Game Boy Games Starting with Ua to Zz

Universal Soldier

Game Boy Universal Soldier

Control Van Damme’s character as he turns against his platoon. Your sole mission is to bring down the corrupt government organization that created you.

Urban Strike

Game Boy Urban Strike

Urban Strike is the third in EA’s long running series of helicopter action games. H. R. Malone started a cult and managed to gather millions of followers and he is using his influence and wealth to build a super weapon with which he will overthrow the government. Your mission is simple, suit up and take control of various types of helicopters in order to stop Malone’s evil scheme.

WWF War Zone

Game Boy WWF War Zone

One of the main attractions is that WWF’s Steve Austin did a lot of voice acting for the game. The rest of the player, though, don’t say much.The game features custom player made wrestlers as well as the real wrestlers.Game modes include:1) Single player2) Multiplayer3) Royal rumbles4) Cage matches5) Career mode


Game Boy Yoshi

Help Mario cope with falling Goombas, Bloopers, Boo Buddies and Piranha Plants. Your job is to catch these items as they fall. Stack two of a kind and they both disappear or capture a whole bunch between two eggshell halves.


Game Boy Zool

You are Zool, a special ninja.You goal is simple: run and jump, climb walls and shoot your enemies. Obtain power-ups to make your goal easier to achieve.In the options you can change the difficulty and the game-speed two times, the continues and the background music (Rock or Funk).

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