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Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

Neo Geo Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

SNK’s Fatal Fury fighting series reaches its 7th episode with several innovations and some changes. All of the 20 fighters from the previous game return with new artworks and battle stages completely redrawn.The main addition is the two new characters: 1) Rick Strowd, a mysterious fighter with a particular fighting style

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

Neo Geo Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

The sixth edition of the series include 20 characters:Terry BogardAndy BogardJoe HigashiMai ShiranuiTung Fu RueCheng ChinzanLaurence BloodWolfgang KrauserDuck KingKim KaphwanBlue MaryHon-FuBob WilsonMochizuki SokakuFranco BashRyuji YamazakiJin ChonshuJin ChonreiBilly KaneGeese HowardAll characters have been remodelled.

Riding Hero

Neo Geo Riding Hero

Riding Hero is a motorcycle racing game with three modes:1) W.G.P mode: Select your bike before racing ten world circuits including France, Germany, Italy, U.S.A, Spain, Sweden, etc.2) R.P.G. mode: This mode is interactive allowing you to rtavel between locations and explore them. You can also speak to any people here. Starting at the bike shop, purchase a bike fromthe owner and then start racing. The more races you won, the more money earned.

Robo Army

Neo Geo Robo Army

A mad scientist created an army of robots and ordered them to destroy the city, capture all the citizens, and kill them in order to use their brains for more robots. A good plan for some, but not for the people.Your mission is to control one of two robots and attacks the enemy army.

Samurai Shodown

Neo Geo Samurai Shodown

In early Japan, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa preaches a heretic religion. Amakusa is merely a servant of the evil Ambrosia. This is bad because Ambrosia wishes to shroud the world in darkness. So, your mission is simple, you must destroy Amakusa.

Samurai Shodown II

Neo Geo Samurai Shodown II

Take on one of the roles of 15 warriors. Yor job is to fight your way through the land to defeat the evil Mizuki.Do whatever it takes to kill your oponents. Live by the sword and kill with it’s blade.

Samurai Shodown III

Neo Geo Samurai Shodown III

The 12 samurai elite are back. Your mission is to defeat the demon Zankuro, Minazuki. The possessed swordsman has brutally slaughtered innocents and must be stopped.

Samurai Shodown IV

Neo Geo Samurai Shodown IV

The version marks the return of three classic characters: Yagyu Jubei, Charlotte and Tam Tam. In addiditon to the three old characters are two newcomers for the pantheon: the brothers Sogetsu Kazama and Kazuki Kazama.The game made a lot of changes over the previous one and some would say there were a lot of improvements in those there changes.

Samurai Shodown V

Neo Geo Samurai Shodown V

After a long vacation, Samurai Shodown returns.Game play hs not changed much over the previous version. Each character now has only one version. Combo slashes, sidestepping and fatalities have also vanished along with bust mode. The basic moves have reverted back to that of the first game and there are simply three types: three slashes, a single kick and various dodge maneuvers similar to Samurai Shodown II.There are now 24 characters.

Shock Troopers

Neo Geo Shock Troopers

The object of the game is to fight your way toward the end of the level and defeat the end-of-level boss. Crates are scattered throughout the levels can be broken into to reveal new weapons and power-ups.Each character has their own attack.

Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad

Neo Geo Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad

Your mission is to destroy any enemies that get in your way and defeat the boss at the end of that area. When you have completed the first area, select a path to continue the game.The second game in the Shock Troopers series enables shot locking, close proximity attacks and evasive maneuvers.


Neo Geo Spinmaster

An evil doctor has kidnapped John and Tom’s friend, Mary. He has also stolen their treasure map.Your mission is to rescue Mary. Secondary objectives include getting back all pieces of the map. In order to make your mission a little easier, be sure to aquire the weapon upgrades including a yo-yo, bombs, icicles and missiles. As can be expected, your weapons differ in damage and range so choose your weapon carefully.

Super Baseball 2020

Neo Geo Super Baseball 2020

Baseball has changed in the year 2020. Player’s abilities can now be manipulated using the computer controls. Several players removed the computer connecting parts so they could play a fair game.You can select 1 of 12 individual men, women or robot players. During play, you can make your team stronger with prizes earned from amazing catches.

Super Dodgeball

Neo Geo Super Dodgeball

Control your team of six players to pummel the opposing team in this game of super dodgeball. Each player has his own special attacks and each team has their own unique attributes.Play the World Cup mode and take on teams from around the world to claim the championship. You play as the star USA team and must work your way through teams from countries such as England, Iceland and Japan and eventually to the current ruling world champions, the Soviet Union.

The King of Fighters ’94

Neo Geo The King of Fighters '94

This is the first game in a long series. The King of Fighters ’94 is a collection of fighters from SNK’s famous franchises including:1) Art of Fighting: Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Takuma Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, King.2) Fatal Fury: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui, Kim Kaphwan3) New fighters: Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon. The game play consists of battles with teams of three fighters for each player. Playing against the computer, you mus

The King of Fighters ’95

Neo Geo The King of Fighters '95

Once again, fighters assemble from all over the world. This game introduced for the first time Kyo’s rival Iori Yagami, and placed Kyo as the main character for the rest of the series.

The King of Fighters ’95

Neo Geo The King of Fighters '95

Once again, fighters assemble from all over the world. This game introduced for the first time Kyo’s rival Iori Yagami, and placed Kyo as the main character for the rest of the series.

The King of Fighters ’96

Neo Geo The King of Fighters '96

SNK’s flagship title returns for another year with better graphics, sounds and completely new character designs. The gameplay has become even more fast and furious with the addition of Rush combos and new moves for practically every old character.The game now boasts 27 characters plus two bosses.

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