Sega Game Gear Games Starting with Aa to Co

Aerial Assult

Sega Game Gear Aerial Assult

You play must destroy five targets including the Vinsk, CB-53 Bomber, El, and two cliff fortresses. During each of the five missions, you will encounter enemy jets, choppers, submarines, jeeps, parachute bombs and several other enemies that you must. Shooting the spinning fighters or the small flying helicopters earn you valuable power-ups that allow you to upgrade your firepower.

Alien Syndrome

Sega Game Gear Alien Syndrome

You must rescue all the captives and make it to the escape hatch before the time bomb explodes. Then face the mother alien at the end of the level.You can play single player or two people at the same time.

Andre Agassi Tennis

Sega Game Gear Andre Agassi Tennis

Gameplay features all the usual moves: smashes, passing shots, volleys and all kinds of backhand and forehand plays. However, unlike other tennis games, precise positioning and timing are crucial to avoid hitting the ball outside the court.Three courts are available: 1) Grass 2) Clay 3) Indoor.

Asterix and the Great Rescue

Sega Game Gear Asterix and the Great Rescue

Asterix is a famous French comics series Asterix set in the outer fringes of the Roman Empire in the year 50 B.C. Gaul has been conquered by the roman empire with the exception of one city. Your goal is to liberate the village Orvio and rescue their friend Dogmatix. You get to play the characters Asterix or Obelix fighting enemies by punching them.

Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II

Sega Game Gear Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II

Ayrton Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix six times and the Formula One world championships three times.There are three game modes:1 ) Senna GP: This circuit features three non-championship tracks.2) World Championship: This circuit offers 16 different races that must be completed to earn the championship. Each race has three laps. In Master things get a twist. There are five groups of cars, and the player starts on the lowly competitive SERGA team.

Baku Baku Animal

Sega Game Gear Baku Baku Animal

Sega’s Baku Baku Animal is a Tetris like game. The objective is to pair animal heads with their respective food. If a rabbit head comes falling, you must make it fall on a pile of carrot tiles, dog heads with bones, and so on.

Batman Forever

Sega Game Gear Batman Forever

Batman Forever is based on the 1995 movie involving the Riddler and Two-Face.This game is an usual hybrid of side-scrolling platformer and one-on-one fighter. Make your way through levels that include some platform jumping elements. You arsenal includes a lot of nifty bat-gadgets and a collection of fighting moves that require tap dancing the controller buttons.

Batman Returns

Sega Game Gear Batman Returns

Gotham City is rampant with crime. Oswald Cobblepot, known as The Penguin, is planning more mayhem and has a plan to take over the city. His loyal army of missle-packing Penguin Commandos and the bizarre Red Triangle Circus Gang trained and ready to carry out his plans.Your job is to prevent his plans from coming true. After beating your enemies, conduct interrogations to learn more about the Penguins plans.


Sega Game Gear Battletoads

Zitz, Rash and Pimple are three toads with unique fighting abilities similar to those of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now these guys like to party. Unfortunately, one night they get distracted by a dancer who happens to be the Dark Queen. Well, everything goes down hill from there. Your mission is to chase the Dark Queen and rescue Rash and Pimple.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Sega Game Gear Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is based on the 1992 film of the same name. Gameplay varies greatly from platform to platform, but they all retain the same plot based on the movie: You control a young lawyer named Jonathan Harker. And as Harker, you must free yourself from Dracula’s capture, then follow him to London and end his reign of terror.

Captain America and the Avengers

Sega Game Gear Captain America and the Avengers

Captain America and The Avengers is a side-scrolling beat ’em with Marvel Comics heroes Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Vision.Your mission is simple, take out a team of super-villains that are bent on conquering the world.

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Sega Game Gear Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

This is the first Mickey Mouse game for Sega consoles where Mickey must face dangers of the weird fantasy lands including an enchanted forest and a toy world. As Mickey, you must rescue Minnie, Mickey’s girlfriend.

Chase H.Q.

Sega Game Gear Chase H.Q.

Your mission is to patrol the streets as an undercover agent and track down five criminals. Pay attention to the mission briefing before starting off. Your briefings will give you valuable information such as what car the suspects drive. Avoid crashing in to other cars while you search for the suspect. Once you catch up to the other cars, bump into them until your car is no longer functional. All this must e done under a time limit so keep an eye on your time.

Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales

Sega Game Gear Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales

Dr Cheesefinger has captured Speedy’s girlfriend Carmel and took the whole cheese supply with him. With the help other Looney Tunes characters, fight back through a large number of platform levels. Throw your hat or jump enemies to defeat them. Collect objects to obtain allies. To get the help of bugs bunny, collect carrots.

Chuck Rock

Sega Game Gear Chuck Rock

Chuck Rock is your average Joe, caveman style. Joe likes to spend his Sunday afternoons watching football and drinking beer. Unfortunately for Joe, his wife, Ophelia Rock, is kidnapped by the village weirdo, Gary Gritter. As Joe, you must rescue Ophelia. In doing so, you must fight a variety of dinosaurs using his belly-buster attack and a jump kick. Occasionally he has to pick up and throw rocks to defeat enemies and allow him to jump to greater heights.

Chuck Rock II:Son of Chuck

Sega Game Gear Chuck Rock II:Son of Chuck



Sega Game Gear Columns

Columns is another Tetris copycat as it involves arranging falling blocks in such a way as to clear them. Columns groups three same-size but varying colour blocks that must be arranged into sequences of three or more horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Sequences of four or five count for double or triple points. The real trick is to setting up combos – where one line causes other blocks to drop so as to create other lines.

Cool Spot

Sega Game Gear Cool Spot

Cool Spot is another company sponsored game. Cool spot is the 7-up drink logo.The object of the game is simple: Collect bonuses throughout each level in order to find the trapped Spots.

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