Nintendo Entertainment System Games Starting with Vo to Zz


NES Volleyball

Volleyball supports one or two players. Choose your country and then if you wants to play mens or womens team.

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

NES Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego and her gang are on the loose once again. Your mission is simple, capture her and stop her wave of crime. This time round you not only have to find where she is, but when. Assemble clues by travelling to different locations, interviewing witnesses and searching locations. Included with the original game is a copy of The New America Desk Encyclopaedia to help make clues more meaningful. It also acts as copy protection.

Win, Lose or draw

NES Win, Lose or draw

Win, Lose or Draw was a popular TV show requiring artistic skills and an ability to think laterally. One of your team players, draws something on the big game board. It is then up to you to work out what the drawing represents. The items being drawn represent common expressions depicted literally, such as ‘bright idea’ showing a light bulb over somebody’s head, and ‘cabin fever’ as a rickety building next to a man with a thermometer in his mouth.

Winter Games

NES Winter Games

Another in a series of popular Epyx games series. Like those that preceded the Winter Games you can play with up to eight players in a series of games. Choose your country and then select to play all the games, play a few games or just practice a particular game over and over.Games offered include:Ski jumpHot DogBiathlonBobsledFree SkatingFigure SkatingSome console may have more games or less games.

Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds

NES Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds

The sequel to the original Wizardry follows the defeat of the evil Werdna and the return of Mad Overlord Trebor’s amulet. After your success in the last adventure, you and your team were inducted into Trebor’s personal honor guard.Unfortunately, the peace was not long lasting. There was another evil fella living in Llylgamyn named Davalpus. Llygamyn stormed the castle, slaughtered the royal family and declared himself supreme dictator for life.

Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn

NES Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn

A generation has passed since your band of adventurers reclaimed the Staff of Gnilda and the armor of the Knight of Diamonds. And once again. peace has settle over the land. And, once again, peace is being disrupted. The elements are attacking the land of Llylgamyn as earthquakes and tidal waves ravage the land.

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

NES Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

This game takes place in the domain of Trebor. Trebor was a power hungry ruler that went nuts after he acquired a magical amulet of immense power. It was later stolen by Werdna. Werdna, unaware of the amulet’s true power, brought forth an earthquake that somehow resulted in a ten-level being created. Werdna declares this new dungeon to be his new seat of power and a lair for his monster hordes.

Wrecking Crew

NES Wrecking Crew

You assist Mario and Luigi in their demolition business. After each wall in the building is destroyed, you move on to the next building. Demolition is a difficult business. Be careful not to be trapped by a dead end. Unfortunately, despite your job being dangerous enough, there are dangerous creatures and construction foreman out to get you. It appears that Mario and Luigi did not get the proper demolition permits before starting.


NES Xenophobe

After a distress call was received from a space station orbiting your home world, then complete silence. However, a single ship managed to leave the planet. The pilot tells a tale of pods that hatch into acid-spitting Xenos.A small band of engineers were dispatched to combat the Xeno threat before it takes over all the space stations and, eventually, your home world.


NES Xevious

Xevious was a scrolling first-person shooter, and while a common game form today, was a new style of game play in 1982. Coupled with the graphics and game play, Xevious became very popular in arcades and was soon ported to all the popular game consoles and home computers of the time.



One day you encounter a fortuneteller who sends you on a quest to find information about the six books of Ys, an ancient land. The books were stolen by the evil wizard Dark Fact Your mission is to defeat the villain and to discover the secret of Ys!You can inflict more damage if you run into them from the back of your enemies from the sides. A head to head collision could result in your death. You gain gold and experience points for defeating your foes.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Link is now 16 and discovers a strange birthmark on his hand. He discovers that the mark is the key to unlock a secret room where Princess Zelda sleeps. When Princess Zelda was little, she was told of the Triforce of power that was used to rule the kingdom of Hyrule. When a magician unsuccessfully tried to find out about the Triforce from Zelda, he put her into an eternal sleep.

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