Neo Geo Games Starting with Ki to Re

King of the Monsters 2

Neo Geo King of the Monsters 2

The object of King of the Monsters 2 is similar to its predecessor. Choose one of three monsters which include a large lizard, a large robotic ape and a huge mutant human. Walk through each city making sure to destroy everything in site, including planes, buildings and other creatures. When smashed, some buildings reveal power-ups. At the end of each city, you go head-to-head with the boss creature.

Last Resort

Neo Geo Last Resort

You are the pilot of a spacecraft across horizontally scrolling cityscapes and wastelands. Destroy hordes of enemy spacecraft, either metallic or organic, including huge mid- and end-level guardians. Get the power-up pods and craft with a movable drone which can be charged up and fired or locked into position.

Magical Drop II

Neo Geo Magical Drop II

In Magical Drop II, you are a clown and you get to grab and throw balloons. Yippie! Its not all fun and games though. You have to match three balloons of the same colour or more vertically to pop them and clear the screen. You can hold multiple balloons of the same colour at once and cause consecutive collisions. Depending of the originating country, there are different game modes:1) Survival: Play forever if you can.

Magician Lord

Neo Geo Magician Lord

You are in charge of Elta, a wizard who has the task of collecting eight books of wisdom from the clutches of Az Atorse. By collecting the right power-ups along the way, you can transform into different characters, including:1) Rajin2) Samurai3) Waterman4) Shinobi5) Poseidon6) Dragon Warrior. Each character has different abilities. There is a boss at the end of each of the eight stages.

Metal Slug 2

Neo Geo Metal Slug 2

Your job is to defeat the evil General Morden and his henchman. Fight various enemies that get in your way and collect new weapons as they appear to help you as the game increases in difficulty. Game weapons include:1) Heavy Machine Gun 2) Shot Gun3) Rocket Launcher4) Flame Shot5) Laser Shot6) Flame Bottles7) Armor Piercer. There are also various vehicles: 1) Metal Slug 2) Slug Flyer 3) Camel Slug 4) SlugNoid.

Metal Slug 3

Neo Geo Metal Slug 3

In the third installment of the Metal Slug series, General Morden is back and he plans to establish a new world order. Your job is to defeat the evil General Morden and his henchman. Game weapons include:1) Heavy Machine Gun2) Shot Gun3) Rocket Launcher4) Flame Shot5) Laser Shot6) Flame Bottles7) Armor Piercer. There are also various vehicles:1) Metal Slug2) Slug Flyer3) Camel Slug4) SlugNoid. Use thesevehicles to cause awesome destruction against Morden’s evil army.

Metal Slug 5

Neo Geo Metal Slug 5

A paramilitary syndicate known as the Ptolemaic Army attacked a research installation that was developing the next-gen of Metal Slugs. They stole a disc containing Metal Slug top-secret data. Fearing that such information would be used for their evil purposes.This installment has you facing off against a new group of enemies that includes the Ptolemaic Army.Your armoury contains the following:1) Three guns: Big Rocket, Big Laser and Big Shotgun.

Metal Slug X

Neo Geo Metal Slug X

Enemy soldiers are fleeing in panic,Morden and his army are back. Your mission once again is to take over the world yet again. The spin this time aroudn is that they have the help offrom an evil alien race.

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle – 001

Neo Geo Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001

You are a soldier up against a gigantic army and immense proportions. Your mission is to blasting everything moving while using power-ups to improve your capabilities and restore your health. At the end of each level, your must defeat the boss to continue.

Mutation Nation

Neo Geo Mutation Nation

In this game, the people were transformed into horrible mutant creatures by genetic experiments.Your mission is to beat up any mutant that gets in your way. Clear the boss at the end of the level to proceed to the next level.


Neo Geo NAM-1975

As a soldier, your mission is to stop the scientist and his world destroying laser machine. Shoot enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters and jeeps by aiming the machine gun cursor and shooting at them. You should be able to find powerful weapons such at each location. At the end of every location, you will need to defeat a series of bosses.

Neo Bomberman

Neo Geo Neo Bomberman

As Bomberman, kill all the enemies in the level before you can proceed. Clear a path of blocks by setting bombs to wipe out enemies.

Neo Mr. Do!

Neo Geo Neo Mr. Do!

Neo Mr. Do is an enhanced version of Mr. Do. It features greatly improved graphics, stereo sound and intermissions that can be viewed when an area is completed.

Nightmare in the Dark

Neo Geo Nightmare in the Dark

There lived one gravedigger at a very small village in a remote region. One day, he found the graves empty and the corpses were stolen. As the grave digger, your mission is to eliminate the grave burglars yourself.Your main weapon against ghouls, ghosts, goblins and zombiesare fireballs. They will ignite into a giant fireball, which you can throw at other enemies to kill them. DOn’t forget to pick up the treasure when you are done.

Ninja Commando

Neo Geo Ninja Commando

The Mars Corporation has caused a problem in the time continuum. Your mission, as one of the Ninja Commandos, is to go after Spider whom is the leader of the Mars Corporation.Fght your opponents through different time periods, such as:1) The Primitive Age2) The Egyptian Era3) Japanese Civil War EraThe bosses are super-powered historical figures and include a dinosaur, a medieval samurai and an Egyptian pharaoh. Take advantage of the power ups in order to defeat the bosses.

Real Bout Fatal Fury

Neo Geo Real Bout Fatal Fury

Your mission is to destroy fight scene objects and the Fatal Fury 2 fighters are back:1) Terry Bogard 2) Andy Bogard 3) Joe Higashi 4) Franco Bash 5) Mai Shiranui 6) Bob Wilson 7) Geese Howard 8) Billy Kane 9) Hon-Fu 10) Ryuji Yamazaki 11) Sokaku Mochizuki 12) Blue Mary 13) Kim Kaphwan 14) Jin Chonrei 15) Jin Chonshu 16) Duck King

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