Nintendo Entertainment System Games Starting with Go to Jo


NES Golf

Golf provides traps, trees and water. However, the game does not provide much in the terms of texture to judge the roughness of the course.

Guerrilla War

NES Guerrilla War

A tropical island is oppressed by a dictator. Your mission is to restore restore justice to the island. March through the rivers, swamps and forests to overthrow the dictator in this evolution of the Commando style. As the enemy soldiers come towards you in groups, some care is required when picking them off, either using your gun or the grenades. You will score points by rescuing hostages and bonus points for shooting their captures.


NES Gumshoe

Your daughter, Jennifer, has been kidnapped. Your mission is simple: rescue her.In order to complete the levels in order to rescue her, collect five diamonds. Use the light gun to shoot obstacles blocking your path.While some obstacles can be destroyed with the light gun, others must be jumped over. Obtain more ammo by popping baloons.


NES Gyromite

In Gyromite, Help a mad scientist deactivate all of the dynamite in his laboratory before time runs out!ROB the robot will assist you in this game by moving the red and blue pillars blocking the way. By the way, there are deadly Smicks who wander about trying to prevent success of your mission. However, they are easily distracted by radishes.


NES Gyrus

To save the solar system, fly your spaceship around nine planets. Starting with a single canon, you can gain another cannon after shooting a power up satellite. Upon clearing each planet, you enter a bonus stage where weapons and bonus points are collected. Your ship moves around what looks to be the top of a vortex, shouting at aliens coming out of it. This game was very popular during the 1980s for its game play, sound and graphics.

Heroes of the Lance

NES Heroes of the Lance

This game is Based on the Dragon Lance book Dragons of Autumn Twilight. This game focuses on the sections where the heroes descending into a ruined city in search of the disks of Mishakal.The party consists of the eight Heroes of the Lance with each one in game play at the same time. Use you switch between them one at a time. Each character has a different attack profile and spells that make each one more adept at fighting a particular enemy.

Hogan’s Alley

NES Hogan's Alley

Use the Nintendo Light Zapper in this target practice game. You can shoot at three targets at a time with at least one innocent person, or face off in an alley with both good and bad targets in windows and walking on the sidewalk. Avoid shooting the good target. Too many good targets and you won’t advance.


NES Hook

You play the grown-up Peter Pan whose kids were kidnapped by Captain Hook. Tinker Bell takes you back to Neverland where you must become Pan again and get your kids back.Rescue the kids as you fight through 11 levels consisting of forests, icy regions and towns. Magic items such as apples and pixie dust add to your special powers. When enemies are attacked, they simply put their hands up in surrender rather than dying to make the game child-friendly.


NES Hoops

Hoops is an action basketball game is a one and to player game. The game is set in a half court where you can block shots, pass, steal, or go for a slam dunk.

Ikari Warriors

NES Ikari Warriors

Ikari Warriors was a very popular 1980s arcade game that proved to be just as popular when ported to multiple game consoles and home computers.Fight your way through a variety of terrain such as jungles, rivers, and ruins. Power up with weapons that can be found along the way.Ikari Warriors can also be played with two players at the same time in co-operative mode.

Ikari Warriors II: VIctory Road

NES Ikari Warriors II: VIctory Road

The sequel was just as popular as the original game, partially due to being released in the same year as the original game. The sequel is more of a space based game with your foes being rock-headed beasts, one-eyed green men and other odd creatures.

Image Fight

NES Image Fight

A mysterious alien life form is spreading across the galaxy conquering all domains in its path. It has already taken control of the moon base and is positioning to descend on the Earth. Your pilot an advanced fighter jet to oppose the aliens. Your are humanities last hope.On every level, there are ships, turrets and robots shooting projectiles at you. Pick up the power-ups scattered around in small green containers. You will need these to survive.

Impossible Mission II

NES Impossible Mission II

You have eight hours to prevent a psychotic genius from destroying the world in this sequel to highly popular Impossible Mission. When you enter Elvin’s tower fortress, watch out for and avoid avoid his robots. Assemble security combinations for each tower and recover musical sequences and tie them together into a full melody to reach Elvin’s central control room.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game

NES Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game

Your task is to find the Cross of Coronado, a shield and a diary in order to obtain the Holy Grail. This makes for a four-level arcade adventure combining climbs, exploration and problem solving. You are armed with you trademark that is useful in attacking your enemies.The game consists of the following levels:1) Caves underneath Colorado2) Moving circus train strewn with traps3) A Zeppelin full of guards and ladders4) The Castle Grunwald in Austria.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

NES Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

As Indy, whip your way through the levels solving tasks such as saving the children from Mola Ram.Jump gaps using your whip to swing across. Ride mine carts, choosing the right track and avoiding obstacles. Beware of bats, snakes and Thuggee guards and the fireball throwing Mola Ram.

Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart’s Super Off Road

A game with a simple concept, but provides for hours of enjoyment. Race your off-road vehicle with three others. Your goal is to win fame, glory and points that can be used to soup up their machine. Bikini clad women await your victories. If you lose, well, does it really matter? Off-road driving requires a different skill set to pavement driving. The ability to brake you back end is a skill you will want to master. Play alone or with up to 3 other players.

Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

NES Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf is a 3-D golf game. The courses in this game are the actuals creations of Jack Nicklaus himself. The 18 courses are taken from famous courses world-wide including: 1) 8 at Pebble Beach2) Number 18 from Muirfield3) Number 12 from St. Andrews4) Number 12 from Augusta5) Number 10 at RivieraGame play supports up to four players.

Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

NES Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

Jackie Chan, and his sister Josephine, are great kung fu fighters. One day when Jackie and Josephine were out walking, the Sorcerer cast a spell to make Josephine disappear. Your mission tis to rescue your sister and defeat the Sorcerer after doing away with all his minions.On your quest, punch and kick your way past frogs, ninjas, birds and other strange enemies. Use your special-moves such as the Tornado attack, the 180 degree spin kick, the 360 degree spin kick and the Sky.

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

NES Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

You have to love this game. You play Joe and Mac, the cavemen ninjas, bent on clubbing and jumping your enemies in this multi-platform game.

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