Intellivision Games Starting with Th to Zz


Triple Action

Intellivision Triple Action

Many Intellivision fans believe that the only reason to get this game is Biplanes where you duke it out with your opponent in a battle for supremacy in the skies. The graphics are simple, and control is a bit tough, but the physics are fun, and it’s that that makes this game so fun. The various ways you can lose control of your plane, and the aerobatic maneuvers that you can accomplish make this cart worth owning.

Triple Challenge

Intellivision Triple Challenge

Combo of three games: Chess, Checkers and Backgammon.

Tripple Action

Intellivision Tripple Action

This cartridge contains three different games:1) Racing Cars: Race side-by-side down the highway against an opponent, dodging standard traffic as you go. First one to 100 miles wins!2) Battle Tanks: Get in a tank and fight another player, hiding behind cover as you go. Choose between long-range or short-range bullets, or the ability for the bullets to bounce off objects for a true strategic challenge.3) Biplanes: Get into the cockpit of a biplane, fighting another player.

Tron: Deadly Disks

Intellivision Tron: Deadly Disks

You are trapped in a computer world and in order to avoid being hurt, you must keep moving. The enemies will come at you in groups of three throwing discs at you. You must be quick to move and shot back at the same time.There are different doors you can enter that will teleport you to another part of the room, giving you a chance to catch the enemies off guard.Be careful as the better you do, the better your enemies will do.

Tron: Maze-A-Tron

Intellivision Tron: Maze-A-Tron

You play the role of Flynn, who’s been zapped into the circuits of the Master Control Program (MCP). The MCP has plans for world domination, and only Flynn can stop it.The ultimate goal of Maze-A-Tron is to disable the MCP. You go around the maze and collect energy for your shields that can be used to protect Flynn from some enemies. When you proceed to the Master Control Program fire a Bit-Gun at pairs of BIT streams and BIT stacks before they hit the top of the screen.

Tron: Solar Sailor

Intellivision Tron: Solar Sailor

Your challenge is to first seek the Master Control Program and then decode it. The voice of TRON’s girlfriend Yori helps you find the MCP as an electronic voice gives you the secret code to remember.EASTER EGG: When you enter the access code on track one, append Keith’s birthday — 991955 — to the code before pressing enter. He’ll wish you luck before the next phase of the game.

Tropical Trouble

Intellivision Tropical Trouble

Clumsy Clarence is vacationing on a tropical island with his girlfriend Doris. Unfortunately, their vacation is interrupted when Doris is kidnapped by the bully Beach Bruiser. You are Clarence and must rescue Doris by chasing the Beach Bruiser all over the island. Catch up to Doris while watching out for various obstacles which temporarily slow down your progress. Coconuts, ferns, clams, sand snakes, and lava will all appear in your way.


Intellivision Turbo

From the starting line onward, you need to manoeuvre around and pass various cars in your way while racing towards the finish line. Some of the landscapes you’ll travel through include city streets, long roads in the country, seaside highways and dark tunnels.


Intellivision Turbo

From the starting line onward, you need to manoeuvre around and pass various cars in your way while racing towards the finish line. Some of the landscapes you’ll travel through include city streets, long roads in the country, seaside highways and dark tunnels.


Intellivision Tutankham

Explorer King Tut’s tomb in a search for valuable treasures. In addition to the treasures, you will also find a key in each of the chambers. The key is needed in order to unlock the entrance to the next, more difficult chamber. There are many creatures in the tomb that are bent no killing you such as cobras, bats and scorpions to name a few. Defend yourself with your laser gun.

US Ski Team

Intellivision US Ski Team

Downhill skiing with obstacles in the way.

USCF Chess

Intellivision USCF Chess

Two player chess game developed by Mattel.


Intellivision Utopia

You must build their island nation by building farms, housing, schools, hospitals, and factories and making other improvements while also competing against other players. Be careful, while you can sabotage other players, they can sabotage you as well. You must also need to maintaining a fleet of PT boats to protect their fishing fleet, building forts to prevent rebellion, and dealing with the occasional hurricane.The game is played in real time.


Intellivision Venture

Venture was a popular arcade game of the early 1980s and was ported to several game consoles.This is a treasure collect type game. Search the dungeons for the treasures and protect yourself against the deadly creatures with your crossbow. Once you snag the treasure, head for the exit. When you collect the treasure from each of the chambers in a dungeon, you can then move on to the next, more difficult dungeon.


Intellivision Wall-Defender

Another space shooter that has you defending your fortress against nasty aliens.The aliens will come from all sides of the screen. You must shoot them before hit your wall. If ten aliens or one super alien hit your wall, the outermost wall and the bridges connecting it to the next wall in will collapse.The game will end in one of two possible ways: 1) You are on a wall section or connecting bridge when it collapses, causing you to float away, or 2) Your score reaches 999,999.

White Water

Intellivision White Water

In White Water, your goal is to raft down a river in the shortest time. The river features many dangerous turns, rocks, whirlpools, barrels and other obstacles. You start your trip with three men. Navigate carefully or you will loose a man. If any men remain in the raft, they can try pick up anyone who has fallen out but must do so before they hit a rock, a whirlpool, or leave the screen.

World Series Major League Baseball

Intellivision World Series Major League Baseball

World Major League Baseball is a two player baseball game. The game follows most professional baseball rules allowing you to control all of the players on the team. You can throw a variety of pitches from curve balls to fast balls, steal bases, tag players out, bunt and hit a home run.Should there be a tie at the end of the ninth, the game goes into extra innings. Several difficulty levels are available which control the game speed and whether or not stealing bases is allowed

Worm Whopper

Intellivision Worm Whopper

Felton Pinkerton wanted to take his wife to the fair, so he didn’t get a chance to spray pesticide on his crop of corn. Due to his laziness, bugs have arrived and are eating all your corn.Your crop of corn is displayed on the left side of the screen. Fight the bugs and protect your crop from the incoming hoard of inchworms, moths, caterpillars, slugs, and other assorted bugs.The game ends when all of the corn has been eaten.


Intellivision Zaxxon

Your goal is to defeat the Zaxxon defence system The game has three stages, first taking you through Asteroid City that is heavily protected by aircraft, guns and missiles. Stage two is a space shoot out against hordes of enemy aircraft. Those you failed to destroy in the first part of the task. Complete this and you reach the final battle with Zaxxon.


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