Neo Geo Games Starting with Aa to Ka

3 Count Bout

Neo Geo 3 Count Bout

3 Count Bout is a one-on-one fighting game. The game has ten rounds. You fight a restler each round. The fighters get tougher each round.Choose one of ten wrestlers who have their own power attacks. You defeat each one by biting kicking, and performing moves to the point where their damage meter is empty. Once their damage meter is empty, pin the wrestler to win.

Art of Fighting

Neo Geo Art of Fighting

Yuri Sakazaki was kidnapped. Your mission is to rescus him with the help of Robert Garcia, your best friend. Search the streets of South Town. As you go deeper and deeper you will find clues to who ordered the kidnapping, the Sakazaki family’s relation to the mob and a person from their past.The gameplay differs from most fighting games. The Spirit meter will decrease as you perform special moves. Once the meter runs out, no more special moves can be performed.

Art of Fighting 2

Neo Geo Art of Fighting 2

This is the sequel to the original Art of Fighting, and prequel to the original Fatal Fury.Mr. Karate, the final boss of the original game, is Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo and Yuri’s father, that Takuma was being used by Geese Howard for his own evil intentions. Mr. Big was the one who had originally kidnapped Yuri.Many of the problems that existed in the first game have been fixed in this installment. Use your special moves to defeat your enemies once again.

Baseball Stars Professional

Neo Geo Baseball Stars Professional

Baseball Stars Professional is the sequel to Baseball Stars and features comic-style graphics. Choose from a variety of teams including the Celestial Planets, Heavenly Bodies, Shadow Demons, Battle Knights and Fabulous Superstars. The game is played the same way as normal baseball.

Blue’s Journey

Neo Geo Blue's Journey

The planet of Raguy was once beautiful and peaceful. However, it was invaded by the Daruma tribe and pollution started to spread through the city. Blue was summoned to get rid of the Daruma tribe and save Raguy from the Daruma Empire that has turned the inhabitants into slaves.You are Blue and your job is to defeat the Darumas. Along the way, you can get flowers for use at the shop to buy items that will help you along the way.


Neo Geo Breakers

In Breakers, choose one of eight fighters who have their own moves and special attacks. The game includes eight stages and each stage has two battles. The object of each battle is to drain your opponent’s energy at which point you win. Once you have completed all eight stages, you face an opponent that is much tougher than previous ones.

Burning Fight

Neo Geo Burning Fight

The Castella family from Metro City is creating havoke in the city of Osaka. To stop the fight, Metro police detectives dispatched Duke and Billywith the support of the famous Japanese detective Ryu.They decided to rush into the enemy’s fortress. As Duke, Billy or Ryu, fight your way through the various locations in Osaka. Your only weapons are your fists. Beat up the gangs you encounter and defeat the bosses in order to continue the mission.

Crossed Swords

Neo Geo Crossed Swords

As a knight, travel the countryside fighting monsters and bandits using your sword and shield. When you enter combat the game’s view changes to 1st-person perspective where the body of your knight is outlined so that you can see the creatures that you are fighting. When you have defeated your enemies, they drop money and power-ups. At the start of the game, you may choose the chapter you want to start.


Neo Geo Cyber-Lip

In 2020, Earth has settled a colony and built an android army to defend the colony against alien invaders. Unfortunately, the Cyber-Lip Master Defense Computer decides to use this army to attack the humans in the colony. Everything that was intedded to defend the population is now attacking it.Two soldiers were assigned the task of taking on the mechanical army with the hopes and prayers of all humanity on their shoulders.

Double Dragon

Neo Geo Double Dragon

Double Dragon is set in post-apocalyptic New York.Double Dragon is the story Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers trained in the fighting style of Sou-Setsu-Ken. Together, they managed a small martial arts training school. One day, Billy’s girlfriend, Marian, is kidnapped by the Black Warriors, led by Willy. As you can imagine, Billy and Jimmy set out to save Billy’s girlfriend. Using various techniques fight using punches, kicks and the elbow strike.

Eight Man

Neo Geo Eight Man

The super-hero must stop the destruction of a city at the hands of a giant robot and its maker. The object, as Eightman (or Nineman), is to move left or right punching enemies and fight a boss at the end of the level. In some levels, you are chasing after a vehicle while enemies jump out at you. Power-ups can be collected along the way, which, when collected will make your kicks and punches stronger as well as give you bombs which are used to damage all enemies.

Fatal Fury

Neo Geo Fatal Fury

Southtown City plays host to the King of Fighters Tournament. Andy & Terry Bogard take part in the tournament. Winning the tournament is their only to defeat Geese Howard. Geese controls Southtown City and killed their father several years ago. Joe Higashi, a Japanese kickboxer is also taking part. Select either Joe, Andy or Terry and visit several locations in Southtown City to win the tournament.

Fatal Fury 2

Neo Geo Fatal Fury 2

Geese Howard may have been defeated, but peace is a long way off.There is a new opponent to begin a new Fatal Fury tournament. The Lone Wolves return, with new faces amongst them. Becoming the winner takes a lot of practice in this seuel.

Fatal Fury Special

Neo Geo Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury Special is an improved version of Fatal Fury 2. Your objective is still to win the tournament by defeating all other fighters including end boss Wolfgang Krauser. Fatal Fury Special features a fairly large selection of fighters that includes:1) The eight regular fighters from Fatal Fury 2: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Kim Kaphwan, Jubei Yamada, Cheng Sinzan, Mai Shiranui and Big Bear.2) The four bosses from Fatal Fury 2.

Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves

Neo Geo Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves

It’s been several years since Geese Howard was defeated in a battle with Terry BogardTerry took Rock in and became like a big brother to him after his father died, raising the boy throughout his life.Now Rock is a teenager and Terry is a man in his 30s. Both are about to come together in a new clash.

Fighter’s History Dynamite

Neo Geo Fighter's History Dynamite

Karnov’s Revenge is Street Fighter II clone. Fight as one of 13 fighters from around the world. Each fighter has his own unique moves and special attacks. There are two rounds in each stage. The object of each round is to hit your oppoenent more often and harder than he hits you. If there is a tie after two rounds, a tie braker is played.

Ghost Pilots

Neo Geo Ghost Pilots

Ghost Pilots is an overhead military plane shooter. Your mission is to shoot down fighter jets by either using bullets or bombs. Once you have killed enough fighter jets, face the boss and defeat it. Power-ups increase your firepower while stars can be obtained for extra points.

Kabuki Klash

Neo Geo Kabuki Klash

Kabuki Klash is a Japanesse style fighting game. The heroes of the three first Tengai Makyou games are participate in a tournament. During the fights, punch, kick or use special attacks that require a precise usage of buttons and also deplete your magic gauge.

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