Nintendo Entertainment System Games Starting with Ma to Ni

Marble Madness

NES Marble Madness

A very popular game that was ported to many game consoles and home computers, you stay alive by navigating a ball down the slopes of a wallless maze. Move too quick and you lose control and go over the edge.

Mario Bros

NES Mario Bros

As Mario or Luigi, your goal is to clear out the characters have taken over the sewers.Crabs, turtles and fighter flies must be cleared out by jumping underneath the platform they sit on, then kicking them away. Each level is cleared when a set number of coins is collected.For the two player mode, the first to collect the set amount of coins wins.

Mario is Missing

NES Mario is Missing

Bowser is up to no good as he has created portals in Antarctica to 25 famous cities around the world.Play Luigi and foil Bowser’s plans by entering through each of the portals and tracking down the Koopas who have stolen famous artefacts. Find clues about your location and once you have set everything right and determined where you are, call Yoshi.By exploring 25 cities, children familiarise themselves with the landmarks and artefacts that each city has.

Mega Man 2

NES Mega Man 2

In Rockman 2, Dr. Wily was defeated by Rockman and thrown in jail. He soon escape and immediately created eight new Robot Masters to take over the world. Your mission is to stop Rockman and once again keep the world safe.The Rockman Complete Works series was only released in Japan.

Mega Man 4

NES Mega Man 4

In Mega Man 4, Dr. Wily is declared dead by the explosion of Gamma. After a year passes and Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light are living in peace. But soon, the peace is broken by a new threat.Dr. Cossack sent eight of his Robot Masters to find Mega Man. Mega Man sets out to find Dr. Cossack in an attempt to clear his name. Rockman must battle with Cossack’s fiendish Robot Masters and find Cossack’s daughter before it’s too late.

Mega Man 7

NES Mega Man 7

Mega Man has beaten Dr. Wily. However, Dr. Wily hid four robots that would spring him out of jail in the event he was imprisoned. Mega Man reaches the scene as Dr. Wily escapes but encounters a strange robot he had never seen before named Bass.


NES Metroid

Pirates have stolen an unknown life-form SR388. The life-form, called Metroid, is in a state of suspended animation. According to analysis, it was the cause of SR388’s destruction. If the Metroid ever got loose, the alien could destroy countless other systems.Pirates have stolen the entity. Your mission is to destroy the pirates and take back the alien before the pirates complete their plans of world destruction.

Micro Machines

NES Micro Machines

This racing game features miniatures representing particular vehicle types across a particular terrain found around the house. The Sports Cars race on the desktop, 4x4s in the sandpit, Formula 1 cars on a snooker table, and so on.Viewed from overhead, the cars are tiny, but allow you to see the whole track. Each race includes four cars. In one player challenge mode, race through the 21 tracks and selecting three opponents.


NES Millipede

Millipede is the sequel to Centipede featuring similar game-play but with a new swarm of insects after your bug zapper! You must destroy the multi-segmented millipede as it traverses its way through the mushroom forest. When all millipede segments have been destroyed, you progress to the next level with faster bugs and more of them. In addition to the millipede, you will also encounter spiders, beetles, mosquitos, inchworms, bees, dragonflies, and earwigs.

Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

NES Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

Recover the Golden Seal being guarded by the Dark Lord Terarin. While you start the quest by yourself, you are not expected to perform it alone. You may seek the help of three other companions in order to defeat Terarin. As you pass through several towns in your quest, you can buy weapons and armour and seek out and clues. As with any adventure game, there are challenging enemies you will face and must defeat in order to advance.

Mission: Impossible

NES Mission: Impossible

Playing the secret agent Ethan Hunt with a mission to fight international terrorists. In this game, Ethan Hunt is framed and has to prove his innocence.Assisted by your IMF team, sneak into enemy bases, blow up ammunition depots, retrieves stolen information and takes out the terrorists in this 24-level action packed game.


NES Monopoly

Another popular conversion of a time honoured board game. monopoly was ported to multiple game consoles and home computers during the 1990s.The game supports up to six players ad follows the same rules in the board game. The street names follow US naming conventions.

Ms. Pac-Man

NES Ms. Pac-Man

Pac-man was so popular that Ms. Pac-man was created. Ms Pac-man continued to eat the dots and avoid the ghosts but added a few new features such as new mazes, an interesting animation where Mac-man and MS Pac-man get together and bouncing fruit.Ms. Pac-Man must clear four mazes by eating all the dots and the moving fruit while avoiding Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue.

My Hero

NES My Hero

Rescue your girlfriend from the clutches of an evil gang in this extremely unforgiving side-scrolling beat-em-up. You can only jump-kick and punch numerous thugs, pigs, bulldogs and frogs on your way to the gang’s leader, Mohikan.

Nigel Mansell’s World Championship

NES Nigel Mansell's World Championship

The game was pitched somewhere in between a full-blown simulation like F1 GP and action games like Continental Circus. Each race lasts between three and 20 laps with 12 cars in each race.Before each race, you can customise wing down force, gear ratio, tire selection and fuel load.The 16-bit versions include a unique Improve With Mansell mode where a digitised version of Nigel’s head appears in the top corner of the screen offering instructions and praise.

Ninja Gaiden

NES Ninja Gaiden

Use your father’s sword, named the Dragon sword, and head to America to find Walter Smith. On your journey, be prepared for numerous enemies that will attempt to stop you from reaching your goal.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

NES Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

The game plot is set a year after the events chronicled on Ninja Gaiden 1. While Jaquio and his evil forces have been eliminated, the underworld is once again showing signs of life again. This time, under the leadership of “Ashtar”, the dark lord who plots to rule the world.

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