted Metal, this is a downhill snowboarding game featuring seven tracks, multiple characters, boards and many trick moves. Game modes include:1) Competition Mode2) Stunt Challenge3) Two-player VS. Race4) Practice Mode

V-Rally Edition 99

Nintendo 64 V-Rally Edition 99

V-Rally was the first Rally game to be published for the PlayStation.Race through eight countries using one of the 12 official cars from the World Rally Championship with each track has its own course conditions.

Vigilante 8: Second Offense

Nintendo 64 Vigilante 8: Second Offense

The game has a good balance between the story line, graphics and 70’s style music. This game takes place in the western United States during the oil shortage in 1976. The Oil Monopoly Alliance Regime was making money off the shortage. OMAR hires the best terrorist money could buy with a mission to destroy all gas refineries in the southwest U.S.Choose from eight characters.

WCW Backstage Assault

Nintendo 64 WCW Backstage Assault

Backstage assault is a two-on-two wrestling match that takes place in locker rooms, bathrooms and outdoor arenas. Each wrestler has the ability to use the surroundings and any items in your battle.You can also create your own wrestler for battle or choose from a collection of top WCW talent. Competing for special championship belts or hardcore matches where every win opens up hidden secrets.

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