MSX Games Starting with Th to Zz


MSX ThunderBlade

Your mission is to ensure that the coup fails to replace the current leader with a dictator using the Gunship Gladiator.The game features 12 levels split into three distinct styles.1) Fly over the city in your helicopter shooting out tanks by ducking low enough to target them, but also climbing to avoid the skyscrapers in the area. 2) Shoot down helicopters and planes while dodging their bullets as you duck down to shoot the tanks being the main challenge. 3) Destroy the plane.

Time Pilot

MSX Time Pilot

Pilot your ship to destroy enemy squadrons. To complete each level, you must meet your quota of enemies. But before you can move on to the next level, you must beat the boss. Your starting level is in the year 1910. As you level-up, you also advance in time. As you move through time, the enemy combatants become tougher. Eventually, you will have to face flying saucers.From time to time, you will encounter a parachute; if you run into this, you will earn bonus points.


MSX Toobin'

Toobin’ involves racing their river rapids riding on tires. Hazards to watch out for include the crocodiles, stray logs, branches and fishermen. You are well armed with a supply of tin cans you can defend your self with.

Track and Field

MSX Track and Field

Track and Field events include the following:100 meter dashHammer throwThe long jump110 meter hurdlesThe MSX version replaces the hurdles with a 400 meter dash. Getting to the next event requires qualification.


MSX Turmoil

You pilot a ship that is trapped within a chamber of seven tunnels in this fast paced shooter. The tunnels are filled with a variety of enemies with one purpose to kill you so stay sharp. Use your laser blasts to blast the aliens as they streak by. Keep shooting and keep moving, and you will survive to live another day. Slow down and stop and you will not survive.Fire your weapons in all directions as you move to prevent from being taken.

Ultima III

MSX Ultima III

This is the first of the Ultima series to feature a party of adventurers instead just one. The game has large, detailed towns with many people to converse with. It also has a separate separate combat engine where your party can fight multiple monsters.The story… After defeating the evil wizard Mondain and his mistress Minax, peace has returned to the land of Sorsaria. Times passes and eventually geological disruptions and a resurgence of the monster populace occur.

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

MSX Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

The fourth game in the series features an improved game engine with colour graphics and better character interaction. In Ultima IV, your goal is to become the Avatar, a role model of sorts for the people of the land. This means upholding the eight virtues and seeking to become a better person. The game has essentially changed it outlook rewarding you for doing the right thing instead of some other monetary reward.

Uncharted Waters

MSX Uncharted Waters

The Franco family used to be one of the influential houses of Portugal. That is until the head of the family sailed out of a disastrous voyage to find the kingdom of Prester John. The disarray that followed brought about an end to the nobility of the Franco name. 100 years have passed and Portugal has prospered through it’s sailing and trading empires. Young Leon Fanco wishes to restore his family’s good name and make a name for himself as a sailor.

Unchartered Waters

MSX Unchartered Waters

The Franco family used to be one of the influential houses of Portugal until the head of the family sailed out of a disastrous voyage to find the kingdom of Prester John. The disarray that followed brought about an end to the nobility of the Franco name. One-hundred years have passed and Portugal has prospered through it’s sailing and trading empires. Your mission is to restore your family’s good name and make a name for yourself as a sailor.


MSX Valis

Yuko Ahso used to be an ordinary high school girl. However, one day, her friend Reiko went out on a date with a Dark King named Rogles. Well, after that, she was never to be seen.Your mission is to defended search for her while watching out for nasty monsters. Defeat Rogles, or the human world and the dream world would both be plunged into chaos.


MSX Vigilante

Your mission is to roam the streets to beat up gang members responsible for kidnapping your girlfriend Maria.The game offers five distinct locations from city streets to a junkyard. Use your fists, feet and a chain.

Winter Games

MSX Winter Games

Another in a series of popular Epyx games series. Like those that preceded the Winter Games you can play with up to eight players in a series of games. Choose your country and then select to play all the games, play a few games or just practice a particular game over and over.Games offered include:Ski jumpHot DogBiathlonBobsledFree SkatingFigure SkatingSome console may have more games or less games.

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

MSX Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

This game takes place in the domain of Trebor. Trebor was a power hungry ruler that went nuts after he acquired a magical amulet of immense power. It was later stolen by Werdna. Werdna, unaware of the amulet’s true power, brought forth an earthquake that somehow resulted in a ten-level being created. Werdna declares this new dungeon to be his new seat of power and a lair for his monster hordes.

Wonder Boy

MSX Wonder Boy

Everything in your life is going well until your girlfriend is kidnapped. You quest to to seek out her kidnappers and bring her to safety.You will have to explore deep dark forests, cross endless oceans, climb treacherous slopes, survive endless volcanoes and even walk through clouds. Your only weapon of defence is your hatchet. Use it to defend yourself against bees, spiders, snakes, coal-kids, frogs, bats, snails, coyotes and octopuses.

World Games

MSX World Games

Olympics style sports game. The following events are included:1) Skiing2) Weight Lifting 3) Barrel Jumping 4) Sumo Wrestling 5) Bull Riding 6) Cliff Diving 7) Log Rolling 8) Caber Toss 9) Pole Vault 10) Platform Diving.


MSX Xevious

Xevious was a scrolling first-person shooter, and while a common game form today, was a new style of game play in 1982. Coupled with the graphics and game play, Xevious became very popular in arcades and was soon ported to all the popular game consoles and home computers of the time.



One day you encounter a fortuneteller who sends you on a quest to find information about the six books of Ys, an ancient land. The books were stolen by the evil wizard Dark Fact Your mission is to defeat the villain and to discover the secret of Ys!You can inflict more damage if you run into them from the back of your enemies from the sides. A head to head collision could result in your death. You gain gold and experience points for defeating your foes.


MSX Zaxxon

Your goal is to defeat the Zaxxon defence system The game has three stages, first taking you through Asteroid City that is heavily protected by aircraft, guns and missiles. Stage two is a space shoot out against hordes of enemy aircraft. Those you failed to destroy in the first part of the task. Complete this and you reach the final battle with Zaxxon.


MSX Zenji

The goal of the game is to turn the entire maze green. This is done by connecting each section of the maze to the centre of the screen. After all sections of the maze have been connected, you can move on to the next, more challenging level.

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