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Ikari Warriors

MSX Ikari Warriors

Ikari Warriors was a very popular 1980s arcade game that proved to be just as popular when ported to multiple game consoles and home computers.Fight your way through a variety of terrain such as jungles, rivers, and ruins. Power up with weapons that can be found along the way.Ikari Warriors can also be played with two players at the same time in co-operative mode.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game

MSX Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game

Your task is to find the Cross of Coronado, a shield and a diary in order to obtain the Holy Grail. This makes for a four-level arcade adventure combining climbs, exploration and problem solving. You are armed with you trademark that is useful in attacking your enemies.The game consists of the following levels:1) Caves underneath Colorado2) Moving circus train strewn with traps3) A Zeppelin full of guards and ladders4) The Castle Grunwald in Austria.

Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

MSX Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf is a 3-D golf game. The courses in this game are the actuals creations of Jack Nicklaus himself. The 18 courses are taken from famous courses world-wide including: 1) 8 at Pebble Beach2) Number 18 from Muirfield3) Number 12 from St. Andrews4) Number 12 from Augusta5) Number 10 at RivieraGame play supports up to four players.

Keystone Kapers

MSX Keystone Kapers

Harry Hooligan is on the loose once again. You are Officer Keystone Kelly an you primary objective is to capture Hooligan. The game setting is a four story mall.Hooligan is running as fast as he can to reach the exit at the top. He does not want to be caught and is running as fast as he can while through objects in your way to slow you down. Catch up to him and send him back to prison.



KLAX is a fast acting game where slow thinkers will die quickly. Catch coloured tiles coming down a conveyor belt. Score points by arranging them in same colour stacks of threes vertically, horizontally or diagonally.Start to get good and the game speeds up until the tiles tumble down the ramp so fast you can barely keep up. This game features the same addictive power as Tetris and was ported to many different gaming platforms and home computers.

Koronis Rift

MSX Koronis Rift

In 2049, you play the role of a techno scavenger. However, there are many saucers that want you dead, so scavange wisely by picking over batteries, shields and even weapons.

Life Force

MSX Life Force

In a distant part of the universe, an alien creature called Zelos was born. As he grew so did his appetite, and soon he began devouring galaxies, planets, and stars by the hundreds. Now your planet has appeared in Zelos’ path, and it is up to you and a partner to fly into battle to save your world. Life Force is an action packed shooter based on the arcade game.

Lode Runner

MSX Lode Runner

The Bungeling Empire has stolen a huge cache of gold from its rightful owners. Your mission is simple: infiltrate its treasury and recover the gold. A simple mission,, but there are some 150 screens of platforms, ladders and ropes.To succeed, you must fight against robotic guards. Any contact with these guards will result in your death. To escape them, dig a hole in their line of movement that causes them to fall and allow you to move across the gap safely.

Metal Gear

MSX Metal Gear

Near the end of the 20th century, a small fortified nation named Outer Heaven is threatening the nations of the West with the development of a new prototype weapon named Metal Gear.Metal Gear is a walking tank that is capable of launching nuclear warheads from anywhere on the globe. Your mission is to infiltrate Outer Heaven and rescue your missing comrade, Grey Fox. Gather intelligence on Metal Gear.

Milk Race

MSX Milk Race

The Milk Race has nothing to do with milk, it is to do with cycling 1000 miles across Britain where you are one of 84 entrants. The route takes you form Newcastle to London via Sheffield, Birmingham and Ipswich among others.Watch out for the typical obstacles on the road as well as other cyclists.

Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

MSX Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

Recover the Golden Seal being guarded by the Dark Lord Terarin. While you start the quest by yourself, you are not expected to perform it alone. You may seek the help of three other companions in order to defeat Terarin. As you pass through several towns in your quest, you can buy weapons and armour and seek out and clues. As with any adventure game, there are challenging enemies you will face and must defeat in order to advance.

Moon Patrol

MSX Moon Patrol

This is a classic port of a popular space shot-em up game where you must Jump over rocks and chasms while blasting away at aliens.

Mr. Do!

MSX Mr. Do!

Your job is to harvest the cherries while avoiding the bad guys. You have two means to defend yourself: 1) push the apples located throughout the play field on top of the enemies and crush them. 2) Throw the only powerball at the bad guys and kill them.When an alpha monster appears, kill it and earn a letter towards spelling EXTRA. Once you have spelled extra, you earn and extra life.

Mr. Do’s Castle

MSX Mr. Do's Castle

You are Mr. Do in a multi-floored castle. Each floor contains a variety of blocks. Using your hammer, knock out the blocks in the floor. Be careful of the deadly unicorns which want nothing other than to kill you. There are two ways to complete a castle:1) Destroy all the unicorns by crushing them with blocks2) Knock out all the blocks which have a cherry symbol on them. If you knock out all of the blocks that have keys, the door on the roof of the castle unlocks. Enter the d

Ms. Pac-Man

MSX Ms. Pac-Man

Pac-man was so popular that Ms. Pac-man was created. Ms Pac-man continued to eat the dots and avoid the ghosts but added a few new features such as new mazes, an interesting animation where Mac-man and MS Pac-man get together and bouncing fruit.Ms. Pac-Man must clear four mazes by eating all the dots and the moving fruit while avoiding Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue.

Nobunaga’s Ambition II

MSX Nobunaga's Ambition II

In the 16th century, Japan’s Sengoku (“Warring States”) period divided the nation into numerous feudal states, each ruled by a daimyo. These daimyos would often go to war with each other. Many dreamt of conquering the land, becoming the Shogun and ruling the entire country. One of those daimyos was the ambitious Nobunaga Oda, a merciless ruler and a renowned strategist. Players take on the role of Nobunaga Odam or one of many other daimyos to try to conquer Japan.

North & South

MSX North & South

This strategy game allows you to replay the American Civil War from both the North and the South sides.Move your troops on a map of the US. Once two opposing armies enter the same state, the battle is played out in an action sequence. The game also can be played as a one- or two player mode.


MSX Ogre

Representation of the board game of the same name with supertanks going against superinfantry with superhowitzers. Plays exactly like the board game.

Oil’s Well

MSX Oil's Well

Your mission is to mine oil deep into the Earth’s crust while watching out for various bugs that can end your game.

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