Magnavox Odyssey Games Starting with Aa to Zz

Cat and Mouse

Magnavox Odyssey Cat and Mouse

In Cat and Mouse, two players chase each other in a maze. At any one time, one will play the Mouse who’s objective is to reach his home, while the other player plays the Cat who tries to catch the Mouse before that happens. Each player takes turn being the cat and the mouse.Part of the cat and mouse, Football and Haunted house combo.


Magnavox Odyssey Football

The third Odyssey game pack includes the following four games: Tennis, Analogic, Hockey, and Football.This is one of the first football games for any game console. It attempts to follow the American Football rules. Using deck cards and a screen overlay, choose to pass or kick.

Haunted House

Magnavox Odyssey Haunted House

In Haunted House, one player acts as the detective while the other plays the ghost. As the Detective, gather as many Clue cards as possible and find the hidden treasure in the mansion. As the Ghost, slow down the Detective.


Magnavox Odyssey Hockey

The third Odyssey game pack has four games: Tennis, Analogic, Hockey, and Football.Hockey is a derivation Table Tennis from game pack 1. The object of this game is to hit the ball into the net of the opposing player side.The game starts with a face-off. Set the two paddles across from each other and guide the puck, glowing ball, between them.Remember that this game console comes from the early 1970s.


Magnavox Odyssey Roulette

This is the sixth game pack for the Odyssey, and has two games: Roulette and States.In Roulette, place bets then spin a light dot on the screen that should fall inside the roulette overlay. The winner is the one to get away with the most money.This game comes with a board, cash, chips and dice.

Shooting Gallery

Magnavox Odyssey Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery uses the first commercial light gun ever created for video game . It was originally created by Ralph Baer, the inventor of the Magnavox Odyssey game console in 1968.The console had a special port built into it for this peripheral. The Shooting Gallery allowed playing four additional games.

Simon Says

Magnavox Odyssey Simon Says

In Simon Says, one player holds a deck of cards with depictions of several body parts. This player must then indicate to the other players by saying something like “Simon says… touch your right hand”. The other players will then rush to the specified place as quickly as possible, the winner being the one to touch the most body parts before his/her opponent.


Magnavox Odyssey Ski

The Odyssey game pack includes Ski and Simon Says.In Ski, the player must follow a line that simulates a snow course without going out of bounds, suffering penalty points if he does.It is a simple game, but one of those games that will stick with you for years to come. The Skier is represented by the horizontal and vertical motion of the glowing TV square. The challenge is keeping on the trail. When the skier goes off the trail, or off the screen, it becomes a bit of an art.


Magnavox Odyssey States

This is the sixth game pack for the Odyssey, and has two games: Roulette and States.In States, you get to play an educational quiz game about the 50 north american states, with the help of a deck of cards (provided with the game).States comes with a map of the US, game cards and the answer key.


Magnavox Odyssey Submarine

Submarine comes in the fifth Odyssey game pack.In Submarine, control a group of ships and follow a path in the screen overlay, while a second player controls the Submarine and must try to sink those ships. Players change roles and the one to sink the most ships is the winner. The overlay is a plastic sheet that fits over the screen. The odyssey is unlike modern consoles in that it uses overlays and usually comes with other cards or paper products.

Table Tennis

Magnavox Odyssey Table Tennis

Table Tennis is the is the first game released for the Odyssey in pack one.This game looks similar to Pong, but in essence, it is the father of Pong as it came first. And like Pong, each player controls an onscreen paddle. For those of you who have not seen Pong, game play is pretty much the same as air hockey: keep the ball from getting past your paddle and score by getting the ball past your opponents.Unlike Pong, the game does not keep score.

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