Nintendo Entertainment System Games Starting with Ca to Di

Castlevania III

NES Castlevania III

Taking place 100 years before the events of Castlevania 1 and Castlevania 2, the empire of Dracula has risen up to threaten the small village of Warakiya. Your help is needed in slaying Dracula. Your task will not be made easy as Dracula has assembled a massive army of undead creatures to sweep the Earth clean of life and bring everlasting darkness. Like the previous games, use the power-ups to improve your chances of beating Dracula and his minions.

Caveman Olympics

NES Caveman Olympics

Olympic Games set in the stone age. Events include:1) Clubbing2) Dinoracing3) Fremaking4) Matetossing5) Saber racing6) Dino vaultFor anyone who enjoyed the Summer and winter games series from Epyx, this is a must have and is a definite blast. You won’t be disappointed.

Championship Lode Runner

NES Championship Lode Runner

The game contains 50 challenging levels and is designed for expert players. First time players may find this game a little frustrating so you have been warned.There is no level editor and you have to play through the levels in order. The game creators are not completely evil as they did provide a save-game option was provided, though you lose one life every time you were restored.

Chase H.Q.

NES Chase H.Q.

Your mission is to patrol the streets as an undercover agent and track down five criminals. Pay attention to the mission briefing before starting off. Your briefings will give you valuable information such as what car the suspects drive. Avoid crashing in to other cars while you search for the suspect. Once you catch up to the other cars, bump into them until your car is no longer functional. All this must e done under a time limit so keep an eye on your time.


NES Choplifter!

Chopper Command is a side-scrolling action/arcade game. You command of an attack chopper. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines and rescue 16 hostages per level. To prevent you from rescuing the hostages, tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you and won’t stop until you have rescued the hostages.

Classic Concentration

NES Classic Concentration

Two players play against each other. In this game adapted from the TV game show, the answers to the puzzle are hidden by tiles. The tiles have words denoting game prizes like Mexico, Camera and Telescope. Your goal is to find the two matching worded tiles. The more items that are matched, the better your chance of identifying the puzzle. Solve the puzzle and win the game.

Cloud Master

NES Cloud Master

You have the ability to float on clouds and shoot small balls of energy at bad guys who fly at you from the left and right of the screen. Collect powerups and visit the shops to upgrade your offensive and defensive powers. There are several stages all of which have their own bosses and mini bosses.This is one of the only games ever made which features flying noodle bowls and bears with guns.


NES Commando

Another popular game from the 1980s.Fight through several levels in this arcade conversion. Armed with only a standard rifle and a few grenades, take on the hordes of Nazis. Some are wandering around in the open while others have picked out hiding places, which you must approach from certain angles. Use the trees, rivers and bridges when developing your combat tactics. Be sure to collect grenades and always have a few ready as they will become life savers at critical moments.


NES Contra

A small meteorite hit the Galuga archipelago, some 20km northeast of New Zealand. Two years later, a terrorist group seized the island in preparation for an alien invasion. The earth’s marines sent two members of their elite Contra unit, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, to neutralize the terrorists. Your mission is to take out all enemy forces on the island. Upgrading your weapons is key to your success.

Cool World

NES Cool World

You play Frank Harris and your task is to stop Holli Would from entering the real world.

Cosmic Spearhead

NES Cosmic Spearhead

Linus crash landed on a distant planet called Earth, and made his way back home again. The problem is that no one believes his tale of the planet he discovered. Your job is to help Linus make his way back to Earth so he can take some pictures to convince his friends. Gameplay consists of two parts: an adventure and arcade action. 1) In adventure mode, explore the lands, find objects and talk to people.


NES Crystalis

Defeat enemies in order to gain levels. Your main method of attack is to swing one of the game’s five swords, Wind, Fire, Water, Thunder, and Crystalis, which are all found or bestowed — these are not purchased. Each sword shoots in the form of its respective element. You can also cast spells, use items, and equip various shields and suits of armor.


NES Cyberball

After American Football players started cheating by using bionic parts, the game change its rules. By 2022, the game was played not by humans, but two teams of seven robots. Now here is the interesting part: the regular football was replaced with a 350 pound bomb.Game play is quite a bit different from most other football games. After this it will explode and possession will be swapped. This is prevented when you cross the 50-yard line, lose possession or score a touchdown.


NES Darkman

Darkman is based on the film by Sam Raimi where you have returned from the dead seeking revenge against Robert G.Durant. You get to play the same movie scenes including: 1) The helicopter fight sequence2) The skyscraper shoot-out 3) Swing into heaving freeway traffic dangling from a helicopter

Darkwing Duck

NES Darkwing Duck

As Darkwing Duck, you are tasked to save the city from many enemies.Darkwing Duck brings the same cartoon-like animaiton to the gameplay that resembles Disney’s licensed characters.

Days of Thunder

NES Days of Thunder

Based on the movie by the same name, you must race against rivals on an eight tracks. As with most Nascar tracks, all these tracks offered are ovals, although the exact lengths, corner types and gradients are varied. Pit stopping is not just a fun feature of the game, it is a must for longer races. When in the pits, you control the five members of the pit crew. Be careful though as loosing time on pit will make you loose positions at the race.

Defender of the Crown

NES Defender of the Crown

You play one of four Saxon knights in medieval England. The country is feudal and there is no one single leader of the land. Your quest is to battle the surrounding kingdoms and unit England under a single ruler.The game has three main scenes:1) The jousting contest presents an opportunity to gain land or fame. Successfully knock your opponent off his horse in order to win.2) Raid a castle for loot3) Attack another territory/castle to expand your empire.

Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True

NES Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True

Your character wakes up in a toilet stall of a sleazy pub with no memory of who he is or what he is doing. To make matters worse, you find a dead body upstairs with three bullet casings on the floor. It gets worse when you feel a gun in your pocket and three bullets missing.Your mission is simple, figure out what happened to you and the dead body. Stay away from the cops as they are looking for you.

Demon Sword

NES Demon Sword

As Victar your mission is to defeat the evil Dark Fiend who took over the land. By defeating Dark Fiend, the lands will then become liberated. There are bosses at the end of each level. The game offers an arcade style platform game where you must find six missing parts of the sword. Only then can you try to defeat the Dark Fiend. There are other items that will make your mission easier so keep an eye open for keys, spheres and different types of weapons.

Dig Dug

NES Dig Dug

Dig Dug is another Arcade port and is considered one of the top arcade games on the 1980s. So popular that the game is still being ported to generations 7 consoles.Dig Dug is pretty much the same in concept as Pac-man, but instead of eating cookies while moving through a maze of hallways, Dig Dug has you digging you own maze of tunnels while avoiding creatures that want you dead.

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