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May 14, 1984 – ?


Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg person of the year

Above: Mark Zuckerberg person of the year


Mark Zuckerberg is well known for creating Facebook and building it into a multi-billion dollar business and making himself into a multi-billionaire at the same time.

My Space

My Space was the first social network on the scene. My Space allowed people to create their own personal web site with the use of portal technology. My Space was very successful. Creating a personal web space was now something anyone could do.

Facebook had a clean design and did not require any HTML knowledge. Facebook was reliable and not prone to errors like My Space. Facebook also easily adapted to mobile computing as was everywhere. But most importantly, Facebook responded rapidly to changing popular trends, adding social tools and gaming to keep the experience new and interesting.


The Facebook 1.0

Above: The Facebook 1.0


Mark Zuckerberg changed the way young people interacted with each other. The ability and need to update profiles at any time and instantly was now a requirement. Texting was the new way to communicate. Mobile phones were no longer used to make calls, but to communicate through messaging and to interact socially.


Mark Zuckerberg's early Facebook page

Above: Mark Zuckerberg’s early Facebook page


While Mark did not invent web 2.0, he certainly accelerated its adoption with over 750 million users by 2009.

Early Years

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in New York, United States. His family was well. His father was a dentist and his mother a psychiatrist. Zuckerberg got his start with computers in the 1990s when his father taught him Basic on an Atari computer. Mark was a quick study and later hired a tutor to learn as quickly.


Mark quickly learn and understood how computers worked and communicated with each other, writing complex applications like ZuckNet, which allowed computers in his house and his fathers dental office to communicate with each other. It was considered a primitive version of AOL’s messenger application which came out a year earlier.


Atari home computer

Above: Atari home computer


Unlike many others, Mark did not simply create computer scripts or play around with games. Mark thought big and even his simple applications were designed from the ground up and made very efficient use of the resources they consumed.


While in Harvard, Zuckerberg developed a reputation as a gifted and intelligent programmer. He created Facemash with allowed students to rate the attractiveness of other students, but despite the portal in the movie, social network, this was not Zuckerberg first achievement. Before Facemach, Mark created Course Match, which allowed students to select course based on the courses selected by other students.

It was clear that Zuckerberg saw the potential of the Internet as a social connectivity tool. Course Match, Facemash and ZuckNet were all social applications, each one leading to Facebook. Having launched Facebook in 2004, it grew to be the application to beat with nearly 1 billion users world wide. publishes this Video Game Wiki. also publishes the Facebook Game, Riddler Girl’s IQ Trivia Quiz.  Check it out if you like Facebook games and think you are good at trivia!


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