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Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45

MSX Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45

Operation Europe allows you to travel back in time for a historical simulation on the European an North Africa battles of World War II. One or two players role play army commanders for either the Axis or Allied forces. This game focuses on the military strategies.

Operation Wolf

MSX Operation Wolf

You are part of Operation Wolf: your mission to rescue prisoners from the enemy. Through a series of missions, you’ll engage a variety of enemies from soldiers to ninjas to patrol boats and helicopters.Another arcade game by Taito. As with other games, simply hold down the fire button and hit everything. Shoot ammo and grenades and heal items on screen. Your primary machine gun can kill everything if you hit it enough times, but you can also use the grenade launcher for reall.

Out Run

MSX Out Run

Race across varied terrain in your red Ferrari with your female passenger over a series of short tracks.Game play is viewed form just above and behind the car, so you can see it. The roads are full of sharp bends and hazards. Contact with any hazard will either cause you to flip and roll, spin out or crash. The result is always the same: lost time.Time is very critical.


MSX Pac-Land

Pac-man is now equipped with arms, face and legs. As Pac, you must guide a fairy back to her home in Fairy Land. This won’t be easy though because your old friends are back and Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue are out to get you. During each round, grab the power pellets, which cause ghosts to turn blue, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for points. Points are also awarded by collecting fruit like cherries and strawberries. In some rounds, Pac must use a springboard to jump over.


MSX Pac-Man

Pac-man was one of the most popular games of all time and it heavily influenced game design of the early 1980s. Your task is simple, you must eat all the dots to proceed to the net level, all while running away from the ghosts. However, there are four power up zones that when eaten allows you to eat each of the four ghosts.The game was so popular that a short-lived cartoon show was created with pac-mac, ms-pac-man and Pac-Man Jr along with the ghosts: the shy blue ghost.


MSX Pac-Mania

Pac-Mania is a variation on the game Pac-Man. Like Pac-man, eat all of the dots to proceed to the next round and the multi-colored ghosts roam the maze trying to stop you. If you eat one of the power pellets in the maze, the ghosts will temporarily turn blue and run from you. Now for what makes this game different than its forerunner. The maze is in 3-D, the screen is larger that scrolls to follow the and Pac-Mancan now jump.


MSX Parodius

This is mostly a parody of Gradius, with some flavor from other shoot-em-ups. Play up to four different flying creatures, with different weapons. Finish 7 stages with its boss to complete the game.

Penguin Land

MSX Penguin Land

In Penguin Land, you are a penguin trying to roll an egg down to the bottom of the level while tunneling through ice to get there. Special egg and penguin blocks may make things easier. What will certainly make things a tad more difficult are polar bears and falling rocks.

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

MSX Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Pitfall became a top hit in the early 1980s and was ported to many platforms.You play the role of Pitfall Harry on a quest to locate treasure deep in the jungle. Look for money bags, silver bars, gold bars, and diamond rings. As with any good game, there are just as many bad guys looking to see you in. Some of these bad guys merely deduct points from your score, while others are fatal. Watch out for rolling logs, holes, scorpions, alligators, snakes, bottomless pits and swamps.


MSX Pitfall!

Pitfall! is a platform action game. You play Pitfall Harry who is on a quest to locate treasure deep in the jungle. With a little luck you’ll be able to find money bags, silver bars, gold bars, and diamond rings. But many obstacles will get in the way, some of which merely deduct points from your score, while others are fatal.


MSX Pooyan

Pooyan is a port of the popular arcade game by the same name. You play the role of Pooyan and are tasked to protect its piglets from wolves. You start off near the pigs’ home. You are riding up and down in a cable car, shooting at wolves, who are riding balloons. Whent he wolves land on the ground, then will climb a ladder, near the cable-car, and catch Mrs. Pig. Be sure to shoot their balloons and they will splat on the ground instead.

Power Drift

MSX Power Drift

Race dune buggies at high speed on a variety of tracks.There are five tracks to choose from, each with five stages. The stages range from cities, to deserts to tracks over water. To make it tot he next level, place third or higher. Fnish all five levels and you get to playthe bnus level.

Power Strike

MSX Power Strike

The Earth is threatened by mutant plant life and their brainwashed human followers. I know this sounds a little odd, but your mission is to stop evil vegetables from taking root. The most powerful jet fighter in the world is at your command. Use it to blast the enemy in the air and on the ground.Complete each of six levels.At the end of each level, there is an end-of-round boss which involves shooting parts of its base in order to destroy it.

Psychic World

MSX Psychic World

A scientist is working on an ESP project in a remote science laboratory when a section of the lab blows up. The monsters kept for experiments escaped and took one of the assistants with them. An ESP booster is given to the remaining assistant so she can go rescue her.As the assistant, you possesses psychic power that can be used to destroy your enemies. While starting with a few powers, more powers can be added as monsters are killed.


MSX Q*bert

Q*Bert is a port from the popular early 1980s.You goal is simple: change all of the tiles on a pyramid to the target colour. On early levels, a single hop will change the tile to the desired color, but on later levels you may need to hop on a tile multiple times or even avoid hopping on a tile multiple times! But wait, it gets worse, there are many different creatures wandering around the board aimlessly. Any one of these will take your life.


MSX R-Type

The R-9 comes equipped as standard fighting class craft and a small gun which can only take down the smallest of enemies without firing several shots. However, the game offers many chances to upgrade to more powerful weapons and more attachments to your ship.R-Type stages have an organic style to them which were inspired by H. R. Giger’s artwork for the Alien movies.


MSX Rastan

In Rastan, fight your way through your enemies hacking and slashing as you go with your end goal to save the land of Lograth from almost certain doom. Your enemies include flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas and skeleton. Your weapons are relatively normal for a game of this genre with axes, maces and fire swords. Pick up amour, shields, cloaks and armour to reduce injury from enemy attacks.

River Raid

MSX River Raid

River Raid is a vertically scrolling action game. You fly a jet down the river in an attempt to destroy bridges which are vital to the enemy. This task seems easy at first, but the choppers, tanks and other obstacles will try to shot you down.Keep an eye on the fuel gauge, when it runs out, you loose a life. To refuel, fly over the fuel depots.


MSX Robocop

Alex Murphy was killed on the streets of Detroit. However, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) saw an opportunity to sell a new kind of law enforcement officer to the troubled city. They took what was left of Murphy, encased it in titanium armor, wiped his memory and created RoboCop. As robocop, your mission is to protect and serve. Different weapons can be picked up from enemies, and power-ups to restore health and energy.

Rush ‘n Attack

MSX Rush 'n Attack

The title offers a few ways to interpret the name of this game. The game is about a guy:1) who rushes in before attacking 2) who attacks Russians3) who wears a rather goofy hat. Regardless of how you interpret the game title, you are armed with a knife and are sent on a mission against hordes of enemy fighters.There are four distinct sections of game play:1) Taking in a Missile Base2) Taking the Harbour3) Taking a Bridge4) Taking an enemy Prison CampCollect extra weapons.

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