Intellivision Games From Congo Bongo, Defender, Frogger to Moto Cross


Congo Bongo

Intellivision Congo Bongo

This is a port of the popular jump n run arcade game. Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to run, jump, and climb your way through a dangerous jungle while avoiding various animals and projectiles.As a bonus, the game includes the introductory animation from the arcade game.


Intellivision Defender

Another top, and highly addictive, video game from the 1980s, Defender puts players in charge of a ship sent to protect mankind from wave after wave of attacking alien forces.Armed with smart bombs and a hyperdrive fight against bombers, pods, swarmers, baiters, and landers. The landers are the worst as they capture the humanoids and transform them into deadly and relentless Mutants.

Demon Attack

Intellivision Demon Attack

Demon Attack is another space shoot-em up game modelled after Space Invaders. Use your laser cannon to destroy wave after wave of brightly coloured demons. The demons move around the screen in bizarre patterns. Oddly enough, they want to destroy your cannn and you along with it. When the required number of demons for the current round is finally destroyed, you advance to another, more difficult round. This goes on until death becomes you.

Dig Dug

Intellivision Dig Dug

Dig Dug is another Arcade port and is considered one of the top arcade games on the 1980s. So popular that the game is still being ported to generations 7 consoles.Dig Dug is pretty much the same in concept as Pac-man, but instead of eating cookies while moving through a maze of hallways, Dig Dug has you digging you own maze of tunnels while avoiding creatures that want you dead.

Donkey Kong

Intellivision Donkey Kong

Released in the arcades in 1981, Donkey Kong became a smash hit as was soon ported over to all popular gaming platforms of the time. In fact, the game has become so popular that it is still being ported over to modern gaming platforms.Mario must scale four different industrial levels: construction zone, cement factory, an elevator-themed level, and removing rivets from girders.

Donkey Kong Jr

Intellivision Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr. while popular, never quite reach the same level of fame as did the original game.In this sequel, Mario plays the antagonist, finally having captured Donkey Kong. Locked in a cage, you must try to save him. However, this won’t be difficult as Mario will send out snap jaws, swooping purple birds, and electric sparks in an attempt to stop Junior. Defend yourself by dropping fruit found around the levels on the heads of your foes.

Dragon Fire

Intellivision Dragon Fire

The king’s treasures have been stolen! As the daring young prince, your goal is to recover them all. The treasures are being kept in various castles, each one guarded by a fire breathing dragon. Each level in the game has two parts; first you will need to cross the castle’s drawbridge. You will have to jump and duck the dragons fireballs as well as avoid flying arrows.


Intellivision Fathom

Neptina, Neptune’s daughter, has been imprisoned at the bottom of the sea by Titans. Your goal is to rescue her by locating the scattered pieces of a magical trident! You will need to take the form of a dolphin and a bird in order to locate the pieces that are hidden in the ocean and clouds. When flying in the air, there are several screens that have clouds flying by.

Frog Bog

Intellivision Frog Bog

You control one of two frogs sitting on a lily pad in a bog. Your job is simple, eat as many flies as you can in the three minutes. Jump back and forth between the two lily pads in order to catch the flies that go by overhead. When jumping, be careful not to fall in the water or your frog will have to swim back to the lily pad which can waste time.


Intellivision Frogger

Another big hit of the 80s that has managed to find itself ported to modern game consoles. Essentially, gameplay is all about getting across the road. Avoid cars, trucks and other nasty things trying to kill you. Level-up by getting across the road, however, each successive level increases in difficulty.Like most games from the 1980s, levelling up usually meant playing the same boards with increased speed, more obstacles and smarter obstacles.

Happy Trails

Intellivision Happy Trails

Black Bart robbed the stagecoach. You need to recover all of the stolen money within the given time limit. The money is located in various locations in a series of paths. The paths are broken up into tiles and there is one tile missing so you can rearrange the maze by moving a tile into the empty space. As your character walks through the paths, rearrange the tiles to make sure there is always a connected path in front of him and to guide him towards the money bags.

Lady Bug

Intellivision Lady Bug

While very similar to Pac-Man it is very different. You are a ladybug who must venture around different mazes collecting all of the food pellets. There are also several rotating doors that you can use to trap enemies and escape. In fact these rotating doors are the key to survival in this game. In the center of each maze is a different enemy insect hive that will spawn out enemy creatures.

Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack

Intellivision Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack

Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack includes 7-Card Stud and 5-Card Draw and Blackjack. The player inputs how much money that is available to bet.

Las Vegas Roulette

Intellivision Las Vegas Roulette

Implements Las Vegas style roulette game. The screens consist of the standard Las Vegas roulette betting table and a moving strip on the top with wheel numbers on it represents the roulette wheel. Place your bets on the betting table, and spin the wheel. The game calculates your wins and losses.

Lock ‘n Chase

Intellivision Lock 'n Chase

Lock ‘n’ Chase is another Pac-man type game. Instead of ghosts, you have the police to deal with and there are doors to deal with too.You play a thief who is trapped in a maze like vault. To get out, collect all of the gold dots located in the maze. Your task won’t be easy since there are four police officers in the vault who are constantly trying to catch you… yeah, so far sounds identical to Pac-Man…Located throughout the maze are numerous doors.

Major League Baseball

Intellivision Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball is a two player baseball game. The game follows most professional baseball rules allowing you to control all of the players on the team. You can throw a variety of pitches from curve balls to fast balls, steal bases, tag players out, bunt and hit a home run.Should there be a tie at the end of the ninth, the game goes into extra innings. Several difficulty levels are available which control the game speed and whether or not stealing bases is allowed.

Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-man

Intellivision Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-man

In Masters of the Universe, you are He-Man and must battle Skeletor in two different types of arcade action scenes. In the first part of the game, you control the Wind Raider flying towards Castle Grayskull. Manage your limited amount of fuel with which to reach your destination. The Wind Raider is equipped with bombs and guns which can be used to defend yourself from the fireballs and also can earn bonus points if you can hit Skeletor.


Intellivision Microsurgeon

You’re a microsurgeon and your patient is in critical condition! Examine your patients medical chart to find out what’s wrong and prioritise the critical cases.The second stage is where you must save each patient. Us the robot probe to administer aspirin, antiseptic, or ultrasonics to clear up the problem. After resolving the most critical conditions first, move on to the less serious areas to ensure your patient survives.

Mission X

Intellivision Mission X

Mission X is a vertically scrolling shooter. Pilot World War II plane on a mission to destroy enemy targets.Your missions will be flown over land and sea during both day and night. Earn points by dropping bombs on the land targets including bridges, tanks, trains, boats, etc. The enemy will be trying their best to stop you, and will send out large numbers of tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, and planes to try to destroy you!


Intellivision Moto-Cross

Motocross includes three racetracks of varying lengths, each with many twists, turns, and even some jumps. Be careful when racing or you could skid off the track on a sharp turn or crash after a poorly timed jump. You can also use the track editor to create your own track to race on. For each race you can choose anywhere from one to ten laps to be completed.


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