Fairchild Channel F Games Starting with Aa to Zz

Desert Fox

Fairchild Channel F Desert Fox

Control one of two tanks and earn as many points as possible by shooting the other tank. There are two barriers and five mines. The provide protection as tanks can not shoot through them, and of course, the mines provide some protection too. The tanks can drive through the barriers, but driving through a mine would not be a good idea as the tank explodes yielding your opponent one point.

Quadra Doodle

Fairchild Channel F Quadra Doodle

In this drawing program the computer draws random patterns. Using the controller, influence the image being drawn, such as changing the colors used and the size of the lines being drawn. The program also features the ability to switch back and forth between Quadra-Doodle mode and Doodle mode, allowing you to freely draw on top of the computer generated image or the computer to draw on top of your image.

Shooting Gallery

Fairchild Channel F Shooting Gallery

When the host said “go”, the output of a Channel F playing shooting gallery would be aired on the station. The contestant’s voice is heard over the game, and the contestant could only activate the “fire” functionality of the game by saying a word loudly into the phone.Shooting Gallery was comprised of a target which would move down the far right-hand side of the screen at an even rate. Somewhere left of that target would be the player’s “gun”.


Fairchild Channel F Spitfire

Videocart-4 features the action game Spitfire. Spitfire is an aerial dogfighting game where the Red Baron is pitted against the Blue Max. The goal is to shoot down the opponent, gaining a point in the process. The player with the most points wins. The bi-planes have the freedom to fly anywhere on the screen. The screen wraps, so if the plane flies off of one side of the screen, it will appear again on the other side.


Fairchild Channel F Tic-Tac-Toe

Well, what can we say, like many of these early games, Tic-Tac-Toe was more about the interaction that the graphics.A computerized version of the popular game. You play the X’s, the computer plays the O’s; taking turns your goal is the place three X’s on the 3×3 grid before the computer can place three O’s. In this game you always get to move first.

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