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Microsoft Xbox 360
2005 – current


Microsoft has done so many things right with this console and it appears from their upgrades and support of the platform that they are fully committed to furthering the technology.

The Xbox 360 games are all in high definition and it plays a lot of the original Xbox games. The original dashboard was not so user friendly, but the refresh a few years later was much cleaner and further integrates with the Xbox Live Gold membership making it almost seamless


Microsoft Xbox 360 game console

Above: Microsoft Xbox 360 game console and accessories


The new Xbox 360s also come with an HDMI out and a larger hard drive. The early models hard drive was so small that had users ran out of space regularly constantly needing to clean the hard drive to free up space.


Xbox live

While the SONY Playstation 3 offers a free online service, the Xbox live service is so well integrated with the console and so well developed that paying the annual fee does not seem expensive. Moreover, social gaming is becoming essential as can be seen on Ipads, iPhones and other personal devices.

Leaving it out will only result is slowing sales as bboth Nintendo and Sony have seen with their portable devices.


Red ring of death

Above: Red ring of death


Many Xbox owners do not see the SONY’s free services as a big draw because the Xbox Live service is so well done. Furthermore, when SONY was hacked in 2011, the free service was one of the systems that was successfully attacked, giving some members cause for concern.


The biggest issue with the Xbox 360 continues to be the red ring of death. Many user complain of having five or more consoles fail. I personally had to send back four and I was not a hard core gamer. The 54.6 percent failure rate is Microsoft’s biggest issue with the console and a huge expense. However, the three year warranty on the console helps wipe away concern that repairs will be expensive.

While the the Xbox can function as a good media centre for serving up movies and TV shows, the fan makes this annoying. The fan is far too loud to for any sort of serious media centre.


Halo, Gears and Forza


Halo 3 Africa

Above: Halo 3 Africa


Halo continues to be a big draw for serious gamers. Each incarnation is a top seller with several expansion packs making Halo a top grossing franchise for Microsoft. Gears of War is another top grossing game. For racing there are several top franchises with Forza 2 and 3 leading the pack.



While sales have been good, Xbox 360 sales fail when compared to the staggering numbers for Nintendo Wii. The collection of family games and interactive controllers makes motion control a top draw. With the launch of Kinect, Microsoft seas able to sell over ten million copies in the first year.


Microsoft Kinect

Above: Microsoft Kinect


While it has some issues, it was well received. Another benefit to the Kinect is that there is no need for $100s of dollars of controllers. While the Nintendo Wii may seem cheap at first, add on the controllers and it fast exceeds the cost of the Sony Playstation or Wii.


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